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Annual Review

Copies of CIEEM's Annual Reviews from 2005-6 to 2011-2 are available here.

Competency Framework

CIEEM’s competency framework enables you to identify the competences required for a role within the profession and map your own suitability and effectiveness for that role. You can then see whether you have the skills, knowledge and abilities required to fill different roles, enabling you to better plan your career progression.

Ecological Skills Report (published 2011)

This research report highlights some critical gaps in ecological knowledge and skills amongst practising ecologists and environmental managers.


Current and back issues of CIEEM's E-Newsletter.

In Practice

Current and back issues* of CIEEM's Magazine In Practice are available here.

* Please note, issues of In Practice are only available to CIEEM members. Information about joining CIEEM can be found here.

Professional Conduct Series (PCS)

Documents from the Professional Conduct Series are available here. These include:

  • Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Disciplinary Procedures.
  • Continuing Professional Develoment (CPD).

Professional Guidance Series (PGS)

This series of documents provide detailed guidance to members* on some of the following issues:

  1. Estimation of Fee Rates
  2. Continuing Professional Development - This has been moved to the Professional Conduct Series (PCS)
  3. Organising Training Workshops
  4. Advertising Practice
  5. Access to Land
  6. Tendering
  7. Model Service Agreements
  8. Risk Assessment for Lone Workers
  9. Guidelines on Providing Quality Work Experience in Ecology and Environmental Management
  10. Metadata Standards
  11. Contract Advice Notes (Part 1)
  12. Contract Advice Notes (Part 2)
  13. Good Working Practices

* Please note the above guidance is only available to CIEEM members. Information about joining CIEEM can be found here.

Technical Guidance Series (TGS)

This series of technical guidance* covers the following subjects:

  • Competencies for Species Survey (CSS)
  • Guidelines for Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)
  • Guidelines for Ecological Report Writing
  • Guidelines for Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (GPEA)
  • Sources of Survey Methods (SoSM)
  • Principles of Producing Guidance
  • Guidelines for Accessing and Using Biodiversity Data

* The TGS is publically available for anyone to view/download.

Planning Naturally (published 2013)

Planning naturally - Spatial planning with nature in mind: in the UK and beyond is a publication jointly produced by the RSPB, RTPI and CIEEM, who have come together to show how planning for biodiversity should be integral to every part of the planning process and to inspire with examples of good practice, whatever country you are working in. This report is structured around 12 principles of good spatial planning, and illustrates them with case studies from all four countries of the UK, as well as some international examples.