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2017 Conferences

To view the powerpoint slides from our previous conferences, please follow the links below:

6 December 2017
South West England Section Conference: Life in Earth - Soils, the Forgotten Science in Ecology
(held in association with South West Soils Discussion Group)
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21 & 22 November 2017
Autumn Conference: Mitigation, Monitoring and Effectiveness
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5 October 2017
Welsh Section Conference: Turning Policy into Practice - Realising the Environmental Potential of new legislation in Wales
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13 September 2017
East of England Section Conference: Habitat Creation and  
Restoration in the East of England
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22 August 2017
Summer Conference: Making Nature Count: Natural capital in policy and practice
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6 April 2017
Irish Section Conference: Advancing Ecological Impact Assessment in Ireland
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22 March 2017
Spring Conference: Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Future Cities 
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8-9 February 2017
Joint Wales Conference 2017: PONT, CIEEM Welsh Section and Natur
Building Bridges between Farming and Nature: Grazing is Amazing
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18 January 2017
Scottish Section Conference: Creating Sustainable Cities using an Ecosystem Services Approach
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