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2018 Welsh Conference

Recovering Nature: Approaches to Species Reintroduction and Rewilding 

16 October 2018, Cardiff 

Biographies and Abstracts


Keynote Speaker:

Rewilding Britain – Busting the Myths and Making it Happen
Prof. Alastair Driver FCIEEM, Specialist Advisor, Rewilding Britain and Arup

Who said the R-word? Is Rewilding Simply Too Controversial?
Charlotte Priddy, Policy Officer, Farmers’ Union of Wales

Engineering an Ecosystem in the Forest of Dean 
Rebecca Wilson MCIEEM, Head of Planning and Environment, Forestry Commission England 

The Welsh Beaver Project – Return of the Beaver? 
Alicia Leow-Dyke GradCIEEM, Beaver Project Officer, Wildlife Trusts Wales 

Tensions in the Interpretation and Implementation of Rewilding in Cultural Landscapes
Dr Anna Gilchrist MCIEEM, Lecturer in Ecology and Environmental Management and
Rowan Avery, MSc Research Student

Summit to Sea – Restoring Flourishing Ecosystems and a Resilient Economy in Mid-Wales
Hannah Scrase, Summit to Sea Co-ordinator

Measuring Rewilding: Quantitative Methods for Robust Biodiversity Assessment in Rewilding Projects
Sara King MCIEEM and Cain Blythe CEnv MCIEEM, Biodiversity Assessment Specialists, Ecosulis

George Owen of Henllys: Understanding our Diminished Inheritance
Jonathan Mullard MCIEEM, Wales Natural History Author and Photographer

The Woodcat Project
Derek Gow MCIEEM, Director of Derek Gow Consultancy

Eagle Re-introduction Wales: Bringing Back Our Lost Eagles
Sophie-Lee Williams, Project Director of Eagle Reintroduction Wales