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Abeyance and Deferral

Abeyance Agreement

Full, Associate and Graduate members wishing to take a career break may be able to temporarily suspend their membership by entering into an abeyance agreement. The most common reasons for signing an abeyance agreement are for maternity leave, child or family care, voluntary work or travel overseas. 

(Please note this is not for members that are still in relevant work and want to take a year’s break from membership.) 

Members in abeyance do not have to pay subscription fees and do not receive any member benefits. Therefore members in abeyance are not entitled to use their CIEEM suffix, will not receive In Practice, will have no access to the Members’ section of the website and are not entitled to have a listing on the Professional Directory. 

An abeyance agreement can be renewed annually for up to five years but an extension must be requested each year by 1st October as part of the annual renewal process. If a signed agreement is not received each year then membership will be lapsed. 

Members in abeyance do not have to maintain their CPD – however, a development plan of how the member intends to refresh their skills and knowledge on their return to work will be required when exiting the agreement and resuming their membership. 

An abeyance agreement can be ended at any time by contacting the Membership Team. For membership to be reinstated a continuing professional development plan for the 12 months following the member’s return to work needs to be submitted for approval by the Membership Admission Committee. The member must also pay a pro rata subscription fee. Further advice about the development plan will be provided once a signed agreement has been returned. 

If you would like to enter into an abeyance agreement, please contact the Membership Team or 01962 868626.


Deferral Agreement

If you are an Full or Associate member, are unemployed and can’t afford to pay your subscription right away, you may be able to sign a deferral agreement.

A deferral agreement allows you to postpone your subscription payment for up to one year. It must be understood that you will have to pay your postponed subscription in full and if you have not paid by the following year you will have to pay two years subscriptions to maintain your membership. Because of this we recommend that members in deferral pay subscription fees as soon as possible or even in stages. We will do all that we can to help you come to a payment schedule that is suitable for you. 

If you would like to enter into an deferral agreement, please contact the Membership Team or 01962 868626.