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Applying for Degree Accreditation

CIEEM degree accreditation is the start of a partnership between the Institute and higher education institutions which we hope will be mutually beneficial in ensuring that current and future graduates are supported as they seek to enter the profession.


To apply for accreditation, a degree course must meet the relevant eligibility criteria which are based on

  • course content – there are 17 areas of core course content. To be accredited an undergraduate course must cover all 17 content areas whilst a postgraduate course must be able to demonstrate how any gaps are addressed and how the knowledge is built on through the taught content of the postgraduate degree);
  • practical skills content – there is a minimum requirement of 30 days of relevant practical work (including 18 days of taught fieldwork) for undergraduate courses; a minimum requirement of 15 days of taught relevant practical work (of which a minimum 9 days must be taught fieldwork) for postgraduate courses; and
  • academic team – at least one member of the core academic team must be a Full Member, of CIEEM.


  • Submit an Expression of Interest (please see below for forms)
  • Once eligibility is confirmed the HEI will be invited to submit a full application
  • Site visit to take place at HEI
  • Following the visit, the Assessment Panel will make a recommendation to the Institute as to whether or not the course should be accredited.

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Undergraduate Degrees


Postgraduate Degrees



The cost of accreditation varies according to the period that accreditation will be valid for. Ideally this is for five years to align with the period of course validation and the cost is £3,750. The first charge of £250 should be paid with the submission of the Expression of Interest.  The remainder will be payable when an HEI is invited to submit a full application. When a degree is first submitted for accreditation and re-validation is within the five year period, it will only be possible to accredit for the period up to the re-validation exercise. In such cases a lower accreditation fee is payable. Full details are in the relevant  Accreditation Handbook.

Please note that CIEEM does not currently accredit postgraduate research degrees.

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