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December 2018



Developing the Use of Mobile GIS for Ecological Surveys
Matthew Leaver, Polly Tayler, Hannah Tracey and Will Trewhella

R Coding as a Tool to Streamline Manipulation and Analysis of Ecological Data Sets
Nicole Dunn and Gillian Vallejo

The Irish Vegetation Classification – An Overview of Concepts, Structure and Tools
Philip M. Perrin, Úna FitzPatrick and Deirdre Lynn

Bird Bioacoustic Surveys – Developing a Standard Protocol 
Carlos Abrahams

Optimising Camera Trap Data Quality at Mammal Resting Places
Melanie A. Findlay, Robert A. Briers and Patrick J. C. White

Green-Lighting Green Infrastructure: A Data-Driven Approach for Promoting Green Infrastructure in London
Abby Crisostomo, Katherine Drayson and Peter Massini

Cofnod: Creating Data Systems for Consultant Ecologists
Roy Tapping

Predatory Journals: A Growing Threat to Scientific Integrity?
Andrew Cherrill and Simon R. Leather

Accessible UK Wildlife Data For All – the NBN Atlas
Jo Judge, Mandy Henshall and Sophia Ratcliffe

Legal Update: There’s No Such Thing As A Mitigation Measure
Brendan Slattery and Jenny Neff

Ecology in BREEAM, CEEQUAL and HQM – Updating and Expanding the Approach
Max Wade and Yetunde Abdul

Natural England Updates

Accredited Ecological Clerk of Works – An Update

Plant Identification Skills

New Scheme for Registered Practices

September 2018



Pollution Prevention Guidance and the Role of the Ecological Clerk of Works
Nicola Tyrrell

The Impact of Dogs on the Environment
Giles Groome, Jonty Denton and Phil Smith

Intensive Poultry Units: Their Potential Impact on Lichens and Lower Plants in Mid Wales
Julian Jones

Light Pollution: An Environmental Concern and a Threat to Insect Populations
Maja Grubisic

Are Insects in Decline? The Jury is Still Out
Simon R. Leather

Can Vegetation Management be a Realistic Response to the Loss of Plant Protection Products?
Keith F.A. Walters and Andrew Cherrill

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Footprint Tracking Tunnels for Detecting Hazel Dormice
Simone Bullion, Alison Looser and Steve Langton

Meet The Author: Giles Groome

CIEEM Awards 2018: A Celebration of Achievement in the Sector
Deborah Alexander

Policy Activities Updates
Amber Connett

Charles Gimingham Obituary
Des Thompson

Review of CIEEM Membership Grades: The Findings
Stuart Parks

Myth-Busting the Membership Application Process

Continuing Professional Development - Making It Work For You
Krystie Hamilton

Should CIEEM become a Registered Charity?
Stephanie Wray

Jun 2018




Human Population Growth and Climate Change – Beyond Carrying Capacity?
David Tyldesley

Life in the Big City – Increasing Urbanisation and the Disconnect From Nature
Claire Wansbury

The Hidden Tragedy of the Earth’s Freshwater Ecosystems
Steve Ormerod

Landscape Conservation
Keith J. Kirby

Restoration of Biodiversity
David Hill
Supplementary Download

Environmental Degradation?
Kathy Dale

Getting the Message Across
Stephanie Wray

Where Does Power Lie? And Can We – the Environment Sector – Get Better at Accessing It?
Robin Buxton

Using the Evidence
Rob Marrs

Reaching the Bar

Will Woodrow and Jenny Neff


Creating a Mess – The Knepp Rewilding Project
Isabella Tree

‘District Licensing’ for Great Crested Newts – Delivering a Big Idea
Tom Tew, Jeremy Biggs and Tony Gent

Creating a National Conservation Network
David Watson

Introducing the UK Habitat Classifi cation – Updating Our Approach to Habitat Survey, Monitoring and Assessment
Bill Butcher, Peter Carey, Bob Edmonds, Lisa Norton and Jo Treweek

From on High: Creating a Phase 1 Habitat Map Using Aerial Imagery
Iona Pearson, Hannah Thomas and Rose-Ellen Minchew

Do We Need More Evidence-Based Survey Guidance?
Carlos Abrahams and Darryn J. Nash


CIEEM’s Policy Activities Update

Ecology and the Donald Rumsfeld Question
Allison Potts

Celebrating 100 Editions: A Short History of the CIEEM Bulletin

Benefits of Being Chartered – What You Told Us

Mar 2018



Genetic Techniques and Technologies – Glossary of Terms

Developing DNA-based Techniques in Natural England for Surveying and Monitoring Biodiversity
Andy Nisbet and Kat Bruce

Pollen Analysis Could Be Revolutionised with DNA Techniques
Cuong Q. Tang and Hannah Norman

DNA Metabarcoding of Invertebrates to Evaluate Outcomes of Ecological Restoration
Kat Bruce

Finding Newts – Using Environmental DNA to Detect Great Crested Newts
Jeremy Biggs

Great Crested Newt eDNA Laboratory Quality Systems, Proficiency Testing and Interpretation of Results
Helen Rees and Kevin Gough

eDNA Metabarcoding for Non-Invasive Fish Surveys
Kat Bruce, Cuong Q. Tang and Mark Parry

Practical Application of Genetic Technology in Mammal Research
Denise O’Meara

Use of Environmental DNA Analysis to Detect the Presence of Water Vole
Carl M. Halford, Karl J. Jones, David J. Hill and Wera M. Schmerer

Bringing Beavers Back to Britain – Genetic Considerations in the Restoration of the Eurasian Beaver
Róisín Campbell-Palmer and Helen Senn

Measuring Connectivity and Gene Flow: A Example in the Hazel Dormouse
Fraser Combe

Natural England Appoints New Panel on Bat Conservation

DNA Working Group for the UK

CIEEM’s Policy Activities
Jason Reeves

Employment and Salary Survey – a Snapshot
Sally Hayns

New Special Interest Group: Ecological Restoration and Habitat Creation
Nick Coppin, John Box, Penny Anderson and David Parker

Dec 2017



Conservation on a Shoestring: The Mutualistic Benefits of University – Nature Reserve Collaborations
Sarah L. Taylor, Andrew J. Hunt and Khaled de Jesus

Working for Wildlife – Environmental Partnerships between Water Companies and Wildlife Trusts
Stuart Pudney, Anne Porter and Charlotte Bradbury

Network Rail’s Strategic Approach to Net Positive Biodiversity and UK Conservation Benefit
Octavia Neeves

Saving the Small Things that Run the Planet – Conservation on a Shoestring
Paul Hetherington

Pantheon: A New Resource for Invertebrate Survey Standards and Analysis
David Heaver, Jon Webb, David Roy, Hannah Dean, Martin Harvey, Craig Macadam and Jon Curson

Bat Guano Fertiliser: A Novel Method of Encouraging Conservation of Tropical Bats on a Shoestring
Kathy Halsall

Practicalities and Problem Solving: Orchid Translocation in Oxfordshire
Samantha Hursey and Katrena Stanhope

How Many Great Crested Newts Can Terrestrial Habitats Support?
John Box

ALERC Accreditation: Quality Assurance for Local Environmental Records Centres.
Tom Hunt, Camilla Burrow and Hannah Cook

A Guide to Good Practice Guidance: A new resource for CIEEM members
Sally Hayns

Level 7 Apprenticeships on the Horizon: Are You Ready to Embrace Them?
Max Wade and Debbie Bartlett

Implications of Brexit for Devolved Environmental Law in Scotland: Update
Chris Cathrine

CIEEM Policy Update
Jason Reeves

CIEEM Awards 2018
Sally Hayns

Changes to CIEEM’s Membership Abeyance Processes
Stuart Parks

A Modern Tree Charter
John Jackson

Sep 2017



Change Is Inevitable: How Can We Make a Difference?
John Box

CIEEM, Brexit and the Natural Environment: Achieving a Better Future
Jason Reeves

The Great Repeal Bill – Safeguarding the Future of Our Natural Environment Legal Framework?
Josh Middleton

Brexit: A Devolved View –

- Brexit Implications for the Environment in Wales
Matthew Quinn

- Implications of Brexit for Devolved Environmental Law in Scotland
Chris Cathrine

- A Brexit Perspective from Ireland
Jenny Neff and Paul Lynas

Biodiversity and Brexit: Emerging Policy Priorities
Liz Spedding

Brexit and Management of Trans-Boundary Pollution: How Will Offshore Operations Be Affected?
Federica Pace

The Investigation and Prosecution of Wildlife Crime – Post-Brexit Challenges and Opportunities
Pete Charleston

Accepting Little Losses to Allow Genuine Gains – A New Approach to Great Crested Newt Mitigation Licensing
Matt Oakley, Luke Gorman, Octavia Neeves and Claire Wansbury

Human Impacts on Nature Reserves – The Influence of Nearby Settlements
Fin Rylatt, Lauren Garside and Sara Robin

An Alternative Approach to the Reporting of Categories of Significant Residual Ecological Effects in Environmental Impact Assessment
John Box, Mike Dean and Matt Oakley

CIEEM Policy Activities and Engagement

CIEEM Awards: CIEEM Celebrates Excellence in the Sector

Where the Money Goes: How CIEEM Spends Your Money

CIEEM in Numbers

A Membership Fit for the Future

Celebrating Our Volunteers

Supporting Membership Growth

Changes to Members’ CPD Obligation

Complaints Update

Student Hub

Jun 2017



Identifying Grassland Habitats of Conservation Interest in Ireland
Fionnuala O’Neill

Upland Hay Meadows – Applying the Evidence to Improve their Conservation
David Martin and Clare Pinches

Managing Roadside Grasslands Along the Trunk Roads of Southwest England
Leonardo Gubert

Grazer Selectivity: Benefits for Livestock, Habitats and People
Bill Grayson

Viewpoint: Northumbrian Water’s Partnership with Flexigraze – Helping to Get Hooves onto the Ground for the Benefit of Wildlife
Mark Morris

Viewpoint: Sheepwrecked, Sheepracked or Sheepwrought? – Thoughts on Sheep and the Future of the British Uplands
Hugh Watson

The Bat Roost Trigger Index – A New Systematic Approach to Facilitate Preliminary Bat Roost Assessments
Nick Underhill-Day

Meet the Author – Fionnuala O’Neill

CIEEM Skills Gap Project
Debbie Bartlett and Eulalia Gomez-Martin

What’s the Point of Conservation Science?
Greg Carson

Employers Investment in Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Karen Hood-Cree

Developing Ecological Clerk of Works Accreditation

Criminal Prosecution – Are You Covered?

Building Bridges between Farming and Nature: Grazing is Amazing – Welsh Section Conference 2017
Diana Clark

Mar 2017



Viewpoint: Rewilding – An Idea Whose Time Has Come?
Helen Meech and Mick Green

Viewpoint: Are There Too Many or Too Few Large Herbivores in Our Woods?
Keith Kirby

Anthropogenic Rewilding: An Oxymoron?
Phil Colebourn and Ben Kite

Rewilding in a Managed Landscape – The Swindale Beck Restoration Project
Lee Schofield, Jean Johnston, George Heritage and Oliver Southgate

Getting It Right With Reintroductions: What Conservation Evidence Tells Us About Bringing Back Birds
Claire Wordley

Pine Marten Translocations: The Road to Recovery and Beyond
Jenny MacPherson

Pearls in Peril – Conserving and Reintroducing Freshwater Pearl Mussels
Iain Sime, Jackie Webley, Diane O’Leary, Nia Watkin, Lorna Wilkie, Steff Ferguson and Flora Grigor-Taylor

Meet the Author – Keith Kirby

Data Reliability, Data Provision, Professional Judgement and Assessing Impact Assessment for Planning Purposes
Tim Reed

Using MAGIC to Locate European Protected Species Licences
Richard Clarke

Projects Set to Benefit Through Pioneering and Collaborative Strategic Ecology Framework

Career Advice: What Are We Looking For in a Graduate Ecologist?
Owain Gabb

Natural England Launches Badger Class Licence

An Update from the President
Stephanie Wray

Meet the Policy and Communications Team

Dec 2016



Cross-Sector Partnerships: Setting Up For Success
Darren Towers

Viewpoint: Partnerships in Action – Europe and Beyond
Debbie Bartlett

Viewpoint: How Inclusive Are You When Working With Others?
Claire Vetori

Working in Partnership to Improve the Consideration of Biodiversity in the Planning Process
Catherine Wyatt

Using the Evidence Plan Process in Wales – A Partnership Approach in Action
Jo Pickard

The Mountains & The People – Partnership in Practice
Tom Wallace

Fingringhoe Wick Managed Realignment – Successful Partnership Between the Essex Wildlife Trust and the Environment Agency
Andrew May and Merle Leeds

Developing Community Nature Conservation: The Case for Working in Partnership with the Community
Paul Phillips

Meet the Author – Debbie Bartlett

Meet the Editorial Board

Brexit: Potential Impacts On Our Natural Environment Legal Framework
Penny Simpson

Viewpoint: A Brexit Heretic
David Lowe

Bats and Transport Infrastructure
Chloe Delgery

Promising Professionals
Sally Mousley and Mark Webb

CIEEM Celebrates 25 Years with National Events
Kate Flood and Jason Reeves

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Membership to the Next Level?

Sept 2016



The Central Role of Peatland Restoration in the Uplands
Penny Anderson

How Effective is Upland Moorland Management?
Andre Thiel

Evidence of Benefit to Breeding Birds from Blanket Bog Restoration at Dove Stone in the Peak District National Park
Geoff Carr and Dave O’Hara

The Cloud-Living Spider: Monitoring Invertebrate Diversity in the Uplands
Richard Wilson

An Innovative Approach to Landscape-Scale Peatland Restoration
Rachel Short and Peter Robson

United Utilities’ SCaMP Project – A Decade of Water Quality, Hydrological and Vegetation Monitoring
Sarah Ross, Gene Hammond and Clare Bullen

The Habitats Directive, Its Implementation and Interpretation in the Irish Courts
Elva Carbery

Meet the Author – Richard Wilson

The Reality of Brexit
Wyn Jones

Brexit: What now for the ecological consultancy market?
Andrew Baker

Innovation in Regulation: How Natural England is Thinking Differently to Deliver for Protected Species
Joanna Carter and Jane Morton

Natural England Response to Viewpoint

Reporting of Wildlife Crime Article 1 – Professional Issues to Consider
Ellie Strike, Mike Oxford and Sally Hayns

CIEEM Awards 2016

Professional Development for Office-Based Ecologists and Environmental Managers

25 Years On: A View from Graduate Members

Jun 2016



Viewpoint: A Conversation about Conservation
Katherine Drayson and Peter Massini

TESSA: A Toolkit for Ecosystem Service Site-Based Assessment
Jennifer Merriman and Katherine Despot-Belmonte

Valuing Nature in Local Decision-Making
Ruth Waters and Tim Sunderland

An Ecosystem Services Valuation of an Urban Oasis: Camley Street Natural Park
Claire Wansbury and Jonathan Guest

Investigating an Ecosystem Approach to Funding Catchment-Scale Natural Flood Management: The Holnicote ‘Payments for Ecosystem Services’ Pilot Research Project
Sacha Rogers, Steve Rose and Nigel Hester

The Case for High-Density Compact Cities
Lincoln Garland

BS 42020:2013 – Cracking the Code
James Simpson

The Raising Standards Survey

A Revised Code of Professional Conduct
Disciplinary Matters: End of Year Complaints Report 2015-2016

25 Years On: A View from the Vice Presidents

The Benefits of Aligning the Atkins and CIEEM Competency Frameworks
Kate Vincent

New Bat Survey Guidelines
Matt Cook

Viewpoint: A Step Too Far – The Proposed Weakening of the EPS Mitigation Licensing Process
Andrew S. Waller

Norman Moore: A Personal Appreciation
Robin Buxton

Could You Sponsor a Future CIEEM Member? Nine Things to Consider

Mar 2016



Wildlife Disease Surveillance by the Animal and Plant Health Agency
J. Paul Duff, Alex M. Barlow, Andrew C. Breed, Daisy Duncan, J. Paul Holmes and Richard M. Irvine

Provision of Wildlife Disease Surveillance in Scotland
Caroline Robinson

Control Measures for Exotic Plant Pests and Diseases in the UK
Paul Beales, Helen Long and Lucy Carson-Taylor

Disease Risk Analysis and Post-Release Health Surveillance in Wildlife Translocations
Liam Fitzpatrick, Jenny Jaffe, Tony Sainsbury and Ian Carter

Wildlife Disease & Contaminant Monitoring & Surveillance Network
Richard Shore

Monitoring Disease in Birds and Other Wildlife: Partnering Citizen Scientists with Paid Professionals
Mike Toms and Becki Lawson

Bats and Infectious Diseases: A Two-Sided Story
Lisa Worledge and Helen Miller

The Ecological and Conservation Implications of Ash Dieback (Chalara) and Methods to Mitigate Impacts
Ruth Mitchell, Alice Broome and Ralph Harmer

The Role of the Two Spotted Oak Buprestid in Acute Oak Decline
Katy Reed

Important Updates in Natural Environment Law and Policy
Chloe Sutcliffe

Joint SNH-CIEEM Sharing Good Practice Event on Non-Native and Emergent Diseases of Wild Plants and Animals
Jenny Park

Sharing Evidence of Effective Management and Mitigation
Sally Hayns and Mick Hall

Conservation Evidence: Providing Evidence to Improve Practice
Nancy Ockendon and Bill Sutherland

Sharing Ecological Data Using GIS Files
Richard Smith, Peter Johnson, Sarah Yarwood-Lovett, Tom Hunt, Mandy Rudd and Rosie Whicheloe

Great Crested Newt HSI Calculator Tool
Owen Crawshaw

Pragmatism, Proportionality and Professional Judgement

Using the ‘My CPD’ Tool

The Alternative Decalogue for CIEEM Members: Towards Improving Standards in the Profession
Des Thompson, Richard Graves, Sally Hayns and Deborah Alexander

Dec 2015



We Will Only Protect What We Value
Stuart Brooks

Meet People Where They Are
Bruce Howard

Natural Estates: Inclusive Approaches to Biodiverse Landscapes
Mathew Frith

Responsible Reconnection: Facilitating Sympathetic Access to Sensitive Sites
Simon Thompson

National Nature Reserves: Dedication for Public Access under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (CRoW)
Bruce Cutts

How Participatory GIS Can Help Integrate People’s Cultural Values into Landscape Planning
Helen Davies, Marion Frandsen, Hugh Inwood and Andy Wharton

Caring for the Coast… the Next 100 Years
Tony Flux

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal of Low Impact, Large-scale Transport Infrastructure Schemes
Mike Gibbs

Meet the Author – Mathew Frith

Synthetic Biology and Ecology: A New Frontier
Paul Goriup and Philip Seddon

Submitting Your Project for the Best Practice Awards: A Guidance Note for Nominees
David Tyldesley

Charging Ahead at Natural England
Joanna Carter

The Consultants Portal: Helping Consultants Share Biological Data
Ella Vogel and Rachel Stroud

Meeting the favourable conservation status test for European Protected Species: Natural England’s response to Penny Simpson’s different approach
Matt Heydon

Letter from Member: EPS Licensing – An Unsatisfactory Situation
Peter Middleton

Impact Risk Zones, SSSIs and EIA: A Clarification for Ecologists and Planners
Claire Wansbury and Michael Knight

Update from the CIEEM Advisory Forum: Improving Professionalism within Ecologists
Karen Colebourn and David Tyldesley

Raising Standards Project – The (Almost) Final Report

Safe and Responsible Use of Social Media
Jason Reeves, Ellie Strike and Phil Baarda

Sept 2015



New International and National Guidelines for Conservation Translocations
Peter M. Hollingsworth and Martin Gaywood

Tuning in to Crayfish
Victoria Stead, Andy Cherrill CEnv MCIEEM and Tom Pope

Wood Ant Nest Translocations
Chris Cathrine MCIEEM

Keeping the Lights On: Ecology, Survey and Trapping Methods for Glow Worm Translocation
Emily Drinkwater GradCIEEM, Andrea Wilcockson CEnv MCIEEM and Bob Edmonds CEnv MCIEEM

A Novel Approach to Waxcap Translocation
Barry Wright MCIEEM

Soft Felling and Translocating Bat Roosts in Trees – Arboricultural Considerations
Jim Mullholland MCIEEM

Water Vole Translocation: Building Resilience to Predation into Receptor Habitat Design
Charlie Dwight CEcol MCIEEM and Chris D. Keeling

Beavers in Scotland – The Final Report
Martin Gaywood

Meeting the Favourable Conservation Status Test for European Protected Species: A Different Approach?
Penny Simpson

Meet the Author – Emily Drinkwater

I’ve Got My Degree, Now What…? Becoming a Junior Ecologist
Dan Wales GradCIEEM, Jack Fenwick GradCIEEM and Sarah Emerson GradCIEEM

Time to Work, Rest and Play
Sally Hayns CEcol MCIEEM

Work on Construction Sites – A Further Update on LISS/CSCS Cards
Sally Hayns CEcol MCIEEM

Viewpoint: Is Ecology Really That Dangerous?
Steve Betts CEnv MCIEEM

Disciplinary Matters
Phillip Edwards CEcol FCIEEM

Complaints Update

Expanding CIEEM’s CPD Training
Helen Boulden

New tool to support CPD recording on the go!
Helen Boulden

CIEEM Awards 2015

Meet the Membership Team

Jun 2015



Monitoring Mitigation in EIA Developments
Katherine Drayson MCIEEM and Stewart Thompson

Animal Welfare Implications of Mitigation Schemes
Merryl Gelling MCIEEM and Adam Grogan MCIEEM

European Nightjar – Best Practice Mitigation Measures during Windfarm Construction
Mike Shewring and Dan Carrington

A Review of Bird Strike Mortality at Irish Onshore Windfarms
Robert Fennelly MCIEEM

Ecological Monitoring using Wildlife Detection Dogs: Bat Carcass Searches at the Wanlip Wind Turbine
Katrena Stanhope CEnv MCIEEM

Surveying Trees for Bat Roosts: Encounter Probability v. Survey Effort
Henry Andrews CEcol MCIEEM and Mark Gardener

Hedgehogs in Tunnels: Footprint Tracking Tunnels as a Method for Detecting Hedgehog Populations
Richard Yarnell MCIEEM, Ben Williams, Emily Thomas and Philip Baker

Meet the Author – Henry Andrews

Proposed New Guidance for Commissioning Terrestrial Invertebrate Surveys – A Call for Feedback
Richard Wilson CEnv MCIEEM and Sarah Henshall

Meet the Professional Development Team

Diversity in Ecology and Environmental Management – Practitioner’s Survey
Elaine Richmond CEnv MCIEEM and Stephanie Wray CEcol CEnv FCIEEM

Implications of the UK General Election – A CIEEM Perspective
Jason Reeves MCIEEM

Mar 2015



Do recent developments in mapping technology and assessment demand a comprehensive new habitat classification?
Bob Edmonds CEnv MCIEEM, Bill Butcher MCIEEM, Peter Carey, Lisa Norton and Jo Treweek CEcol MCIEEM

Mobile GIS Data Capture: Practical Application to Ecological Surveys
Joe Franklin CEnv MCIEEM, Emily Castel MCIEEM, Amy Harris and David Hume

Ecosystem Services and Environmental Assessment
Gemma Bell MCIEEM and Neil Parker MCIEEM

An Ecosystems Approach to Transport Soft Estate Management
Marion Frandsen, Helen Davies CEnv ACIEEM and Mike Image

Impact Risk Zones: Natural England’s new online tool to assess development risks to Sites of Special Scientific Interest
Sarah Middlehurst and Michael Knight

Bat3 Data: 3D flight path detection of bats using acoustics
Hippolyte Pouchelle, Martyn Gest and Irène Gest MCIEEM

Linking bat surveys with meteorological data: a way to target operational wind farm mitigation
Greg Slack and Elizabeth Tinsley

Environmental DNA as a new method for detecting great crested newt presence in ponds
Victoria Stockley and Helen Rees

Meet the Author – Sarah Middlehurst

New Guidelines on Ecological Report Writing
Mike Oxford CEcol FCIEEM, Mike Dean CEcol CEnv MCIEEM and Pauline Holmes MCIEEM

Professional Conduct – Contractual Processes and Project Management
Katherine Kennedy CEnv MCIEEM

Complaints Update: Breaches of the Code of Professional Conduct

Inspiring Future Professionals from All Walks of Life
Helen Boulden

Student Feedback from the Edinburgh Conference

Dec 2014



Closing the Ecological Skills Gap
Sally Hayns

CIEEM and the Environment Agency working together to support professionalism
Katharine Pilcher, Ann Skinner & Caroline Essery

Identifying skills gaps, developing expertise and improving capability in Natural England
John Creedy

Communication skills for ecologists – to influence policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services we must know our audiences
Claire Wansbury, Juliette Linford, Veronica Lawrie, Liam Atherton, Jasmin Barwig, Clare Pugh & Octavia Neeves

Natural Talent – An innovative response to the ecological skills gap
John McFarlane

Identification Trainers for the Future – Inspiring the next generation of UK wildlife experts
Stephanie West & John Tweddle

The occurrence, causes and consequences of inter-observer variation in identification of Phase 1 and NVC vegetation types
Andrew Cherrill

Ecological Valuation – a fresh approach?
Bob Edmonds

Safeguarding habitats for protected species at risk from development proposals – are we making the most of our species data?
Jan Collins, Lisa Hundt & Katherine Boughey

LEED – The Local Environment and Economic Development Toolkit
Neil Wyatt

Ecology Legal Update - The freshwater environment, ecological appraisal and the Water Framework Directive: Why, who and how?
Owen Peat & Penny Simpson

Meet the Author – Andrew Cherrill

Work on Construction Sites – An Update on CSCS Cards and the ROLO Course

Wales Biodiversity Partnership Conference Report
Hannah Powell

Natural England Licencing Update
Brian Davies

Trinity Centre for Biodiversity Research – TCBR
Sven P. Batke and Jane Stout

Professional Conduct
Andy Mackenzie

Complaints Update - Breaches of the Code of Professional Conduct

How to get the most from recording your CPD – Important changes

CIEEM Professional Development Programme: Upskilling the profession with your support

Chartered Members

A New Look Secretariat

Sep 2014



Planning for climate change adaptation: it’s time to face those difficult decisions

Adaptation to a changing climate in practice
Geoff Darch

Climate Change Adaptation Manual
Julian Wright & Mike Morecroft

The Climate Change Report Cards
Mike Morecroft

National Biodiversity Climate Change Vulnerability Model
Lydia Speakman

The Wetland Tool - Adapting wetlands to deal with future climate change
Sarah Taylor

Ecological Site Classification
Alice Skinner, Harriet Orr, Mike Acreman & James Blake

Climate change mitigation in rural landscapes
Mark Broadmeadow & Duncan Ray

Helping nature adapt in a changing climate: turning principles into practice
Lydia Speakman & Mark Broadmeadow

Conserving carbon in peat in the face of climate change
Christina Wood

The LIFE Programme 2014-2020: supporting the EU strategy on adaptation to climate change
Penny Anderson CEcol FCIEEM

How the approach to biodiversity offsetting in Victoria, Australia, is changing and its potential relevance to England
John Houston CEnv MCIEEM

Meet the Author – Julian Wright

CIEEM Awards 2014

What Building Your Technical Network Can Do For You
Andrew Cross MCIEEM, Justin Sullivan and Karen Colebourn MCIEEM

APPGB Meeting on MPAs and the Overseas Territories
Fiona Wren CEnv MCIEEM, Claire Vetori CEnv MCIEEM, Tony Callaghan and Jeff Baldwin

Why Academics Should Apply for Chartered Ecologist – Or Why I Did
Mike Barker Cenv FCIEEM

Collateral Warranties Advice
Rob Marrs CEcol CEnv FCIEEM

Jun 2014



Time to rethink our relationship with water
Sue Illman

How much water do rivers need? Hydroecology and environmental flows
Liam Atherton ACIEEM, Stuart Smith CEnv and Brian Cox CEnv

Water voles – a preview of new guidelines for survey and mitigation
Mike Dean CEnv MCIEEM, Derek Gow MCIEEM and Richard Andrews CEnv MCIEEM

Out of sight, out of mind? Monitoring freshwater fish
Chris Gardner and Adam Ellis MCIEEM

The role of beaver-generated landscapes in flood prevention
Derek Gow MCIEEM and Mark Elliott CEnv MCIEEM

Claws for thought – invasive non-native crayfish in the UK
Adam Ellis MCIEEM

Natives and Aliens on the River Glaven – a crayfish control case study
Martin Pugh MCIEEM

Marine planning around England
Paul Gilliland

Meet the Author – Sue Illman

Accessing and Using Data from the New NBN Gateway
Mandy Henshall

Our Professional Responsibilities
Andy Mackenzie MCIEEM

Disciplinary Matters
Mick Hall CEnv MCIEEM

Complaints Update

Update from the Advisory Forum: You Can Make a Difference
Karen Colebourn MCIEEM and David Tyldesley FCIEEM

Applying to be a Chartered Ecologist: Some Advice for Prospective Applicants
Penny Anderson CEcol CEnv FCIEEM

New Membership Eligibility Now in Effect!

A Question of Judgement
Claire Wansbury CEcol CEnv FCIEEM

Mar 2014



Dealing with uncertainty and the precautionary approach to the marine environment
Tim Norman CEnv MCIEEM, Mike Barker CEnv FCIEEM and Mike Smith

Underwater noise in the marine environment
Silvana Neves, Kate Boltwood, Andrew Baker MCIEEM and Federica Pace GradCIEEM

Seasearch – a national SCUBA diving project providing evidence for marine conservation and training in marine species identification and survey skills
Chris Wood, Jean-Luc Solandt, Calum Duncan and Paula Lightfoot MCIEEM

Intertidal Discovery Project – Coastal survey and mapping for conservation and public benefit in Cornwall
Martin Goodall MCIEEM, Carolyn Waddell and Catherine Wilding

Offsetting: moving towards an evidence-based metric for biodiversity assessment
L.J. Cousins GradCIEEM, S. McMellor MCIEEM, G.J.C. Underwood and L.J Appleby Hepburn

Digital photography and biological recording: opportunities and pitfalls based on a study of hoverflies (Diptera, Syrphidae)
Roger Morris CEnv FCIEEM

Meet the Author – Roger Morris

Ecology Legal Update
Penny Simpson and Dean Amory

Raising Standards of Professional Practice: Update and Next Stages
Linda Yost CEnv MCIEEM and Mick Hall CEnv MCIEEM

The Only Way is Ethics
Lisa Kerslake CEcol CEnv MCIEEM and Mike Oxford CEcol FCIEEM

What Use is CIEEM to an Academic or, Indeed, What Use is an Academic to CIEEM?
Eirene Williams CEnv FCIEEM Rtd and Roland Randall CEnv FCIEEM

Dec 2013



the Farmed Countryside - Maximising the Benefits for Wildlife: Land-Sharing and the Opportunities for Functional Agro-Biodiversity
Debbie Bartlett FCIEEM   

Creating and Managing Grassland for Breeding Waders on the Lincolnshire Coastal Grazing Marshes
Caroline Steel CEnv MCIEEM, Chris Manning CEnv MCIEEM and Roger Wardle CEnv

Reconstructing Lost Landscapes as a Tool for Ecologists and Environmental Managers: A Case Study from Huntingdonshire
Jason Peters

A Comparison of the Invertebrate Value of Brownfield Sites with Greenfield Sites and Local Nature Reserves in England and Wales
Jonty Denton MCIEEM

Classification of badger setts Meles meles in the UK: A Review and Guidance for Surveyors
Richard Andrews CEnv MCIEEM

NatureSpot: A Web-Based Tool for Supporting Biological Recording and Mapping Across the Counties of Leicestershire and Rutland
James Calow CEnv MCIEEM, David Nicholls and Graham Calow

Issues in Survey Reliability: Launch of a Survey of CIEEM Members
Andrew Cherrill CEnv MCIEEM

CIEEM Autumn Conference 2013

The Chartered Ecologist Register

CIEEM Awards 2013

End of an Era? Penny Anderson's Retirement

Sep 2013



Biodiversity Offsetting
David Hill CEnv FCIEEM 

An Overview of Biodiversity Offsetting Within the Planning System
David Pape MCIEEM and David Tyldesley FCIEEM

Improving the Mitigation Hierarchy and Getting to No Net Loss: International Developments and the Challenge for Biodiversity Offsetting
Kerry Ten Kate

Biodiversity Offsetting: A View from The Wildlife Trusts
Stephanie Hillborne

Is it Possible to Offset Loss of Habitat in the Marine Environment?
Roger Morris CEnv FCIEEM

Ecology Legal Update
Penny Simpson

Ecology in Australia
Neil Harwood CEnv MCIEEM

Repeatability of Vegetation Mapping in Phase 1 and NVC Approached: Implications for Professional Practice and Surveyors' Training Requirements
Andrew Cherrill CEnv MCIEEM

The Changing Face of Britain's Landscapes
Marion O'Sullivan

Letter from a Member: Bats and Breathable Roofing Membranes - An Unsatisfatory Situation
Peter Middleton MCIEEM

Tasker's Meadow Unveiled
Penny Anderson CEnv FCIEEM

David Stubbs Awarded the CIEEM Medal  


An Opportunity for You to Have a Say in CIEEM's Strategic Work
Karen Colebourn MCIEEM  

First Accredited Degrees Announced

Membership Survey 2013

Jun 2013



Green Infrastructure: An Introduction
Paul Roebuck MCIEEM

The Blackwater Valley Road: using green infrastructure for ecological mitigation
Suzanne Glencross MCIEEM, Steve Bailey MCIEEM and Claire Wansbury FCIEEM

Dormouse Bridges on the UK Road Network
David Wells CEnv MCIEEM and Jon Davies CEnv MCIEEM

Biodiversity and Nature Conservation in Relation to Canal Regeneration: The Cotswold Canals, Gloucestershire
Liza Hollinghurst MCIEEM

The A63 in South West France: Green Infrastructure gets an opportunity to recover
Martyn Gest ACIEEM and Irene Gest MCIEEM

Is it detrimental to lichens to move the bricks supporting them?
Paul Smith CEnv MCIEEM

Assessing Coastal Habitat Loss: The Role of Coastal Squeeze
Nigel Pontee

DNA barcoding as a tool for fungal conservation: Fast and economical identification at any time of year
Gareth Griffith CEnv MCIEEM

Opinion Piece: Better for Man and Better for Beast - Bats, Newts and Article 12(4) of the Habitats Directive
Hugh Watson CEnv MCIEEM

Spring 2013 Conference Report: Ecosystem Services

Overseas Territories Special Interest Group Conference Report

Mar 2013



Bioacoustics – A Survey Technology that has Come of Age?
Andrew Baker MIEEM

Noctule Bats and Wind Turbines
Larry Burrows MIEEM

Bat Passes – Redundant or Still Useful? An Alternative Approach to the Analysis and Interpretation of Large Amounts of Data
Sandie Sowler and Neil Middleton AIEEM

Automatic Recognition Systems for Bat Call Identification
Dean Waters MIEEM and Kate Barlow

Evaluation of the Survey Method to Determine Population Size Class for Great Crested Newts in England and Wales
Jules Wynn MIEEM

Using Field Signs to Identify Water Voles – Are we Still Getting it Wrong?
Darren Tansley MIEEM

A Potential English Beaver Trial
Derek Gow MIEEM

Big Society and Nature Conservation
Maria Crastus GradIEEM

Update on the Royal Charter

Fraudulent Claims of Membership

Dec 2012



Meeting Europe’s Renewable Energy Targets in Harmony with Nature
Ivan Scrase and Benedict Gove

Biodiversity and Energy Crops in Wales
Fred Slater CEnv FIEEM

Role of the ECoW on Clyde Wind Farm
Joe Deimel MIEEM

Wind Speed and Bat Activity: Assessing and Mitigating the Effects of Wind Turbines
Mike Gray CEnv MIEEM, Peter Owens MIEEM and Mike Armitage CEnv MIEEM

How Not to Write an Ecological Impact Assessment
Katherine Drayson and Stewart Thompson MIEEM

Improving the Evidence in Evidence-Based Conservation
John Altringham

Standardised Biodiversity Quality Assessment: Lichens and Bryophytes as Bioindicators?
Violaine Drapeau, Alan Feest MIEEM and Kate Hayward MIEEM

Ecology Legal Update: Court case on “deliberate killing” of birds and bats by wind turbines
Penny Simpson

The Institute Now Has a Competency Framework
Steve Pullan CEnv FIEEM

IEEM Survey of Working Practices

Renewable Energy and Biodiversity Impacts: IEEM Autumn Conference Report

IEEM-RES Conference 2012: Invertebrates in Environmental Impact Assessments

A Royal Charter at last!

Best Practice Awards 2012

Sep 2012



Soil Biodiversity, Soil Management and Ecosystem Services
Sheila Ross MIEEM

Restoring Heathlands While Minimising Damage to Soils
Isabel Alonso MIEEM and Gerard Hawley MIEEM

Soils and Land Capability – Assessing the Capacity of the Land to Deliver Ecosystem Services for the National Trust
Dick Thompson and Katherine Hearn

Remediation of Contaminated Land: Impacts of Recent Changes to the Law and Guidance
Penny Simpson and Luke Mooney

Retrospective Application of the Defra Biodiversity Offsetting Metric to a Development Project in Dudley, West Midlands
John Box CEnv FIEEM

Water Vole Mitigation Guidance: Important Updates for Evidence-Based Good Practice
Derek Gow MIEEM, Richard Andrews CEnv MIEEM and David W. Smith MIEEM

Are Bat Roosts Being Overlooked?
Katherine Bubb GradIEEM, Claire Andrews MIEEM and Richard Arnold CEnv MIEEM

A Radical Plan to Help the Natterjack?
Chris Gleed-Owen MIEEM

Surveying IEEM Members’ Attitudes to LRCs and Biodiversity Data
Tom Hunt

Enhancing Biodiversity through Soil Management: IEEM Summer Conference – 13 June 2012, London

IEEM House of Lords Event 2012

Jun 2012



Why a New Institute?
David Goode

Yet Another Professional Institute!
Peter Edwards

IEEM in Practice – The First 21 Years
Paul Goriup, Jim Thompson, Sally Hayns

Personal Thoughts from a Founding Member
Eirene Williams

Ireland: Twenty-One Years A-Growing
Richard Nairn

The Effects of Devolution and Changes in the UK and Ireland on Ecological and Environmental Policy and Practice Since 1991: A Personal Recap
David Tyldesley

Biodiversity Offsetting – Challenges to Come and a Way Forward in Essex
Tom Tew

21 Questions for the Future – as chosen by the Fellows of the Institute

Planning and Biodiversity – Delivering Opportunities through Change - Spring Conference Report
Nick Jackson




A Cunning Plan... or a Plan too Far?
Richard Wilson CEnv MIEEM, Penny Simpson

All that Glitters, is it Gold?
Richard Wilson CEnv MIEEM

Designing a System to Secure Ecological Sustainability
Roger Morris CEnv FIEEM

Exposing, Exploring and Navigating the Built and Natural Environment Divide in Public Policy and Planning
Alister Scott

The Biodiversity Planning Toolkit
Andrew Williams, Mike Oxford MIEEM, Ann Skinner

EcIAs: The Spirit Versus the Letter of the Law?
Katherine Drayson, Stewart Thompson MIEEM

Using BREEAM Assessments to Deliver Benefits for Urban Wildlife
David Smith MIEEM, John Day

Backlash Against Bats?
Johnny Birks MIEEM, Lisa Kerslake CEnv MIEEM, Richard Crompton CEnv MIEEM, Lisa Hundt

Ecology Legal Update
Penny Simpson




Floodplain Meadows in Great Britain: Building the Evidence Base for Restoration
Emma Rothero, Richard Jefferson FIEEM and David Gowing

Species-Rich Grassland Restoration on the River Nene, Northamptonshire, UK
Robin Field MIEEM and Sarah Still

A Model to Predict Wildlife Site Sensitivity to Visitor Pressure
Heather Webb

Ecologists as Farm Advisors: Using Knowledge and Skills Gained on the Job
Amy Proctor, Jeremy Phillipson, Philip Lowe and Andrew Donaldson

Monitoring the Use of Badger Tunnels on Highways Agency Schemes
Bonnie Eldridge MIEEM and Jules Wynn MIEEM

Accessing Biodiversity Data for Desk Studies
Paula Lightfoot

The Importance of Data Sharing... A Consultant's View
Lisa Kerslake CEnv MIEEM

Bats and Hedgerows - Are Bat Surveyors on the Right Track?
Phil Richardson

IEEM Autumn Conference 2011: Rebuilding Biodiversity
Becky May AIEEM

IEEM Tony Bradshaw Best Practice Awards 2011
Jason Reeves AIEEM

Five Year Review of the Institute's Disciplinary Process
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM and Mick Hall CEnv MIEEM

Ecological Skills Project - An Update
Sally Hayns

Working Towards our Royal Charter - An Update from the President
Penny Anderson CEnv FIEEM

Review of IEEM's Governance Structures and Processes
Robin Buxton CEnv FIEEM




A Deeper Shade of Green: The Case for Trees and Woods in Green Infrastructure
Sian Atkinson

Irish Forest Biodiversity Research: New Knowledge from the Canopy
Sandra Irwin

Deadwood: Importance and Management
Chris Cathrine MIEEM and Andy Amphlett

How Forest Product Markets Deliver Woodland Biodiversity
Mariska van der Linden

In Pursuit of the Truth About Coppice Woodland Management in the South East
Debbie Bartlett CEnv FIEEM

The New LISS/CSCS Skills Card - One Card Does It All
Denise Ewbank

What is an Ecologist/Environmental Manager? How Do Students and Other Professions See Us?
Peter Glaves MIEEM

Closing the Gap: Making the Case for Investment in Ecological Skills
Max Wade CEnv FIEEM

IEEM Summer Conference 2011: Biodiversity and the Big Society
Becky May AIEEM

IEEM Medal Awarded to Pavan Sukhdev at the House of Lords
Jason Reeves AIEEM

Competencies for Species Survey
Jessica Batchelor GradIEEM

Professional Guidance Series
Jessica Batchelor GradIEEM

Jason Reeves AIEEM

All Party Parliamentary Group
Jason Reeves AIEEM

CIRIA Working With Wildlife
Jason Reeves AIEEM

RTPI Planning Convention
Jason Reeves AIEEM




The Age of Aliens
Paul Roebuck

Invasive Weeds
Mark Prout

Dikerogammarus villosus
Drew Constable MIEEM and Nina J Fielding MIEEM

The Myths of Japanese Knotweed
Maxime Jay

Science for Action
Helen R Bayliss and Nicola P Randall

Recording Invasives Species Counts
Helen Roy

The Habitats Directive
Roger Morris CEnv FIEEM

The South Humber Gateway
Darren Clarke and Will Brown MIEEM

Are Dormice Out of the Woods?
Ian White

Roman Snail
Heather Mansfield MIEEM

Member's Comment: Spending Cuts
Martyn Kelly CEnv FIEEM

Spring Conference 2011: Invasive Species
Nick Jackson AIEEM

Living With Environmental Change Partnership
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM

Wetlands Matter
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM

Sally Hayns

EcIA Guidelines
Jessica Batchelor

Marine Protected Areas
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM

IEEM's Strategic Plan 2011-2015
Sally Hayns




Delivering Environmental Objectives with the Environmental Stewardship Scheme in England
David Burton MIEEM, James Phillips, Phil Grice, Dawn Metcalf and Ross Evans

Ecology and Agri-Environment
Chloe Palmer MIEEM

Catchment-Scale Flood Storage and Wetland Restoration: A Programme of Rural Works in Northumberland
Anne Lewis, Elizabeth Bunting, Maria Hardy CEnv MIEEM and Alistair Laverty MIEEM

Evidence-Based Conservation on Farmland - Making it Possible
Lynn Dicks and William J Sutherland

The East of England Wildlife Site Project: Helping get Local Wildlife Sites into Higher Level Stewardship
Nick Carter FIEEM

Sustaining High Nature Value Farming Systems: Lessons from the West of Ireland
George F Smith MIEEM, Paul O'Donoghue CEnv MIEEM and Cliona O'Brien

Monitoring the Restoration of Hay Meadows under Environmental Stewardship
Leslie Williams CEnv MIEEM and Simon Mercer

Is 'The Crop Protection Industry' Creating Another Silent Spring?
David Barker MIEEM and Ruth Barker

Reassessing Habitat Translocation as a Tool for Delivering New Nature Conservation Priorities and for Conserving Ecological Resources
John Box CEnv FIEEM

Ecology Legislation Update
Penny Simpson

An Alternative Method for Catching and Surveying Newts
David Dewsbury

Offsets for Species in the UK Planning Context: A Possible Methodology
Larry Burrows MIEEM, Bill Butcher MIEEM and Jo Treweek CEnv MIEEM

Guidelines for Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
Ben Benatt CEnv MIEEM

Competencies for Species Survey
Simon Kain

Collaborative Awards in Science and Engineering (CASE) Studentships
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM




New Maps of Reality
Morgan Parry

European Biodiversity Indicators
Alan Feest MIEEM

The Future of European Funding for Nature and Biodiversity
John Houston CEnv MIEEM

Biodiversity Offsets: Testing a Possible Method for Measuring Biodiversity Losses and Gains at Bardon Hill Quarry, UK
Helen Temple, Bob Edmonds CEnv MIEEM, Bill Butcher MIEEM and Jo Treweek CEnv MIEEM

The Olympic Park - A Biodiversity Action Plan in Action
Claire Wansbury CEnv MIEEM and Richard Jackson

Delivering Wetland Biodiversity in the London 2012 Olympic Park
Ian Morrissey MIEEM and Mike Vaughan

Otters in Scotland: How Vulnerable Are They to Disturbance?
Sarah Bassett MIEEM and Jules Wynn MIEEM

Valuing Bats in Ecological Impact Assessment
Stephanie Wray CEnv FIEEM, David Wells CEnv MIEEM, Emma Long MIEEM and Tony Mitchell-Jones MIEEM

Where is All the Data Going?
Roy Tapping

Where is All the Data Going? An Extra View
Andy Tasker CEnv MIEEM

Shaping the Future of the Profession: Ecology and Environmental Management in the 21st Century Technical Workshop, February 2011
Rebecca Freeman

Continuing Professional Development
Nick Jackson AIEEM

IEEM Marine Conference 2010: Ecological Issues in the Marine Environment
Laura Wilson

Biodiversity Beyond 2010: Missed Targets, New Opportunities - 2010 Annual Conference Report
Nick Jackson AIEEM

Tony Bradshaw Best Practice Awards
Jason Reeves AIEEM

Working Towards Our Royal Charter - An Update
Sally Hayns




The Certainty of Uncertainty: Developing Adaptation Strategies to Reduce Environmental, Social and Economic Impacts of Climate Change at the Coast
Jeremy Hills CEnv MIEEM, Niall Benson, Maeve Lee, Martin Le Tissier MIEEM and Hester Whyte

Sediment - The Coastal Environment's Overlooked Asset
Roger Morris CEnv FIEEM

Sand Dune and Shingle Network
Paul Rooney CEnv MIEEM and John Houston CEnv MIEEM

Developing a Grasp of European Eel Conservation
Veronica Lawrie CEnv MIEEM

Cord-Grass Planthopper Prokelisia marginata (Hemiptera: Delphacidae) Sweeps into Kent
John Badmin and Tony Witts

Batpods - A Method for Monitoring Bat Activity Along Linear Features
Barry Wright MIEEM and Nicola Darwin AIEEM

Habitat Suitability Index Scores as an Indicator of the Presence of Great Crested Newts
Catherine Sellars AIEEM

Getting Mitigation Right for Hen Harriers: Hen Harrier Circus cyaneus Mitigation at Knockacummer Wind Farm Development - A Case Study
Howard Williams CEnv MIEEM, Chris Cullen AIEEM and Stephanie Murphy MIEEM

Biodiversity Offsets: Possible Methods for Measuring Biodiversity Losses and Gains for Use in the UK
Jo Treweek CEnv MIEEM, Bill Butcher MIEEM and Helen Temple

Ecology Legal Update - The Court of Appeal on the 'Morge' Case: A Further Update
Penny Simpson

IEEM Membership Survey 2010
Jason Reeves AIEEM

Awards Evening Report
Jason Reeves AIEEM




Ecosystem Services: From Theory to Application
Stewart Clarke

The Economic Value of Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services
John Box CEnv FIEEM

Valuing Ecosystem Services
Bruce Howard

Valuing and Using Ecosystem Services in Practice: Findings from the East of England Pilot Studies
Peter Glaves MIEEM and Dave Egan

Invertebrates and EcosystemServices: The Oil in the EcologicaL Machine
Chris Cathrine MIEEM

The Value of Nature and the Nature of Value: A Personal View
Nigel Cooper CEnv MIEEM

Unleashing the 'Undead'? - The Relationship between Biotic and Abiotic Features and Processes in Ecosystem Services
Kate Jeffreys CEnv MIEEM, Teresa Fenn and Andy King MIEEM

A Functional Wetland Typology for Scotland
Lorna Harris MIEEM and Helen Simcox AIEEM

Standing Advice and Protected Species - Natural England's New National Approach
Helen Lancaster MIEEM

How Minerals Site Restoration Can Help Deliver the UK PondHAP
Madeleine Ryan MIEEM and Pascale Nicolet

Letter from Member - A Year On: Observations on the 2009 Cheshire Habitats Regulations Judgement
Greg Carson CEnv MIEEM

Ecology Legal Update: Further Important Case law for European Protected Species; and the New Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010
Penny Simpson

IEEM Spring Conference 2010:Ecosystem Services
Nick Jackson AIEEM

Greetings from the New CEO
Sally Hayns

New Horizons for IEEM
Jim Thompson HonFSE CEnv FIEEM




Biomonitoring of Air Pollution with Plants - A Regulatory Tool of the Future?
Nigel Bell CEnv FIEEM and Linda Davies MIEEM

The Recall of the Wild - WhatEU Legislation Means for UK Water Standards
Pam Gilder

Tidal Energy Barrages - What Can Geomorphological Analogues Tell Us About Their Likely Impact?
Roger Morris CEnv FIEEM

Lichens, Bryophytes and Developments - Some Guidelines for Ecological Assessments
Andy Acton

A Review of Two Years Following the BCT Tree Survey Guidelines
Jess Colebrook CEnv MIEEM and Bob Edmonds CEnv MIEEM

Planning and Protected Species - Letter of Concern

The New Marine Planning System

The Copenhagen Accord - Seeing REDD

IEEM and Natur Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Inter Academy Panel Conference on Biodiversity

Jason Reeves AIEEM




Protected Areas: An Overview
Roger Crofts FIEEM

A Shared Inheritance and a Common Future for Europe's Protected Areas
Morwenna Parkyn

Progress in the Establishment of a Marine Protected Area Network in the Black Sea
Paul Goriup CEnv FIEEM

County Wildlife Sites: The Gold That Links the Jewels!
Alastair Ross CEnv MIEEM

North Sea Marine Protected Area Project
Kirsten Smith

Getting a Design Right for Lesser Horseshoe Bats - Experience from the A487 Porthmadog, Minfford and Tremadog Bypass
Richard Green CEnv MIEEM and Len Wyatt CEnv MIEEM

Helping to Keep the Heart of Europe Beating
Wilf Fenten

Could Conservation Credits Threaten 'Ecourbanism'?
Lincoln Garland CEnv MIEEM and Mike Wells CEnv MIEEM

Site Mitigation for Barn Owls - A Case Study
Colin Shawyer MIEEM and Mary Holmes MIEEM

Ecology Legal Update
Penny Simpson

2009 Annual Conference Report - Protected Areas: Past, Present and Prospects
Nick Jackson AIEEM

IEEM/FBA Conference Report - The Future of Freshwaters
Michael Dobson

2010 Paper Launched in Parliament
Ceri Margerison and Jason Reeves AIEEM

International Year of Biodiversity 2010
Jason Reeves AIEEM




Why Should Learned Societies and Professional Bodies Worry About Science Education?
Karen Devine

Becoming a Botanist?
Clare O'Reilly MIEEM

Project LEMUR: Training the Next Generation of Wildlife Professionals
Phil Burton

Ecological Skills Training: A Provider Perspective
Petra Billings MIEEM

Natural Talent
Joanne Mould

The European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy - Training the Next Generation of Taxonomists
Isabella Van de Velde and Thierry Backeljau

Is the Time Right to Move to a Membership Exam?
Steve Pullan CEnv FIEEM

A Practical Introduction to GIS in Ecology
Ben Fisher

Biodiversity Data, Informatics and Ecologists - The e-Biosphere 09 Conference
Debbie Bartlett MIEEM and Tony Witts

A Method for Assessing Water Vole Habitat Suitability
Jane Harris CEnv MIEEM, Helen Markwell CEnv MIEEM and Ben Raybould

New Badger Guidance from Natural England
Charles J Wilson

Continuing Professional Development
Nick Jackson AIEEM

Professor John Rodwell Awarded the IEEM Medal




Wildlife Crime - Can Prosecutions Achieve Anything Useful?
Nicholas Crampton

CITES and International Wildlife Crime
Colman O Criodain

Picking Bluebells and Blackberries: Plant Crime Fact and Fiction
Clare O'Reilly MIEEM

Fatal Attraction - Illegal Poisoning of Animals in Scotland
Michael J Taylor and Elizabeth A Sharp

Bats and Onshore Wind Farms: Site-by-Site Assessment and Post-Construction Monitoring Protocols
Chris Cathrine AIEEM and Stuart Spray MIEEM

Adder's-Tongue: A 13 Year Translocation Story
Karl Crowther CEnv MIEEM, Adrian Bliss CEnv MIEEM and
Paul Smith CEnv MIEEM

Marnel Park - Accommodating Great Crested Newts within a Residential Development
Louise Redgrave CEnv MIEEM

Cetaceans on Yorkshire Rivers - A Lesson in Ecological Recording
Martin Fuller MIEEM

An Approach Towards the Valuation of Species - A Retrospective View?
Rodney Helliwell MIEEM

The Natural Capital Initiative

Natural England Standing Advice for Protected Species and Ancient Woodland

Sue Beale

Ecology Legal Update
Penny Simpson

IEEM Spring Conference 2009: Wildlife Crime
Nick Jackson AIEEM



Protecting European Sites in the British Territories of Cyprus
Ian Davidson-Watts MIEEM and Emma Toovey MIEEM

Opting for Long-Term Sustainable Development
Wilf Fenten

Countdown 2010 - Together for the 2010 Biodiversity Target!
Liza Drius

Building On Bog?
Graham Burt-Smith CEnv MIEEM and Clare O'Reilly MIEEM

Roads and Otters in the UK
Robert Jones Parry MIEEM and Elizabeth Chadwick

Darwin - Gentleman, Amateur, Genius
Stephanie Wray CEnv FIEEM

Using Field Signs to Identify Water Voles - Are We Getting It Wrong?
Kate Ryland CEnv MIEEM and Barry Kemp AIEEM

Regulation of Standards in Environmental Mitigation Associated with Development
David Hill CEnv FIEEM

EPS Licensing Update from Natural England
Edel McGurk

West Thurrock Case Puts Biodiversity Planning Issues in the Dock
Jamie Roberts

1st International Symposium on Bat Migration, Berlin 2009
Katia Bresso CEnv MIEEM



Mitigation Banking: Securing No Net Loss for Biodiversity?
William Latimer CEnv MIEEM and David Hill CEnv FIEEM

Large Scale Mitigation: A Case Study Using Water Voles
Helen Markwell CEnv MIEEM

Site Mitigation for Invertebrates
Alex Ramsay MIEEM

Mitigating Urban Pressures on Natura 2000 Heathlands in Dorset
Heather Tidball MIEEM and Phil Sterling

Can Non-Intrusive Geo-Physical Techniques Assist in Mapping Setts of the Eurasian Badger
P O'Donoghue CEnv MIEEM, L Dolan, P D Dansie MIEEM and I Sharkey

Understanding the Habitats Directive: Appropriate Assessment -What is it and what is 'appropriate'?
Roger Morris CEnv FIEEM

Survey Guidance for Assessing Bat Activity at Proposed On-Shore Wind Farms
James Cook MIEEM, Andrew McCarthy CEnv MIEEM, Stephen Holloway CEnv MIEEM and Gary Oliver CEnv MIEEM

Neglected Biodiversity: Mosses, Liverworts and Ecological Impact Assessment
Des A Callaghan MIEEM

Restoration Network Ireland
Catherine A Farell MIEEM

Autumn Conference Report
Nick Jackson AIEEM

The IEEM Medal: Citation for Professor Charles Gimingham
Pat Rae CEnv MIEEM and Una Urquhart CEnv FIEEM

Best Practice Awards 2008

Ecological Skills Gap Project

IUCN World Conservation Congress

New Fellows

Tony Bradshaw Obituary

David Parker CEnv MIEEM



Irrigation Development and Environmental Sustainability in Sri Lanka
Upali Senarath Imbulana

Environmental Assessments in Sri Lanka - Points to Ponder
Don Anura Jayantha Ranwala

Aspects of Environmental Management in the Construction of the Southern Highway
Dithya Kumara Angammana

The Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand Ecology Group
Simon Mustoe MIEEM

An Innovative Transport System for the Firth of Forth, Scotland
Gayle Pearson Boyle CEnv MIEEM

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sabellaria?
Jane Lancaster and Anne Savage

Forest Research and its Ecological Work
Hugh Williams

Natural England Response to Cameron Crook and Hugh Watson
Jo Oldaker

Working Towards A Consistent Approach to Bat Licence Training
Louise Mapstone CEnv MIEEM

EcIA Questions and Answers
IEEM EcIA Technical Group

EcIA Practitioners' Seminar
John Box CEnv FIEEM, Richard Knightbridge CEnv MIEEM, Gemma Langdon-Saunders and Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM

CPD Returns
Eirene Williams CEnv MIEEM

IEEM Summer Conference Report
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM

Moving to an Ecological Economy 
Sir John Harman



Economics, Business and Biodiversity - Can Ecology Help?
Paul Goriup CEnv FIEEM

Environmental and Nature Conservation Economic Impacts
Ian D. Rotherham CEnv MIEEM

ComCoast: Socio-Economic Assessment of Multifunctional Coastal Schemes
Ian Bliss

Countryside Survey: The Largest Ever 'Audit' of the UK's Natural Resources Nears Completion
Paul Mahony

The Scottish Wildcat Survey 2006-2008
Adrian Davis MIEEM

Protecting Species and Maximising Biodiversity Gain: Making Sense of the New Regulations
Catriona Carlin

Bringing Aggregates Sites to Life
Andrew Whitehouse

Great Crested Newts and Their Protection: Are We Getting It All Wrong?
Hugh Watson CEnv MIEEM

What Kind of Profession Is This?
Cameron S Crook MIEEM

The Environmental Sector: Fact v Fiction
Nick Jackson AIEEM

IEEM Spring Conference 2008
Nick Jackson AIEEM



The Co-Evolution of Ecological Practice and Employment Opportunities in Engineering and Environmental Consultancies in Ireland
Paul O'Donoghue CEnv MIEEM

The Current Status of Habitat and Species Conservation in Northern Ireland
James Robinson

Integrating Nature Conservation and Military Training in Northern Ireland

Sarah Jupp CEnv

Little Egret Expansion in Ireland: Cork - A Case Study
Paul O'Donoghue CEnv MIEEM and Patrick Smiddy

The Habitats Directive and Sewage Treatment Upgrades in the Republic of Ireland
Emma Leacroft CEnv, Hugh Watson CEnv MIEEM and Jo Mosley CEnv MIEEM

White-Clawed Crayfish: Use of Drainage Ditches
Paul O'Donoghue CEnv MIEEM, Ross Macklin and Paul Dansie CEnv MIEEM

The Internation Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management?
Richard Nairn CEnv FIEEM

Healing the Sea - The Role of Marine Reserves
Lisa Chilton

Lyme Disease - Mountain or Molehill?
Cathy Mordaunt CEnv MIEEM

Are the New EIA (Agriculture) Regulations in England Failing to Protect Semi-Natural Grasslands?
Miles King MIEEM, Lucy Rothstein and Ian Craft MIEEM

Best Practice for the Identification and the Assessment of UK BAP Priority Ponds
Jim Fairclough MIEEM and Pascale Nicolet



Environmental Stewardship: From Disfunction to Connectivity
Roger Crofts

The Natura 2000 Network: The First 15 Years
John Houston CEnv MIEEM

Nodes in Green Networks: Local Nature Reserves for Local People across the UK
John Box CEnv FIEEM, Steve Berry, Peter Cush, Ian Angus and Pete Frost

The Forest Habitat Network Grant Scheme: The Wiki-Way in the Scottish Highlands
Phil Baarda CEnv MIEEM

Brownfields, Greengrids and Invertebrate Biodiversity
Greg Hitchcock and Jane Ellis

Mapping Britain and Ireland's Birds: The 2007-2011 Bird Atlas Project
Bob Swann

New Species Protection Legislation: Opportunities and Risks for Consultant Ecologists
Penny Simpson

IEEM Annual Conference Report
Nick Jackson AIEEM

Developments in the Ecological Profession: Membership Survey 2007
Jason Reeves AIEEM



Biosphere Reserves in Scotland - A Lost Cause?
Brigitte Geddes

The Species Action Framework - Managing Key Species in Scotland
Martin Gaywood

The Cairn Gorm Monitoring Scheme
Cathy Mordaunt CEnv MIEEM

Progression into the Profession
Anonymous Student Member

IEEM Awards Evening
Jason Reeves AIEEM

Scrutiny and Standards
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM

Wildlife Crimes and Misdemeanours: Is There a Case for Blowing the Whistle
Lisa Kerslake MIEEM

Letter to the Editor - A Response to 'The Skills Project'
Sue Bell CEnv MIEEM



Rapid Dead Wood Habitat Assessment
David Hubble CEnv MIEEM and David Hurst MIEEM

Large-Scale NVC Mapping in Complex Vegetation
Richard Carter CEnv MIEEM

Local Wildlife Sites in West Lancashire - Promoting Best Practice
Claire Cornish CEnv MIEEM, Jeremy James CEnv MIEEM and Midge Kelly

Mapping Plant Distribution for Conservation Monitoring
Adrian Yallop MIEEM and J. Thacker

Using Wildlife Data from the NBN
Mandy Henshall

Letter to the Editor - The Skills Project
Chloe Delgery AIEEM

IEEM Spring Conference 2007
Nick Jackson AIEEM



Sand Dune and Shingle Network
Paul Rooney CEnv MIEEM and John Houston CEnv MIEEM

Life on the Edge - Conserving Coastal Soft Cliffs
Andrew Whitehouse

Involving Stakeholders in Coastal Biodiversity Action - Coastal Futures: Humber Community Project
Emma Jasper

Delivering BAP Locally - Marine and Coast
Cheryl Marriott MIEEM

Raising Awareness of UK Marine Biodiversity
Angus Bloomfield

Coastal Management Issues in the Republic of Ireland
Richard Nairn CEnv MIEEM

Coastal Issues on the Isle of Wight
Louise Forder AIEEM

Obstacles to Independence - the Case of MMOs in the Offshore Seismic Industry
Simon Mustoe MIEEM

Marine and Coastal Ecological Impact Assessment Guidelines
Roger Morris CEnv MIEEM

Letter Concerning Biological Records Centres
Iain Bray AIEEM



Myths and Legends in the Miasma of Climate Change
Peter Bridgewater CEnv FIEEM

Cardiff Climate Change Conference Report
Nick Jackson AIEEM

Cardiff Conference Ministerial Address
Tamsin Dunwoody

Managing Wales’s Water
David Lloyd Owen CEnv MIEEM

Wetlands for Wales
Richard Farmer CEnv MIEEM

Renewable Energy - Ecological Implications for Wales
Mick Green CEnv MIEEM

Sir David Attenborough Awarded the IEEM Medal
Jason Reeves AIEEM

Countryside Management Association Conference Report
Jason Reeves AIEEM



Ecological Networks in Cheshire
Alun Evans MIEEM, Ian Marshall and Mike Wellman

EcIA Guidelines Launch Conference
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM

Evidence-Based Conservation

William J. Sutherland

Managing Species-Rich Grasslands
Robert S. Shiel

Mapping Irish Grasslands from Space
Grace O'Donovan

Advice for Young Ecologists
Claire Wansbury

A Risky Business
Martin Jackson

An Agenda for Urban Biodiversity
John Box CEnv MIEEM and George Barker

Curry and Conservation
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM

Double Award for MAGical Meadows
Jason Reeves AIEEM

ECCB 2006
Jim Thompson CEnv MIEEM and Jason Reeves AIEEM



The Farm Environment Plan: A Call for Surveyors
Tom Keatley CEnv MIEEM

Applying a Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) to Assist Site Managemnent Objectives for the Great Crested Newt
Dorian Latham CEnv MIEEM

The Gateway to UK Biodiversity Information
Mandy Henshall

Shaping the Future of the Cairngorms National Park
Murray Ferguson MIEEM

Go Native Awards: Judging the Grassland Category
Eirene Williams CEnv MIEEM

Transport Issues - Implications for Ecological Practice: IEEM Conference Report
Nick Jackson AIEEM



Will Planning Policy Statement 9 make a Significant Contribution to Sustainable Development?
Lincoln Garland MIEEM and Mike Wells CEnv MIEEM

Ecological Networks
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM

A New Road to Travel
Michael Starrett

Records - Two Sides to the Story
Jacqui Green CEnv MIEEM and Nicky Green CEnv MIEEM



A View from Oregon
Robert Sallinger

Presidents Report
Chris Spray MIEEM

EURECOL: The 10th European Ecological Congress
Jim Thompson CEnv MIEEM

Bournemouth Conference Report
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM, Nick Jackson AIEEM and Jason Reeves



An Introduction to the new IEEM Guidleines for Ecological Impact Assessment
John Box FIEEM, Helen Byron MIEEM, Karen Colebourn MIEEM, Nic French MIEEM, Mick Hall MIEEM, Mike Oxford MIEEM, Jo Treweek MIEEM and Mike Wells MIEEM

A Canadian Experience in Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation
Mark Stagg MIEEM

Countryside Quality Councts : Tracking Change in the English Landscape
Paul Mahoney

Environmental Conservation in Forgotten Parts of the UK's Territory
Mike Pienkowski MIEEM



Dormice on Verges
Lincoln Garland MIEEM and Michael Woods CEnv MIEEM

What are the Consequences of our Non-Enforcement Culture?
Alison Fure MIEEM

The World Conservation Union in Europe
Andrew Terry

Strategic to Specific - IEEM Conference Report
Nick Jackson AIEEM and Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM



Deer Vehicle Collisions in Britain - A Nationwide Issue
Jochen Langbein MIEEM and Rory Putwain

A Case Study of a GCN Mitigation Project
Saffra Kelley CEnv MIEEM

CITES, Ecology and Environment
David Morgan MIEEM

Basking Sharks in the UK
Joana Doyle and Jean-Luc Solandt

IEEM in Ireland
Peter Marsden MIEEM



Mitigating Circumstances: What will we leave behind?
David Hill FIEEM

Professional Ecologists in Ireland
Richard Nairn MIEEM and Karl Partridge MIEEM

IEEM Scottish Section Open Day Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Scotland
Sally Monks MIEEM

Southport Conference Report
Paul Rooney MIEEM and Pam Nolan MIEEM

Third World Conservation Congress, Bangkok
Jim Thompson CEnv MIEEM

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Nick Jackson AIEEM



Chartered at Last
Tim Bines CEnv MIEEM and Jim Thompson CEnv MIEEM

Putting compensation in its place. New Ports and Article 6(4) of the Habitats Directive
Benjamin Rosedale

Mangrove Forest & Wild Tiger Ecology: Conservation implications
Muhammed Ali Ashraf

Measuring Biodiversity – The Wildlife Trusts’ Biodiversity Benchmark
Andy Tasker MIEEM and James Calow MIEEM



Society For the Environment
Alex Tait MIEEM

Capturing Carbon and Conserving Biodiversity
Ian Swingland

Ecology and Remote Sensing “Bridging the Gap”
Crona O’Shea AIEEM



A Future for White-clawed Crayfish?
Paul Bradley MIEEM

The Palace Leas Hay plots
Steve Pullan MIEEM

Biodiversity by any other name…would NOT smell as sweet
Tim Kitchen

Birds in New Urban Residential Developments
Katharine Land



Applying Science in the Uplands Robert Marrs FIEEM

Environment, Weather & Climate Information in the Financial Services Sector Monica Hale FIEEM

Ramsar: a Convention from the Past, for the Future Peter Bridgewater MIEEM and Sebastiàn Semene Guitart



Mid Term Review of the CAP
Will Manley MIEEM

Reedbed and Fen Creation on Old Mineral Sites
Stephanie Greshon MIEEM

The 5th World Parks Congress, Durban
Jim Thompson MIEEM



On the Front Line: From the Urban Eye of the Voluntary Sector
Mathew Frith MIEEM

Reedbeds – An Ecological Solution for failing CSOs
Iris de Jongh MIEEM



The Water Framework Directive
Martyn Kelly MIEEM

Aerial Photography for Environmental Assessment
John Ball AIEEM

Bat Friendly Demolition Procedures
Alison Fure MIEEM



Sustainable Cities
David Goode FIEEM

The CROW Act
David Arnold Forster



Birds and Water
David Hill FIEEM

Ecological Benefits of SUDS
Iris de Jongh MIEEM

The end of GCN licensing as we know it?
Andrew Baker MIEEM



Building a Picture of the UK’s Biodiversity
Bill Butcher MIEEM

Developing Professional Practice
Peter Shepherd MIEEM and Jacqui Green MIEEM



The Kennet and Avon Canal
Oda Dijksterhuis MIEEM and Viv Phillips MIEEM

Deconstructing EU Legislation
Greg Carson MIEEM



International Wetlands- Ecology on the front line – Fellows Lecture
Phillip J Edwards FIEEM

Sustainability in London
Ken Livingstone

Amphibian Pitfall Trapping at a site in Newhaven, East Sussex
Barry Kemp



Presidential Views
Tony Bradshaw, David Goode, David Parker,
David Hill

Rarity on the Roof – Brownfield Sites
Mike Wells MIEEM



Landlife and the National Wildflower Centre
Grant Luscombe MIEEM and Richard Scott MIEEM

Plant Conservation at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Peter Crane FRS and Eimear Nic Lughadha



The New Frontier - Ecological management in Eastern Europe
Paul Goriup FIEEM

Co-operating with European local authorities on nature conservation issues
Martin Cahn MIEEM



Marine Ecology and the Habitats Directive:
European Marine Sites around the Isle of Wight
Gareth Lewis and Mike Barker MIEEM

Update on EcIA Guidelines
Karen Regini, MIEEM



Guidelines for Ecological Evaluation and Impact Assessment
Karen Regini MIEEM

Biodiversity and the Natural History Museum
Antony Weir