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Bat Mitigation Strategies Research Project

CIEEM is currently working with Professor Fiona Mathews and Dr Paul Lintott at the University of Exeter to undertake research into the effectiveness of common mitigation strategies used to protect bat populations impacted, or likely to be impacted, during development in the UK and Ireland.

Noctule bat


Pipistrelle bat

 Why this research?

Mitigation is commonly used in the UK and Ireland as part of the development process in order to manage adverse impacts on bats. Cumulatively it accounts for a significant proportion of development costs associated with protecting European Protected Species. However, there is little published research evidence on the outcomes of commonly used mitigation strategies to help guide the developer, planning authority or consultant ecologist and to ensure that the proposed solutions are likely to be effective and proportionate.


The approach

The desk-based research project will gather evidence on past projects focussing on:

  • Provision of roosting space internally
  • Provision of roosting space externally
  • Alterations to bat roost entrances/exits
  • Minimising the illumination of bat roosts, access points and flight paths

The data will provide different, but complementary, supporting evidence as to the effectiveness of mitigation strategies.

Brown long-eared bat


The outputs

The outcome of the research phase of the project will be an evidence report with recommendations. CIEEM will then use this as the basis for a new guidance document on effective bat mitigation strategies for the UK and Ireland.


Can you help with funding?

We are still seeking funding for this project. If you would like to make a donation and help make this research project a success please ring John Gordon on 01962 868626.

Alternatively, if your company or organisation is interested in being a sponsor we have a number of sponsorship packages available. Please email Sally Hayns at for further information.

Thank you to our current sponsors.