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Benefits of Accreditation

 Benefits of Accreditation to HEIs

  • Entitled to use the CIEEM accredited degree logo on your website and other marketing materials
  • Receive a certificate of accreditation
  • Students on accredited courses will be entitled to discounted membership
  • Develop links with CIEEM local member network group
  • Receive quarterly e-newsletters with up to date Information on what's going on in CIEEM
  • Accredited degrees will be highlighted on the institute's website and in our careers Information
  • CIEEM will endeavour, where requested, to assist accredited degree programme leaders in establishing new links with leading practitioners within the profession

Benefits to students

Studying a CIEEM-accredited degree or degree pathway has a number of benefits for current and potential students:

  • CIEEM accreditation is built on feedback from employers as to what applicants for graduate roles need to know and be able to do.
  • The course content and achievement of key learning outcomes has been rigorously assessed for quality and relevance.
  • Students taking accredited degrees or degree pathways are eligible for discounted student membership of CIEEM.
  • During their course students will have the opportunity to attend relevant CIEEM events, meet practising ecologists and environmental managers and access careers advice from ‘typical employers within the sector.
  • Students that have successfully completed an accredited degree or degree pathway* will be eligible for Graduate membership of CIEEM and use of the letters ‘Grad CIEEM’ after their name.

* Provided they have taken the required pathway combination of core and optional modules.



"I like that my course is CIEEM accredited because it proves to employers that I have been trained in the theory and practical side of environmental conservation"

(University of Greenwich, MSc Environmental Conservation)


Matthew Bursnell

“Choosing a CIEEM accredited degree assured me of the quality

of education that I would receive and that future employers

would recognise this as well. “

(Nottingham Trent University, BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences (Ecology and Environmental Management)





 "This is the only course that I would get up at 4am to travel 200 miles each way for and still have a smile on my face "

(University of Greenwich, MSc Environmental Conservation)