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Biodiversity within the seabed: species and the services they provide

10 July 2015, Caldy

Katherine Allen MCIEEM, North West England Committee

Dave Clare of University of Liverpool led members of the NW Section along the coastline of the Dee Estuary, and discussed his PhD research on the ecological functions performed by life within the sediment.

The site is part of the Dee Estuary Special Protection Area (SPA); one of the most important areas in Europe for populations of waders and wildfowl. The animals that inhabit the seabed provide a vital source of food for these birds, while their feeding and burrowing activities help to decompose organic waste and regenerate nutrients into the water column.

We were provided with shovels and buckets to discover the variety of life in the sediment ourselves, and Dave knowledgeably explained the functions performed by various species and their roles in the wider ecosystem. The weather was glorious and a good time was had by all.





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