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Chartered Ecologist

About the Register of Chartered Ecologists

The Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) has established the Register of Chartered Ecologists under powers conferred by the granting of a Royal Charter on 1 April 2013. The Register recognises the effective application of knowledge and understanding of the science of ecology by professionals. This can include ecologists, paid or unpaid, active in a professional manner and using their knowledge, experience and understanding to advance ecological understanding and practice, who are committed to the highest standards of practice.

What is a Chartered Ecologist?

Chartered Ecologists are active professionals who use their knowledge, experience and influence to promote and advance ecology as an applied discipline. They may work or have worked in local or national government, consultancy, the voluntary sector, statutory agencies, industry or academia but they are united by three common characteristics:

  1. Their advice and practice is based on a fundamental understanding of ecology and the critical evaluation of scientific evidence.
  2. They work in accordance with high standards of professional conduct; and
  3. They can communicate complex ecological concepts and ideas confidently and effectively to a wide range of audiences.

As our natural environment faces ever-increasing pressures and threats there are signs that society is starting to recognise and value the vital life support, provisioning, regulating and cultural services it provides. Chartered Ecologists, in the many different guises that they may be found, are at the forefront of work to protect and enhance the natural environment and to safeguard, manage and restore these services for the benefit of nature and society.

Before joining the Register, applicant Chartered Ecologists will be rigorously assessed to ensure that they are fully competent and confident practitioners. Registrants will be periodically re-assessed to ensure that they have maintained the high level of competence required.

Chartered Ecologists will be identified by the post-nominal letters ‘CEcol’.  Find out what achieving Chartered Ecologist status means to the Registrants.

Who can apply?

Admission to the Register of Chartered Ecologists is now open to the following practitioners:

  • Fellows or Full members of CIEEM; and
  • Members of other professional bodies, licensed by CIEEM, such that their members can apply to CIEEM to join the Register.  Details of licensed professional bodies will be listed below as and when a license is granted.

The award of Chartered Ecologist is a higher standard than that of Full membership of CIEEM and so the expectations of competence are higher. All applicants are required to meet the eligibility criteria in order to be assessed for registration.

Should you have any enquiries or queries, please contact the Registration Officer or call 01962 868626.