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Application Process

Your Application

Applying for Chartered Ecologist registration can be done in five steps:

  1. Check you are eligible to apply.
  2. Assess yourself against the Chartered Ecologist Competencies.
  3. Register your interest and request an application form.
  4. Prepare and submit your written application – Stage One assessment.
  5. Prepare for your interview – Stage Two assessment.
  6. Await your results and feedback.



Chartered Ecologist: Guidance for Applicants

Chartered Ecologist: Guidance for Sponsors

Chartered Ecologist: Code of Professional Conduct

Chartered Ecologist: Regulations

Chartered Ecologist: competency evidence examples

Competency Framework

Advice for Applicants from the Chair of the Registration Authority


Your Chartered Ecologist application will be assessed against CIEEM's Competency Framework. The Framework specifies the levels of competence expected of our members at different professional grades and thereby provides a competence-based assessment of membership and Chartered Ecologist eligibility. Further information on the Competency Framework can be found here.


When should I apply?

Please note that the Summer application deadline has been removed and the September application deadline has been put back to the 11th October, to give applicants more time to complete the application. Therefore the next batch deadline after the 30th March is the 11th October 2018.

Dates are set in advance for submission of applications and interviews.  

CEcol Application due date

CEcol Interviews

11/10/2018 w/c 07/01/2019
24/01/2019 w/c 29/04/2019

Please note, these dates are subject to the availability of assessors and may change. 


How long does the process take?

The timetable between receiving your application and admitting you to the Register can vary according to a number of factors including:

  • your application being completed correctly with no queries, missing information or further editing required; 
  • the availability of assessors, who are volunteers;
  • your availability to attend a scheduled Professional Review Interview.

Realistically you should allow four to nine months depending on the volume of applications that we are processing. 

Please note you are not allowed to call yourself a Chartered Ecologist or use the post-nominal ‘CEcol’ until you have received written confirmation from CIEEM. False representation of your status would be a breach of the Chartered Ecologist code of conduct.


How much does it cost?

The payment schedule is broken down into two stages:

Stage 1

£120.00 - Initial assessment fee (including VAT, non-refundable).

PLEASE NOTE: The Stage 1 fee is due with your initial application. If your application is successful, you will be asked if you wish to complete Stage 2. The Stage 2 fee is due upon invitation to a Professional Review Interview (PRI) and must be paid in advance of your interview.

Stage 2

£170.00 - PRI, CEcol Registration Fee, 1st years subscription;
made up of:

£84.00 - Professional Review Interview fee (including VAT, non-refundable).

£86.00 - CEcol registration fee * (VAT exempt, one-off payment and includes your CEcol first annual payment).

Total fee (Stage 1 & 2): £290.00

If you would like to pay application fees in Euros please contact the Registration Officer for more information and latest prices. 

* The CEcol registration fee is refundable should your Professional Review Interview not be successful.

There will be an annual CEcol fee payable to maintain your Chartered Ecologist registration. This fee is currently £58.00. If you are a CIEEM member it will be payable along with your CIEEM membership renewal on the 1st of October each year. If you are not a CIEEM member it will be due on the 1st of October each year. 

Please note, applicants admitted to the Register in July, August or September, are entitled to registration until 30th September of the following year. All subsequent subscriptions are payable annually on 1st October.