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The Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) works to advance the understanding and standards of practice of ecological and environmental management for the benefit of both the natural environment and society.

In a modern world crowded with information, organisations and brands, it is more important than ever before to project a clear and consistent image of CIEEM as a credible organisation.

CIEEM’s members are the heart of the Chartered Institute, and are authorised to use the CIEEM name and logo in certain specified ways.

Who may use the CIEEM logo?

Members can show their affiliation with CIEEM by using the CIEEM logo in addition to their membership suffix (i.e. MCIEEM, ACIEEM etc). In all instances, the correct CIEEM logo must be used and in accordance with the logo rules set out below.

Only current CIEEM members may use the CIEEM logo. When membership of CIEEM ceases, the right to use the logo also ceases.

Where can the CIEEM logo be used?

CIEEM membership is only available at the individual level (i.e. no corporate/organisational membership is currently available). As such, the CIEEM logo can only be used by individuals - no organisational logo use is permitted.


The full version of the logo (i.e. with the full name of CIEEM as part of it) can be used on a member’s website but only on “About Us” and/or “Links” pages. When used on an “About Us” page, the CIEEM logo must only be displayed next to individual staff profiles who are members of the Chartered Institute. When used on a “Links” page, clicking on the CIEEM logo should direct people to the CIEEM website

The logo must not be used on homepages or page templates (therefore being displayed on every page throughout the website) and must only be displayed in the two areas outlined above. If the logo is used on an organisation’s homepage, it could be inferred that CIEEM endorses that organisation, when in fact we only acknowledge the individual employees who are members of the Chartered Institute.

Headed Paper

Use of the CIEEM logo is not permitted on company headed paper, even if the individual is self-employed.

Business Cards

The CIEEM logo can be used on business cards so long as they are specific to that individual and not a general company business card. The logo can be displayed next to (or underneath) the members name along with their CIEEM post nominals. The small version of the CIEEM logo should be used if printing in a small area such as a business card (see sizing information below).

Rules for the Use of the Logo


The colour versions are preferred for CIEEM logo use by members and should be used in colour wherever possible. The CIEEM logo is only available as a complete digital file and should not be altered in any way before use.

Black and White

In cases where the use of the coloured CIEEM logo is not possible, a single colour (black and white) logo may be used. The black and white CIEEM logo is only available as a complete digital file and should not be altered in any way before use.


On dark backgrounds, the white CIEEM logo must be used. The white CIEEM logo is only available as a complete digital file and should not be altered in any way before use.

Background Control

White or plain light backgrounds are the preferred background for the CIEEM logo. On dark backgrounds, the white version of the logo must be used. Backgrounds should not compete with the CIEEM logo, which must always be clearly visible. For busy or patterned backgrounds, the coloured CIEEM logo must be placed in a white or light square, observing the safe area (see below).

Safe Area

The CIEEM logo needs a ‘safe’ area around it in order to maintain its strong visual impact. Whatever the size of the logo, the safe area measurement is equal height of the leaf in the full version and equal to the height of the “CI” from CIEEM when using the smaller version. Where possible, leave more space.

Size and Resolution

For print applications do not use the logo smaller than 10mm in height. Depending upon the application, (e.g. web, printed publication), specific resolutions will be required (low resolution for websites, high resolutions for print). The CIEEM logo in different resolutions can be obtained from the CIEEM Secretariat.

Improper Use

Use of the CIEEM logo is only possible with the permission of CIEEM. Improper use of the logo may result in permission being withdrawn. The following are examples of improper use:

  • Do not change the colours of the logo.
  • Do not break up the CIEEM logo elements (the graphic and the acronym).
  • Do not re-draw any elements of the logo in a solid colour, or fill with an image or pattern.
  • Do not change the thickness or dimensions of the lettering.
  • Do not change the typeface or size of the letters.
  • Do not let other logos overshadow the CIEEM logo; keep the sizes equal.
  • Do not use any previous versions of the ‘IEEM’ name or logo.

Please contact CIEEM's Marketing Officer for any queries and if you would like a full resolution file of the logo.