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Committee Finances

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Member Networks are generally expected to be self-funding and income to cover committee running costs and other activities can be generated through running events and conferences.

1.  What funds can be used for
2.  Charging for Events
3.  Taking payment for events
4.  Claiming Back Expenses
5.  Your committee budget

Also see the Frequently asked Questions page.


1.  What funds can be used for

The Governing Board is very clear that Member Network funds must not be used in a way that conflicts with CIEEM’s income generating activities, including the provision of subsidised training or membership subscriptions.

Member Network funds can be used for:

  • Committee expenses, such as teleconferencing, travel, room hire
  • Event costs, such as speaker expenses, room hire, catering, covering any shortfall for a particular event
  • Exhibition stands at networking/careers events
  • Promotional activities
  • Occasional sponsorship of appropriate student prizes at careers events
  • Subsidised student places at Member Network events

If a Member Network committee has an idea for a more unusual way in which they would like to use their funds then please do discuss it with the Secretariat.

The way that committee funds are used to carry out activities that are in line with your Terms of Reference is a decision for the Convenor / Vice Convenor.

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2.  Charging for events

Member Network events are primarily a benefit of CIEEM membership – an opportunity to network, share knowledge and learn more about the science and practice of our profession.  It is important that there is consistency between committees over charging for events so that we are fair to all of our members.

If your event is free or low-cost to run, attendance may be free of charge (provided you have sufficient funds to cover any shortfall for the event). For other events there will be some cost to attend.  As a general principle, you should aim to cover the cost of running your event, plus a little extra towards other committee running costs.

Some events, such as your Annual Members’ Meeting or a Members’ Social, may be subsidised more heavily (provided you have sufficient committee funds available) and these should be open to members only. 

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3.  Taking payment for events

  • Where the fee is less than £5 this can be collected from delegates on the day in cash. Takings will be credited to your committee budget when received in the CIEEM bank account. For further details on how to deal with event costs and takings, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.   
  • Where the fee is £5 or more, this can be charged via the CIEEM website upon booking.  Takings will be credited to your committee budget the month after the event. For further information on how to deal with event costs and invoicing please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • For larger events and conferences that are run in collaboration between the Member Network committee and Secretariat, any surplus will be split 50:50 between the relevant Member Network budget and the central CIEEM budget to reflect this shared effort.
  • For any costs over £100 a Purchase Order must be raised by emailing the Member Networks Coordinator.  This must be approved and a Purchase Order number issued before the order is placed.

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4.  Claiming back expenses

  • Committee members will generally be able to claim back any costs incurred on committee business, such as travel to events that they are required to attend (such as events they are running, the Annual Convenor’s meeting, or other necessary business). 
  • All committee expenditure should be authorised by the Convenor, Vice Convenor or Treasurer.
  • For details of how to claim back your expenses, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Please ensure that all expenses claims are submitted within one calendar month of being incurred where possible.  All claims for a particular financial year should be submitted by 31st March of the same year.


  • CIEEM is willing to cover reasonable travel and subsistence expenses to attend meetings, but moderation should be exercised at all times.
  • Payment will only be made against a receipt.
  • Claimants are expected to travel by public transport if possible and expenses are payable on an economy/second class rate only.
  • Please make your travel arrangements well in advance as the savings can be considerable. In the unusual event of a meeting having to be changed or cancelled, CIEEM will reimburse any expenditure incurred that cannot be refunded.
  • Mileage is payable at 45p per mile for cars and 24p per mile for motorcycles (but only where no practical public transport alternative is available). Fuel receipts are not required.
  • Hotel expenses are payable on a bed and breakfast rate only.
  • CIEEM may decline or adjust payment where the costs claimed are unreasonable.


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5.  Your committee budget

Quarterly statements

A quarterly budget statement will be supplied to each Member Network committee within one month of the end of each quarter. This will help you keep track of your budget and where you stand in relation to your budget limit throughout the year.

Budget limits

At the 31 March each year a limit will be applied to all Member Network budgets as follows:

  • English Geographic Sections and Special Interest Groups are limited to £2,000
  • Country Sections of Wales, Scotland and Ireland are limited to £3,000.

At the end of March, any monies in excess of these limits will be aggregated and used to fully or part-fund a CIEEM project or development activity identified in the CIEEM Strategic Plan. How the money will be spent will be the decision of the Governing Board. Member Networks are primarily a benefit of membership and this is a positive way to help put available funds to work to provide opportunities for learning, networking and sharing of good practice amongst members.


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