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Committee Meetings

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A Member Network committee can meet either in person or by video/telephone conference, depending on what facilities are available and deemed suitable by the Convenor. The Secretariat has a central teleconference account which you are welcome to book for your meetings by contacting  A mixture of face to face meetings, with video/teleconferences in between is likely to be most appropriate to run a successful Member Network.  Regular email contact between formal meetings will also be valuable in keeping plans for events and other activities on track and moving forward.

Meetings are generally held at an office kindly made available by one of the committee members and are commonly held in the evenings to fit around work commitments.  However, any time or venue that the Convenor deems suitable can be used.

A minimum of three committee members in attendance are required for the meeting to be quorate and meetings may be attended by a member of the Secretariat or the Governing Board.

The frequency of the meetings is at the discretion of the Convenor and currently varies between Member Networks depending on how each committee prefers to keep in touch, but should be no less than three times a year. However often a committee meets, it is important to keep in regular contact with each other and the Secretariat.  This will ensure that your committee develops and maintains a strong presence on behalf of members in your Section or area of Special Interest, that you keep informed of the latest CIEEM activities and that you are able to take advantage of any opportunities that arise for local engagement.  Minutes of the meetings should be copied to the Member Networks Coordinator following each meeting and saved in your Committee subsite document library. 

Reasonable expenses may be claimed by committee members for travel and subsistence incurred whilst attending meetings, providing there are sufficient committee funds available.

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