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Below are the lists of current members of standing committees.

Membership Admissions Committee (MAC)

John Rose CEnv MCIEEM (Chair)
Claire Smith CEcol CEnv MCIEEM (Vice Chair)
Tanith Cook CEcol MCIEEM
Nicholas Coppin MCIEEM
Mihai Coroi CEnv MCIEEM
Gabrielle Graham CEcol MCIEEM
Matthew Hague CEnv MCIEEM
Alison Hogan MCIEEM
Brian Minshull CEnv MCIEEM
Sally Mousley CEnv MCIEEM
Robert Rowlands CEnv MCIEEM
Corin Simmonds CEcol MCIEEM
Andy Taylor MCIEEM
Eirene Williams CEnv FCIEEM(rtd)
Mike Willis CEcol MCIEEM

(Correct as of October 2017)

Professional Standards Committee (PSC)

Eleanor Strike CEnv MCIEEM (Joint Chair)
Mike Dean CEcol CEnv FCIEEM (Joint Chair)
Helen Byron CEnv MCIEEM
Alastair Chapman MCIEEM
Rebecca Collins CEnv MCIEEM
Robert Edmonds CEnv MCIEEM
Neil Harwood CEnv MCIEEM
Paul Lee CEcol CEnv MCIEEM
Penny Lewns CEnv MCIEEM
Stuart Otway CEnv MCIEEM
Alison Potts MCIEEM
Keith Ross CEnv MCIEEM
Jonathan Taylor MCIEEM
Will Woodrow CEcol MCIEEM
(correct as of October 2017)

Training, Education and Career Development Committee (TECDC)

Peter Glaves MCIEEM (Chair)
Richard Jefferson CEcol CEnv FCIEEM (Vice Chair)
Carlos Abrahams MCIEEM
Debbie Bartlett FCIEEM
Simon Boulter CEnv MCIEEM
Paul Clack CEnv MCIEEM
Emma Heath Grad CIEEM
Garry King CEnv MCIEEM
Sue Lawley CEnv MCIEEM
Ann Skinner CEcol CEnv FCIEEM
Christian Smillie MCIEEM
Harri Webb CEcol CEnv MCIEEM
Zoe Webb Grad CIEEM
Steph West MCIEEM
David Whitehorne CEnv MCIEEM
(correct as of August 2016)