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Country Policy Working Groups

CIEEM has set up country policy working groups for England, Scotland, Wales and All-Ireland. 

The purpose of the four country-specific working groups will be to: 

  • provide strategic leadership on the development and delivery of CIEEM’s policy positions and activities in the relevant country;
  • horizon-scan and monitor relevant policy issues to identify areas of policy that CIEEM could be proactive in;
  • draft responses to country-specific policy issues (for example, through consultation and inquiry responses, and developing position statements);
  • organise and/or participate in relevant meetings and events;
  • ensure that the views of CIEEM are represented to relevant stakeholders;
  • provide strategic oversight for partnerships and liaison with appropriate bodies in the group’s country of operation; and
  • build relationships with relevant partners and policy- and decision-makers.

The country policy working groups work in collaboration with the Strategic Policy Panel and Policy and Communications Manager, and where appropriate with the relevant Geographic Section Committee(s) and Country Project Officers (where one is in post).

Each group has a designated Chair and Vice Chair. Each group is responsible to, and reports on its activities and meetings to, the Strategic Policy Panel, the relevant Country Vice President and the Policy and Communications Manager. Ideally, one member from each country policy working group will attend Strategic Policy Panel meetings.

Meetings of each group are normally held four times per year by teleconference or as needed for specific activities. In exceptional circumstances a physical meeting may be organised. Groups agree the level of activity that they engage in between meetings.

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