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Sign up to Direct Debit


The easiest way for most members* to maintain their CIEEM membership is by setting up a Direct Debit.  By paying by Direct Debit you can:

  • remove the risk of your membership lapsing due to non-payment;

  • avoid losing access to membership benefits due to late payment;

  • save £10 on the cost of your annual subscription
    (Associate, Full and Fellow members based in GB only).

Direct Debit payers can choose to pay annually (in October), biannually (in October and April), or monthly and your subscription payment will be split equally across the payment dates.

You can download a copy of the Direct Debit Instruction here >>

Annual subscriptions are due on the 1st October each year so requests to set up a new Direct Debit must be received no later than 10 working days before this date to ensure your payment is collected in time. You will receive a confirmation letter from us if your instruction has been set up for the coming subscription year. Any instructions received after this point will be actioned in time for the following subscription year. If you do not receive confirmation, you will have to pay your subscription using an alternative payment method for this subscription year.

Please complete and return the instruction to CIEEM, 43 Southgate Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 9EH. We cannot accept instructions via email as banks require a signed hard copy for processing. 

Please note that the instruction must include your membership number and your preferred payment frequency or we will be unable to process your instruction and there is a risk of your membership being lapsed for non-payment.

On signing up to pay by Direct Debit you are entering an agreement to pay your membership subscription for a complete subscription year.  In the event of a Direct Debit instruction being cancelled before all membership payments have been made for a subscription year you must arrange payment of the remaining balance in full in order to retain your CIEEM membership. Should you no longer wish to remain a CIEEM member and cancel your Direct Debit you will be asked to pay any outstanding balance which remains on your membership record. Pro-rata payment is not accepted should membership be ceased during the subscription year.

Should you have any questions in relation to setting up a Direct Debit for your annual membership subscription please contact: 

*This payment option is currently not available to Student members. Members based in Ireland can currently only set up instructions via a UK sterling bank account.