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Ecological Skills: Shaping the Profession for the 21st Century

Closing the Gap ReportThis recently published research report highlights some critical gaps in ecological knowledge and skills amongst practising ecologists and environmental managers. The evidence for an ecological skills gap is compelling and alarming at a time when the demand for knowledge and skills in ecology and environmental management has never been more urgent. Government science has established how our health, well-being and prosperity depend on our natural capital. Concerns over food security, clean water, Common Agricultural Policy, agri-environment schemes, Common Fisheries Policy and the plight of fish stocks, compliance with EU environmental directives, and the need to grow a low carbon economy are urgent drivers for a change in the way we impact on nature, and with it our own wellbeing.

At a time when arguably the demand for ecological skills and knowledge has never been greater, some skills are in decline, undermining the implementation of key policy and our capacity to protect our environment and our future. CIEEM will be using the findings of the research to launch a campaign for a coherent and focused strategy to close the skills gap as part of future-proofing the long term path to environmental sustainability.

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