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Eleanor Atkins, Staffordshire University

The Biodiversity Value of Urban Hedges and Green Walls

Eleanor Atkins

Green Walls and Urban hedges offer a space efficient method of providing habitat for a range of wildlife in urban areas. This presentation highlights the key findings of 2 studies. One study focuses on the Biodiversity value of urban hedges and the other of Green walls and green façades. 

Short Biography: Eleanor has worked in Countryside Management as a lecturer in a land based college for 7 years where she facilitated students to conduct environmental surveys and research for their studies. When the opportunity arose to conduct further research of her own into urban habitats, an area that really interests her, she jumped at the chance. She is currently part way through a PhD as part of the Green Wall Centre at Staffordshire University with Professor John Dover. Her study is entitled ‘The Biodiversity Value of Urban Hedges’ and she seeks to quantify the hedgerow resource and assess the wildlife potential offered.