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Establishing a new SIG

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From time to time we receive requests from CIEEM members to set up a new Special Interest Group (SIG).  These groups can be a good way to facilitate discussion, sharing of best practice and more active policy engagement around a particular topic. They also have an impact in terms of resources and support, so we need to be sure that there is sufficient interest amongst CIEEM members to ensure any new SIGs can fulfil the purpose for which they were proposed.

How can I make a proposal to establish a new SIG?

In order for the Governing Board to consider such a request, an initial proposal must be submitted (form available here), outlining the scope of the proposed SIG, how the need for it has been identified and an overview of what the SIG would aim to achieve. The proposal must be supported by at least one member from each of the following grades: Fellow, Full, Associate and Graduate.

Should this initial proposal be approved in principle, you will be invited to submit a more detailed proposal within 6 months, including: 

  1. Draft terms of reference, based on those set out in item 13 of the CIEEM Governance Regulations and aligned with the CIEEM Strategic Plan;
  2. An Activity Plan covering the first 24 months; and
  3. A proposed budget.

Your second stage proposal will again be considered by the Governing Board. 

A LinkedIn discussion thread can be used to facilitate discussion with other CIEEM members, gauge how much support there is for forming a committee for the new SIG and agree the detail of your proposal.

You can find further information on all aspects of running a SIG, including committee structure, in the Committee Toolkit. Details of existing SIGs can be found here.

What happens if my proposal is approved?

Should your Stage 2 proposal be approved, an online election will be held to formally constitute the new committee.  A new webpage and Microsoft 365 subsite will be set up for you and your new SIG will be officially launched. You may wish to organise an inaugural event or meeting to commence your activities and more information on doing this is available in the Committee Toolkit.

It should be noted that any committee that is not able to fulfil the purpose for which it was established may, under certain circumstances, be dissolved by the Governing Board to free up resources for other CIEEM activities and ensure that our Member Networks remain an active and vibrant resource for our members.


Contact the Member Networks Coordinator with any further queries.