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Brexit and the Natural Environment

CIEEM Brexit Activities - Achieving a Better Future


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CIEEM Engagement and Activities

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Conservative Party Manifesto and Referendum Result

Prior to the May 2015 general election, the Conservative Party manifesto committed to a referendum on the UK's membership of the EU by the end of 2017. Having won a majority at the election, the Conservative Party delivered this commitment by holding the referendum on Thursday 23 June 2016.

The referendum result was a narrow majority in favour of leaving the EU. CIEEM issued a statement immediately after the result was announced, and a follow up statement a week later.

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Article 50 and Plan for Britain

The Supreme Court judgement of 24 January 2017 determined that the Prime Minister had to seek Parliamemtary approval (but not from the devolved administrations) to trigger Article 50. Parliament voted in favour of triggering Article 50 on 1 February 2017.

Following the vote to trigger Article 50, the UK Government published its Brexit White Paper on 2 February 2017. Read more.

Scotland and Wales have also published White Papers on Brexit.

On 13 March 2017 Parliament passed the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill 2017, with Royal Assent given on 16 March 2017. The Bill confered power on the Prime Minister to notify, under Article 50, the UK’s intention to withdraw from the EU.

On 16 March 2017 the UK Government launched the Plan for Britain (and Northern Ireland) website, which outlines how the Government intends to "build a stronger, fairer Britain as we leave the European Union". The website also includes the Government’s 12 objectives for the negotiations ahead. At the time of its launch there is no mention whatsoever of the environment.

Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 with a letter to President of the European Council Donald Tusk on 29 March 2017. Exit negotiations are now taking place to agree on the UK's new relationship with the EU. Unless the two-year negotiation period is extended by mutual consent, the UK will leave the EU by the end of March 2019.

On 29 March 2017 the European Parliament published a motion for a resolution to wind up the debate on negotiations with the UK following its notification that it intends to withdraw from the EU. The motion states “that any future agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom is conditional on the United Kingdom’s continued adherence to the standards provided by the Union’s legislation and policies, in, among others, the fields of the environment, climate change, the fight against tax evasion and avoidance, fair competition, trade and social policy.”

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EU Withdrawal Bill 

On 30 March 2017 the UK Government published Legislating for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union. This is the Government’s Great Repeal Bill White Paper, which sets out the Government’s proposals for ensuring a functioning statute book once the UK has left the EU. Read more.

The UK government published the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill on 13 July 2017. Also known as the Repeal Bill, CIEEM has looked at the potential concerns for the enironmental sector. Read more.

CIEEM has, as part of the Environmental Policy Forum group, written jointly to the UK government regarding our concerns with the Repeal Bill. Read more.

The Withdrawal Bill is currently going through Parliament, with many amendments having been tabled. Keep up to date with the Parliament website.

A useful overview of issues and documents relating to the Withdrawal Bill can be found on the Public Law For Everyone website.

The Scottish and Welsh Governments have published their own continuity bills as contingencies for the EU Withdrawal Bill failing.

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UK General Election 2017

The snap general election called by Prime Minister Theresa May for 8 June 2017 added another layer of uncertainty to Brexit. 

In response to the Prime Minister calling the general election, CIEEM wrote to all of the main political parties to call on them to include in their election manifestos a commitment to maintaining, or better yet enhancing, the protection of the natural environment following the UK leaving the EU. Following this we analysed each of the published manifestos for their environmental content and credentials.

After the election the CIEEM President wrote about the uncertainty created by the result. We have also drafted an overview of the environmental content of the Queen's speech.

Michael Gove has been appointed as the new Environment Secretary and gave his first keynote speech on 21 July 2017.

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Implications for Ecology and Environmental Management

Most of the UK's wildlife and environmental legislation is based on EU legislation and there is currently no certainty as to how these will be replaced. Changes to the legislation under which most of the UK ecology and nature conservation profession works will have potentially profound and serious implications for CIEEM members and the sector.

CIEEM is working to more fully understand the potential consequences of leaving the EU and to have as much positive influence on the changes to legislation in relation to the natural environment. This will of course depend on the nature of the UK's new relationship with the EU.

We will keep this webpage and members updated on developments.

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Other Considerations

Members and others may also be interested in the Business Continuity Institute's papers on Brexit, entitled Horizon scanning post-Brexit: What should businesses prepare for? and Brexit: Analysing the impact of change.

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CIEEM Engagement and Activities

CIEEM Scoping Workshop

CIEEM organised a workshop for members and non-members with relevant experience on 31 July 2015 in Birmingham. This was a scoping exercise to determine the boundaries of the evidence to collect, the types of evidence needed, and how to collect it. A brief report of the workshop was produced.

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Table of Directives

CIEEM has produced a table of all the environmental directives, which indicates how they are implemented in each UK country.

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Survey of CIEEM Members

We have undertaken a survey of the CIEEM membership to ask their views on the impacts of a possible Brexit in relation to the natural environment and the sector. The results show overwhelming support for remaining a member of the EU. The full findings can be found in the below report.

Read the survey report.

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CIEEM Position Statement on EU Membership

On 9 June CIEEM published its position on the UK’s EU Referendum.

In our statement, CIEEM highlights benefits such as protection of wildlife habitats and species, rigorous standards for pollution control, and the cleanliness of bathing beaches – all of which have been delivered because of EU legislation.

CIEEM’s full position on the EU Referendum offered an insightful statement on encouraging all those who were concerned with the natural environment to vote to remain a member of the EU.

Read the full Position Statement.

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CIEEM Position Statement on Brexit

In August 2016, CIEEM published its views on Brexit and what should happen next regarding the natural environment.

CIEEM offered our independent expertise and advice to governments and Ministers and we will work with all stakeholders to get the best possible result for the natural environment.

Read the full Position Statement.

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CIEEM Letters to Parliamentarians

In July and August 2016, CIEEM wrote to all UK Ministers, MPs, MSPs, AMs and MLAs in relation to Brexit and the natural environment, setting out our position and how CIEEM could be of assistance. Read the letters.

In January 2017, following on from the Environmental Audit Committee's report on the natural environment after the EU referendum, CIEEM - jointly with the British Ecological Society, the Institution of Environmental Sciences and the Landscape Institute - identified a number of principles for future policy relating to land management and the natural environment, and issued a joint letter to Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom setting out our ideas in greater detail as well as our support for some of the key recommendations from the Committee’s report. Read more.

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CIEEM Brexit Task Groups

CIEEM initially set up seven Working Groups to look at the following specific topics in relation to Brexit:

  1. Land Management and Agricultural Policy
  2. Protected Species
  3. Protected Areas (terrestrial)
  4. Marine Protected Areas
  5. Fisheries Policy
  6. Non-Native Invasive Species and Biosecurity
  7. Water Resource Management and Air Quality

Following further work and feedback we reformed these seven Working Groups into five Task Groups:

  1. Land Management
  2. Marine Environment
  3. Sites Protection
  4. Species Protection
  5. Water

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CIEEM Key Messages

Following the work of the Brexit Task Groups, CIEEM has distilled out our three key messages. We believe that the UK Government should:

  • Introduce a new Environment Act, envisioned jointly by all countries of the UK, to provide the legislative framework for a new, bold, shared ambition for the environment.
  • Transform land and marine management policies by using ‘biodiversity net gain’ as the driver to halt biodiversity loss and rebuild our stocks of natural capital.
  • Establish a new, independent scrutiny body – OfEnv – to provide appropriate enforcement of environmental legislation after we leave the EU.

The working papers produced by the Brexit Task Groups will be kept as 'live' briefings that we update over time and use as detail and evidence as we produce briefings for parliamentarians and others.

Click on the document image below to download the relevant documents.

Brexit Key Messages CIEEM Brexit Key Messages page1
Biodiversity Net Gain Briefing CIEEM Biodiversity Net Gain Briefing Cover


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Disseminating our Key Messages to Policy- and Decision-Makers

CIEEM has ongoing relationships with governments, relevant departments and statutory agencies in the UK, devolved nations and Ireland, and with relevant Select Committees.

In November 2017, CIEEM started a programme of meetings with Westminster parliamentarians to discuss our key messages, to find out their concerns, and to discuss how we could help each other. To date we have met with:

  • Dr David Drew MP - Labour, Shadow Environment Minister
  • Baroness Jones of Whitchurch - Labour, Shadow Environment Spokesperson
  • Neil Parish MP - Conservative, Chair of EFRA Select Committee
  • Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP - Labour, former Environment Minister, Chair of Exiting the EU Select Committee
  • Rebecca Pow MP - Conservative, former member of the Environmental Audit Committee
  • Lord Teverson - LibDem, Chair of Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee, spokesperson on energy and climate change
  • Seema Malhotra MP - Labour, member of Exiting the EU Committee
  • Sue Hayman MP - Labour, Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment
  • Mary Creagh MP - Labour, Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee
  • Rt Hon Tom Brake MP - LibDem, Shadow Leader of the House of Commons
  • John McNally MP - SNP, member of the Environmental Audit Committee, Environment Spokesperson
  • Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP - Labour, member of Exiting the EU Committee
  • Madeleine Moon MP - Labour, her late husband was an ecologist
  • Kerry McCarthy MP - Labour, member of the Environmental Audit Committee, member of the EFRA Committee
  • Steve Brine MP - Conservative, Health Minister, MP for the Winchester constituency where CIEEM HQ is based
  • Dr Matthew Offord MP - Conservative, member of the Environmental Audit Committee
  • Richard Benyon MP - Conservative, Environment Minister 2010-2013, Chair of APPG Environment
  • Matthew Pennycook MP - Labour, Shadow Minister for Exiting the EU  
  • Angela Smith MP - Labour, Shadow Environment Minister, member of the EFRA Committee
  • Sandy Martin MP - Labour, member of the EFRA Committee
  • Angus Brendan MacNeil MP - SNP, Shadow SNP Spokesperson (Environment and Rural Affairs)
  • Anna McMorrin MP - Labour, member of Welsh Affairs Committee
  • Colin Clark MP - Conservative, member of the Environmental Audit Committee

We currently have a number of further meetings, with parliamentarians from across the political spectrum, arranged that we will add to this list as they happen.

In December 2017, CIEEM attended two meetings with Defra officials to discuss issues relating to EU exit, the marine environment, reform of agricultural subsidies, biodiversity, and international leadership. These high-level meetings will be followed up with more detail-oriented meetings in 2018.

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CIEEM Responses to Consultations and Select Committee Inquiries

CIEEM has responded to the following Brexit-related inquiries and consultations:

  • Leaving the EU: implications and opportunities for science and research (Science and Technology Committee inquiry)
    3 August 2016
  • Future of the Natural Environment after the EU Referendum inquiry (Environmental Audit Committee)
    9 September 2016
  • EU Withdrawal Bill Inquiry (House of Lords Constitution Committee)
    12 October 2017
  • 25-Year Environment Plan inquiry (Environmental Audit Committee)
    28 February 2018
  • Health and harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit (Defra)
    8 May 2018

CIEEM responses to consultations and inquiries can be found on our Past Consultation Responses webpage.

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Brexit Articles in In Practice Magazine

CIEEM members can access articles in In Practice on Brexit in the Members' Area of the website. The following articles have been published:




Sep 2016

The Reality of Brexit

Wyn Jones

Brexit: What now for the ecological consultancy market?

Andrew Baker

Dec 2016

Brexit: Potential Impacts On Our Natural Environment Legal Framework

Penny Simpson

Viewpoint: A Brexit Heretic

David Lowe

Sep 2017

Change Is Inevitable: How Can We Make a Difference?

John Box

CIEEM, Brexit and the Natural Environment: Achieving a Better Future

Jason Reeves

The Great Repeal Bill – Safeguarding the Future of Our Natural Environment Legal Framework?

Josh Middleton

Brexit Implications for the Environment in Wales

Matthew Quinn

Implications of Brexit for Devolved Environmental Law in Scotland

Chris Cathrine

A Brexit Perspective from Ireland

Jenny Neff and Paul Lynas 

Biodiversity and Brexit: Emerging Policy Priorities

Liz Spedding

Brexit and Management of Trans-Boundary Pollution: How Will Offshore Operations Be Affected?

Federica Pace 

The Investigation and Prosecution of Wildlife Crime – Post-Brexit Challenges and Opportunities

Pete Charleston

Dec 2017


Implications of Brexit for Devolved Environmental Law in Scotland: Update

Chris Cathrine

CIEEM Policy Update

Jason Reeves

Mar 2018

CIEEM's Policy Activities

Jason Reeves

Jun 2018

CIEEM Policy Activities Update

Jason Reeves

Non-members are able to subscribe to, or buy single editions of, In Practice.

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Other Engagement and Partnerships

Since late-2016, CIEEM has been working closely with the Environmental Policy Forum (an umbrella group of environmental professional bodies and learned societies) on sharing information and collaborating on our respective Brexit policy work where appropriate. Read more.

In March 2017 CIEEM jointly - through Greener UK and along with 46 other environmental organisations - wrote to Prime Minister Theresa May regarding the triggering of Article 50 and the Great Repeal Bill. Read more. Also in March 2017, CIEEM's Governing Board approved the Institute joining Greener UK as a 'supporter' member. Greener UK's Pledge for the Environment has been signed by over 180 MPs - has your MP signed? Greener UK has created a Brexit Risk Tracker, a tool for monitoring the UK government’s choices around safeguarding environmental protections throughout the Brexit process. Researched and written by experts from Greener UK partner organisations, it helps to sift through the confusion with clear traffic light ratings indicating how the government is managing key environmental issues around Brexit and whether it is really delivering on its promise to leave the environment in a better state than it found it.

CIEEM also works closely with Wildlife and Countryside Link, the UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA), the Law Society, and the Association of Local Government Ecologists (ALGE).

Regarding speaking engagements, CIEEM Policy and Communications Manager, Jason Reeves, gave a talk on 'Brexit and Ecology Professionals' at the Linnean Society of London in September 2016. In April 2017, CIEEM President Dr Stephanie Wray CEcol CEnv FCIEEM spoke at the Westminster Energy, Environment and Transport Forum event on 'The way forward for natural environment policy post-Brexit' where she set out some of our thinking to date. Read more. In June 2017, CIEEM CEO Sally Hayns CEcol MCIEEM spoke at the Westminster Energy, Environment and Transport Forum event on 'Wildlife Law: Understanding Current Policy & Next Steps for Reform'. Read more.

CIEEM has presented two Brexit update webinars, which you can watch below:

CIEEM has contributed to the Harvard Kennedy School report entitled Making Brexit work for British Business: Key Execution Priorities.

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Key Links and Documents Relevant to Brexit and the Natural Environment




Devolution after Brexit: Managing the environment, agriculture and fisheries

Institute for Government 9 Apr 2018

Brexit and air quality

House of Commons Library 6 March 2018

UK Environmental Policy Post-Brexit: A Risk Analysis

Friends of the Earth Mar 2018

Future UK fisheries policy

House of Commons Library 23 Feb 2018

Brexit: UK agriculture policy

House of Commons Library 1 Feb 2018

Summary of EU Exit Scenario Planning Workshops

Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs’ Evidence and Scenarios Roundtable Sub-Working Group Feb 2018

The policy framework for agriculture after the UK leaves the EU

House of Commons Library 31 Jan 2018

Brexit and the environment

House of Commons Library 19 Jan 2018

25-year environment plan

House of Commons Library 17 Jan 2018

A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment

UK Government 11 Jan 2018

Brexit and the Environment

House of Commons Library 13 November 2017

Environmental Accountability After Brexit

Maria Lee, UCL European Institute, University College London November 2017

Brexit and Environmental Law: The UK and International Environmental Law after Brexit

UK Environmental Law Association 11 Sept 2017 

Brexit and Environmental Law: Brexit, Henry VIII Clauses and Environmental Law

UK Environmental Law Association 5 Sept 2017

Brexit and Nature Conservation Factsheet

UK Environmental Law Association

5 Sep 2017

The potential implications of leaving the EU for UK agriculture and the rural environment (LUPG027)

Land Use Policy Group (comprises Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, Scottish Natural Heritage, Environment Agency, Northern Ireland Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency)

31 Aug 2017

Ensuring the Withdrawal Bill leads to a greener UK - Parliamentary briefing

Greener UK

Aug 2017

The governance gap: why Brexit could weaken environmental protections - Briefing for parliamentarians and policy makers

Greener UK

Aug 2017

Brexit and the Future of Ireland - Uniting Ireland & Its People in Peace & Prosperity

Joint Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement (Houses of the Oireachtas)

Aug 2017

Speech: The Unfrozen Moment - Delivering A Green Brexit

Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Environment Secretary

21 Jul 2017

Brexit and Environmental Law: Enforcement and Political Accountability Issues

UK Environmental Law Association

18 Jul 2017

Brexit: What next for UK fisheries?

House of Commons Library

4 July 2017

Principles For a Sustainable Brexit: A Strategic Plan for Clean Growth

Policy Connect

Jul 2017

The Repeal Bill: securing a strong foundation for a greener UK - Briefing for parliamentarians and policy makers

Greener UK

Jun 2017

Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union - Brexit: Implications and Potential Solutions

Seanad Special Select Committee (Houses of the Oireachtas)

Jun 2017

Brexit: agriculture - 20th Report of Session 2016-17 (HL Paper 169)

House of Lords European Union Committee

3 May 2017

Government response to the House of Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee report into Brexit, Environment and Climate Change Policy

Dr Thérèse Coffey MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Defra

16 Apr 2017

Legislating for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union (Great Repeal Bill White Paper)

UK Government

30 Mar 2017

Letter to Donald Tusk triggering Article 50

Prime Minister Theresa May

29 Mar 2017

Motion for a resolution to wind up the debate on negotiations with the UK following its notification that it intends to withdraw from the EU

European Parliament

29 Mar 2017

Government response to House of Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee Report into the future of fisheries in the light of the vote to leave the EU

UK Government

16 Mar 2017

The future of environmental policy after Brexit (event summary report)

Natural Capital Initiative

9 Mar 2017


Great Repeal Bill Briefing

Agriculture at a crossroads: the need for sustainable farming and land use policies

Delivering sustainable fisheries management: A sustainable future for UK seas

Securing a healthier environment and nature’s recovery: A briefing for policy makers following the EU referendum

UK climate leadership and low carbon investment: A briefing for policy makers following the EU referendum

Greener UK

22 Feb 2017

Brexit: environment and climate change (12th Report of Session 2016–17)

Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee

14 Feb 2017

Exiting the EU, not the environment

Caroline Lucas MP, Green Party Co-leader

13 Feb 2017

White Paper: The United Kingdom's exit from and new partnership with the European Union

UK Government

2 Feb 2017

Securing Wales’ Future: Transition from the European Union to a new relationship with Europe [Wales Brexit White Paper]

Welsh Government

23 Jan 2017

Speech: The Government's negotiating objectives for exiting the EU

Prime Minister Theresa May

17 Jan 2017

The Future of the Natural Environment after the EU Referendum (Sixth Report of Session 2016–17)

Environmental Audit Committee

4 Jan 2017

Speech: Environment Secretary sets out ambition for food and farming industry

Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom

4 Jan 2017

Scotland's Place in Europe [Scotland Brexit White Paper]

Scottish Government

20 Dec 2016

Brexit: fisheries - 8th Report of Session 2016-17 (HL Paper 78)

House of Lords European Union Committee

17 Dec 2016

Exiting the EU and science and research

House of Commons Library

14 Dec 2016

The EU Referendum and the UK Environment: The Future Under a 'Hard' and a 'Soft' Brexit

Burns, C., Jordan, A. and Gravey, V.

Aug 2016

Brexit - What next for Environmental & Climate Change Law?

Clifford Chance

June 2016

Brexit – the Implications for UK Environmental Policy and Regulation

A special independent report commissioned by the All Party Parliamentary Environment Group

Prepared by David Baldock, Andrew Farmer and Martin Nesbit (Institute for European Environmental Policy)

Mar 2016

The potential policy and environmental consequences for the UK of a departure from the European Union

IEEP report commissioned by RSPB, The Wildlife Trusts and WWF

9 Mar 2016

EU exit: impact in key UK policy areas

House of Commons Library

9 Jun 2015

The Implications for UK Environmental Policy of a Vote to Exit the EU

Dr Charlotte Burns, University of York

9 May 2013

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Links to Other External Information and News Relevant to the EU Referendum and the Natural Environment




Brexit: All you need to know

BBC News


Brexit: what now?

Institute for Government


Official Welsh Government Brexit page

Welsh Government


EU Referendum Webpage

UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA)


The EU Referendum and the UK Environment: An Expert Review

Dr Charlotte Burns, University of York

Dr Viviane Gravey, Queen's University Belfast

Prof. Andy Jordan, University of East Anglia


Brexit: a reading list of post-EU Referendum publications by Parliament and the Devolved Assemblies

House of Commons Library

30 May 2018

Voting on Brexit: Parliament's consideration of the withdrawal deal and future framework

Institute for Government

16 Apr 2018

Negotiating Brexit: the views of the EU27

Institute for Government

21 Mar 2018

Frameworks analysis: breakdown of areas of EU law that intersect with devolved competence in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

UK Government

9 Mar 2018

Leaving the EU: Role of the Devolved Administrations and Implications for the Union

House of Lords Library

22 Jan 2018

Trade after Brexit: Options for the UK's relationship with the EU

Institute for Government

18 Dec 2017

Who’s afraid of the ECJ? Charting the UK’s relationship with the European Court

Institute for Government

8 December 2017

The EU Invasive Alien Species Regulation & Brexit

Wildlife and Countryside Link

December 2017

Future of the rural economy in Wales

House of Commons Library 27 Nov 2018

Inquiring about Brexit: How select committees can provide effective scrutiny in 2017-19

Institute for Government 21 Nov 2017

Gove’s post-Brexit environment watchdog

Jill Rutter, Institute for Government 15 Nov 2017

Environment Secretary Michael Gove announces plans to consult on a new, independent body for environmental standards

Defra news announcement 13 Nov 2017
Will the UK’s 25 year environment plan set its sights higher than Europe? Richard Benwell, WWT  11 Oct 2017 
Brexit: time to get serious  Shaun Spiers, Green Alliance 6 Oct 2017 


Wildlife and Countryside Link

September 2017

Brexit: a reading list of post-EU Referendum publications by the UK Parliament and the Devolved Assemblies (Briefing Paper no. 07912)

House of Commons Library

5 Sep 2017

Environmental law will pose immense challenges in run up to Brexit


28 Jun 2017

Leaving in an orderly fashion - our approach to Brexit

The Law Society

17 May 2017

Three unintended consequences of Brexit for UK energy and climate policy

Charlotte Burns, The Conversation

2 May 2017

Repeal Bill: stricter scrutiny needed to make the White Paper green

Richard Benwell, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

31 Mar 2017

Brexit: 'Zombie legislation' risk for UK environment laws

Sam Lowe, Friends of the Earth

29 Mar 2017

Reconciling post-Brexit development and environmental protection goals

Ben Kite CEcol MCIEEM, The Planner

28 Mar 2017

Five very real risks to our environment from Brexit and how to tackle them

Leah Davis, Green Alliance

27 Mar 2017

Europe should remain focused in the face of Brexit and not lose its value for the environment, former Commissioners and leading experts warn

European Environmental Bureau

21 Mar 2017

Richard Ali: Environmental payments. A safety net. And a sovereign fund. How to build a post-Brexit future for farming.

Richard Ali, Conservative Home

18 Mar 2017

Brexit creates an opportunity to support UK food production and restore nature

Rt Hon Dame Caroline Spelman MP, former Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

13 Mar 2017

As we leave the EU we must plan for nature’s recovery

Ali Plummer, wildlife law campaigner, The Wildlife Trusts

20 Feb 2017

PM outlines plan for Britain out of single market: Clarity on environmental legislation required as May outlines UK’s preferred Brexit route and stresses importance of economic infrastructure and industrial strategy

Environment Analyst

19 Jan 2017

Effect of the UK leaving the EU on the rural economy

House of Commons Library

16 Jan 2017

Green Brexit: Safeguarding Britain's environment

Baroness Jones and Baroness Parminter

16 Jan 2017

Roseanna Cunningham: Brexit puts Scotland's environment at risk

Liam Kirkaldy, Holyrood magazine

13 Jan 2017

Brexit: UK-Irish relations (HL Paper 76) (6th Report of Session 2016–17)

House of Lords European Union Select Committee

12 Dec 2016

Four-nation Brexit: How the UK and devolved governments should work together on leaving the EU

Institute for Government

24 Oct 2016

Watch the debate: People, politics and the planet: any questions? Britain in a changing Europe

Royal Geographical Society, British Ecological Society and Sibthorp Trust

21 July 2016

Northern Ireland and Wales must work together to maximise opportunities presented by Brexit

Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

20 Jul 2016

Working together to protect nature


30 Jun 2016

A legal perspective on the UK’s decision to leave the EU (webinar)


28 Jun 2016

British Ecological Society response to the UK’s EU referendum result

Hazel Norman, British Ecological Society

28 Jun 2016

Brexit and Wildlife Legislation

Thomson Ecology

24 Jun 2016

WWF responds to EU referendum result


24 Jun 2016

EU debate video

Landscape Institute

June 2016

In or out – what’s the best for British bats?

Response from Britain Stronger in Europe
1 Jun 2016

Chris Packham President, Dr David Gibbons Chair, Julia Hanmer Joint CEO, Kit Stoner Joint CEO, Bat Conservation Trust (Letters, Guardian)

13 May 2016

Members Recognise UK Environmental and Business Benefits of EU

Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)

11 May 2016

Boris is wrong on Brexit – the environment is better off because of the EU

Stanley Johnson, E4E

20 Apr 2016

Experts agree: EU membership is good for Britain’s natural environment

Charlotte Burns, The Conversation

19 Apr 2016

EU membership 'good for UK environment' say MPs

BBC News

19 Apr 2016

EU membership positive for UK environment

Environmental Audit Committee

19 Apr 2016

EU and UK Environmental Policy report

Environmental Audit Committee

19 Apr 2016

EU Referendum and UK environment: expert review

Dr Charlotte Burns, Professor Andrew Jordan, Viviane Gravey et al., The UK in a Changing Europe

 11 Apr 2016

The Benefits of Europe for Energy and Climate Change - And What Could Happen If We Brexit

Pete Clutton-Brock, Jonathan Gaventa, Alastair Harper and Dustin Benton, E3G

5 Apr 2016

Brexit - What will happen to Environmental & Climate Change Law?

Clifford Chance

April 2016

The Environment After Exit

Costing the Earth, BBC Radio 4

16 Mar 2016

Poll: UK environmental professionals overwhelmingly back continued EU membership

James Murray, Business Green

14 Mar 2016

Stronger, Safer, Greener? Should environmentalists support the UK’s membership of the EU?

Ruth Davis, E3G

11 Mar 2016

Ecology professionals’ survey reveals overwhelming majority concerned about Brexit

Holly Waterman, Baker Consultants

11 Mar 2016

UK membership of the EU: what it means for wildlife and what might happen if we leave

Martin Harper's blog (RSPB)

9 Mar 2016

Brexit could worsen the construction sector’s skills shortage

Holly Waterman, Baker Consultants

26 Feb 2016

Environment Minister [Liz Truss] addresses the National Farmers' Union Conference


23 Feb 2016

Position on EU Membership

Friends of the Earth UK

20 Feb 2016

The UK’s membership of the European Union – why it matters for wildlife

Stephanie Hilborne OBE, Chief Executive, The Wildlife Trusts

20 Feb 2016

PM's statement following Cabinet meeting on EU settlement (Announcement of 23 June 2016 as date of referendum)


20 Feb 2016

What has the EU done for UK nature?

Sam Lowe, Friends of the Earth

7 Feb 2016

Brexit would return Britain to being 'dirty man of Europe'

Launch of Environmentalists for Europe (E4E), co-chaired by CIEEM Patron Baroness Barbara Young

John Vidal, Guardian

3 Feb 2016

Seven things you should know about the EU and the environment

Matthew Spencer, Green Alliance

28 Jan 2016

Parliamentary question on what contingency arrangements Defra has made for the eventuality of a majority leave vote in the upcoming EU referendum

(Referenced response)

Tim Loughton MP

19 Jan 2016

5 reasons why leaving the EU could be disastrous for the UK's environment

Seb Dance MEP

19 Jan 2016

British exit from EU would be bad for UK renewable energy business

Andrew Baker FCIEEM, Scottish Energy News

14 Jan 2016

UK’s potential exit from the EU threatens economic and regulatory uncertainty

Holly Waterman, Baker Consultants

3 Nov 2015

Assessment of EU/UK environmental policy inquiry

Environmental Audit Committee

19 Oct 2015 (ongoing)

Assessing the Performance of EU Nature Legislation in Protecting Target Bird Species in an Era of Climate Change

Sanderson et al., Conservation Letters

14 Jul 2015

Report on the status of and trends for habitat types and species covered by the Birds and Habitats Directives for the 2007-2012 period

European Commission

20 May 2015

Environment report shows benefits of EU action

European Commission

3 Mar 2015

Manual of European Environmental Policy: Chapter 9 - Biodiversity

Institute for European Environmental Policy

27 Nov 2014

Species, Habitats, Society: An Evaluation of Research Supporting EU's Natura 2000 Network

Popescu et al., PLOS One

21 Nov 2014

Environmental policy and the UK’s review of the EU Balance of Competences

Institute for European Environmental Policy

19 Mar 2014

Does the EU benefit the UK environment?

Institute for European Environmental Policy

12 Aug 2013

IES Magazine - The EU: Red Tape or Green Governance

Institution of Environmental Sciences

Aug 2013

Report on the influence of EU policies on the environment

Institute for European Environmental Policy

Aug 2013

How the EU benefits UK environmental policy

Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

25 Jul 2013

The Efficiency of the European Natura 2000 Network for Four Birds of Prey

Mazaris et al., PLOS One

19 Mar 2013

The Economic benefits of the Natura 2000 Network

European Commission


The economic benefits of environmental policy

Sustainable Europe Research Institute

Nov 2009

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