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Identification of Invasive Alien Plants

Do you know your Cabomba from your Pistia? When conducting baseline surveys one must be able to identify all 40-odd species of plant for which it can be an offence to transplant into the wild or take off site.

This course will help you to identify all of the plants listed in Schedule 9 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act, except the seaweeds.

You will be provided with a pragmatic ID guide devised by the trainer. This will be reinforced by a walk around the glasshouses and gardens of The Royal Botanical Gardens Kew, looking at specimens of about two-thirds of the Sch. 9-listed plants. Where specimens are not available, the trainer’s photographs will be used.

We will also consider non-listed plants that might be confused with listed and plants that are invasive but not listed.

The course concentrates on identification but will cover legislation briefly and will discuss control measures, biosecurity and the politics/philosophy of invasive species during the walk.
You will leave with a copy of the ID guide, a collection of the trainer’s photographs and references to sources of further detail/information that should enable you to successfully identify these plants and understand legislation and control principles.

Entry to Kew Gardens is included in the course fee.

Date 11 Sep 2018 - 09:00
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