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Wind Farm Bird Collision Risk Modelling

Bird collision with turbines is a key potential impact of onshore wind farm developments and requires appropriate consideration in any Ecological Impact Assessment for such projects. Wind farm bird collision risk modelling is a standard tool used to inform impact assessments, and is likely to be necessary for the majority of large-scale onshore wind farms, as well as small-scale wind clusters depending on potential sensitivities.

In the UK, the Band model is generally adopted for this purpose. However, in order for the model to be effective, flight activity surveys and data management systems must be designed for this purpose. This course will introduce the Band collision risk model, cover survey design and data management, and provide participants with the opportunity to work through an example.

Interpretation of results will also be discussed, including limitations of the model.

Date 23 Jan 2019 - 09:30
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Organiser Christopher Cathrine