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Pine Marten and Wildcat Ecology and Survey

This two day training course aims to raise awareness about two Scottish predators, pine martens and wildcats. The content will: outline and refresh field techniques for their identification, ecology, behaviour and habitat preferences; improve understanding of the legal status of protected species with regard to their conservation; highlight key issues relating to pine martens/wildcats and habitat management.

The course commences with an introduction to wildcats and pine martens with presentations of previous surveys. Survey methodologies are elaborated and feedback of sightings and footage (camera and video images) given to enhance students' knowledge. Images of cats will be analysed and compared.

This course is 75% outdoors-based; an initial half day classroom based session is followed by field visits to develop the main survey and ecology skills and knowledge.

Date 13 Feb 2019 - 09:30
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Organiser Adrian Davis