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Identification and Management of Invasive and Non-Native Flora

7 September 2015, Swansea

10am - 4pm


Beginner - Intermediate 


An introduction to the invasive problem from a local to global perspective. The legislation, identification, problems and treatment will be covered of both terrestrial and aquatic plants including Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed, Himalayan balsam, Himalayan knotweed, cotoneaster, sea buckthorn, holm oak, rhododendron, laurel, Hottentot fig, cordgrass, parrot's feather, Australian stonecrop, water primrose, floating pennywort, water fern, fringed water lily, water/pond weed species.

This course complements the Japanese Knotweed course in Swansea on 6 July 2015.

There will be plenty of fresh samples to look at and a quick look around the estate to see some living specimens.

Learning outcomes

  1. Particicpants wil be able to identify key species
  2. Participants will gain knowledge of the relevant legislation
  3. Participants will know how to control species theyencounter
  4. Particpants will know the importance of biosecurity
  5. Participants will know about the problems caused by species

CIEEM Competence themes

Surveying: Species identification; Environment survey

Environmental management: Species management; biosecurity

Who should attend?

Land owners, wardens, rangers, LBAP officers, envirnonmental consultants, Friends of groups, relevant staff from local authorities, National Trust, Wildife Trusts, NRW, Environment Agency, fisheries etc


Sean HathawayMCIEEM


CIEEM members: £90

Non-members: £180

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Date 07 Sep 2015 - 10:00
Location The Penllergare Trust Visitor Centre,
Penllergare Valley Woods,

Organiser CIEEM
Telephone 01962 868626