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Ewan Oliver, Lendlease

Ecosystem Services at Elephant Park 

Ewan Oliver

Lendlease are using an eco-system services approach to the design of the public realm and buildings at Elephant Park. Through the introduction of features including green roofs, rain gardens and the retention of existing trees we are striving to ‘green the grey’ and in doing so, create a place for nature and increase bio-diversity. Plugging into the surrounding existing green infrastructure of parks and other green spaces is also key to our approach which is to ‘think to beyond the planning boundary’

Lendlease has a long and proud history of giving equal emphasis to environmental, social and economic outcomes to deliver places that respond to the complex global forces shaping our future, including rapid urbanisation, climate change, inequality and resource stress.

In a world of rapid urbanisation, where the built environment contributes approximately 30 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and consumes around one third of the world’s natural resources, sustainable urban regeneration is the benchmark for the future of development.

Short Biography: Ewan is a chartered landscape architect with over 20 years of experience within the industry. In this time his varied roles have included landscape contractor, designer, local authority officer and client. He began his landscape career in 1995 working for a London based contractor before setting up his own design and build firm in 1997.

The business moved to rural Kent in 2001 where it continued to expand until 2006 when the focus shifted to design and the business became a landscape consultancy. During the next three years Ewan provided landscape design and planning services to flood alleviation and transport projects.

In 2009, Ewan took a post as a project landscape officer at the London Borough of Newham where he delivered a number of parks and public realm improvement schemes. In 2011 he moved to Ove Arup Partners where he worked as a senior landscape architect on a number of large infrastructure projects such as the Olympic Park and Thames Tideway Tunnels.

He joined Lendlease in 2015 as Public Realm Development Manager on the £2.3 billion Elephant Park urban regeneration project where nearly 50% of this 11 hectare inner city site is comprised of parks, streets and squares. His main role is to set the brief for multi-disciplinary design teams, gain local authority consents and push design standards to deliver a high quality public realm.  

Of particular interest to Ewan is how the direct application of green infrastructure principles and the use of ecosystem services in master planning and detailed landscape design can help to build more liveable, healthy and prosperous places.