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Fellowship (FCIEEM)

Fellowship is the highest level of CIEEM membership and is reserved for those who are deemed to have made an outstanding contribution to the profession. Fellows may use the post-nominal ‘FCIEEM’ and attend the annual Fellows Forum to help guide the work of the Chartered Institute.

The Role of a Fellow

It is important that CIEEM has a strong Fellowship.  It is recognised that Fellowship brings personal reward and accolade to those elected to the Chartered Institute’s highest category of membership.  Equally, CIEEM benefits from having the most eminent and highly respected people in the profession as Fellows. 

It is hoped that Fellows will use their best endeavours to contribute to the work of CIEEM when called upon to do so, or as opportunity arises.  There are many different roles that Fellows can fulfil, ranging from high profile ambassadors and chairmanships, through participation in working groups, panels and committees, to the provision of desk-based advice to the Chartered Institute on particular issues.

Eligibility Criteria

The principal criterion is that each Fellow should have made an ‘outstanding contribution’ to the profession of ecology and environmental management in one or more of the areas described below. Candidates should also be highly respected and have unimpeachable integrity, which will be confirmed by the sponsors and supported by the evidence in the testimonial and application documents.  Candidates should have attained a position of seniority and substantial experience within the profession. 

‘Outstanding contribution’ to our profession is defined as:

  1. research which has practical application in the profession of ecology and environmental management;
  2. establishing or raising professional standards through developments in training, quality standards or methods;
  3. influencing the evolution of policies or legislation relating to the natural environment;
  4. promotion of ecological professionalism among employers, organizations, companies and other institutes;
  5. innovation through establishing new partnerships, leadership, techniques or awareness for ecological professionalism;
  6. the practical application of the principles of ecology and environmental management;
  7. biodiversity conservation.

Guidance on the eligibility criteria and application process, together with information for sponsors, is available here:

Applications for fellowship should be accompanied by a £20 administration fee.

The Application Process

Your application should comprise the following:

  • The application form, signed by all sponsors;
  • An expanded CV;
  • A description of achievements in at least one of the areas of professional practice in ecology and environmental management set out in (i) to (vii) above;
  • A list of relevant publications and/or significant written work for clients or employers (which must be substantially the work of the applicant);
  • A list of any honours, awards or other forms of professional recognition;
  • Appendices containing any other material which the applicant considers would be appropriate as evidence;
  • A description of any service to or on behalf of CIEEM.

An applicant must be a Full Member of CIEEM at the time of making the application for election as a Fellow.

All three sponsors must be either Full Members or Fellows of CIEEM.  No more than one sponsor should be from the practice, company or organisation where the applicant currently works and they cannot, except in exceptional circumstances, be the lead-sponsor.

Further Information

For further information about the fellowship application process please contact the Secretariat.