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There should be a form, template or other download for most purposes here. If there is anything missing that you would find useful please contact the Member Network Coordinator.

1. Finance

2. Events

3. Conferences

4. Annual Members' Meetings

5. Agendas and minutes

6. Student and Careers Engagement

6. Miscellaneous

1. Finance

Income remittance advice

Expenses claim form

Expenses claim - bank details formBack to Top



2. Events

Advertise Your Event

Event submission template
You can use this template to draft the details you will enter in the online form above and save for your own records. Note that your event listing will be created only from the details entered online.

Event flowchart

Event risk assessment Form - BLANK

Event risk assessment - EXAMPLE (Classroom)

Event risk assessment - EXAMPLE (Field event)

Event attendance form

Event feedback form 

Webinar proposal form

Public liability insuranceBack to Top



3. Conferences (SIGs only)

Conference flowchart

Conference proposal form

Conference speaker information form

Conference planning tasks

Conference venue checklist

Conference programme template

Speaking at a Member Network ConferenceBack to Top


4. Annual Members' Meetings

Annual Members' Meeting - PowerPoint templateBack to Top


5. Agendas and Minutes

Section meeting - agenda template

Section meeting - minutes template

SIG meeting - agenda template

SIG meeting - minutes templateBack to Top


6. Student and Careers Engagement

To request a supply of printed leaflets please email

Student Membership Application Form for use at careers events (write your event name in the green 'Office Use Only' box)

Selected In Practice articles:

What Are We Looking for in a Graduate Ecologist?

Student Hub, Sept 2017 to June 2018

Student Membership leaflet

CIEEM PowerPoint Presentation for use at careers events 

Hints and tips for attending careers events

Code of Professional Conduct

Member Regulations

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7. Miscellaneous

PowerPoint Presentation Template

Committee contact list template

New SIG Proposal form - Stage 1


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1.       Section Expenses claim form  2.       Section Conference proposal form  3.       Section Conference planning – task list 4.       Conference Venue Checklist  5.       Section Committee Minutes template 6.       Section Committee Agenda template 7.       CIEEM Logos; Guidance for use
Colour - with text and without text
Monotone - with text and without text 8.       Section Event information form 9.       Section Event attendance form 10.   Section AGM Agenda template 11.   Section AGM Minutes template 12.   Risk assessments 13.   Event feedback form 14.   Committee contact list template 15.   PowerPoint presentation template 16.   Purchase Order Form 17.   Annual Report template 18.   Conference programme template 19.   Section Vision Statement template 20.   Geographic Sections Communications Policy
  1. Section Expenses claim form
  2. Section Conference proposal form
  3. Section Conference planning – task list
  4. Conference Venue Checklist
  5. Section Committee Minutes template
  6. Section Committee Agenda template
  7. CIEEM Logos;
Guidance for use
Colour - with text and without text
Monotone - with text and without text
  1. Section Event information form
  2. Section Event attendance form
  3. Section AGM Agenda template
  4. Section AGM Minutes template
  5. Risk assessments
  6. Event feedback form
  7. Committee contact list template
  8. PowerPoint presentation template
  9. Purchase Order Form
  10. Annual Report template
  11. Conference programme template
  12. Section Vision Statement template
  13. Geographic Sections Communications Policy