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Further details - Eligibility


Further details - Eligibility / Pre-qualifying Criteria


Units of Knowledge and Professional Experience

You must have a minimum of 12 units of knowledge and/or experience, which will include at least four years full-time relevant experience, depending upon the level and duration of your academic study, and be able to demonstrate knowledge of, competence in and engagement with sustainable management of the environment.


Educational Component

The framework for assessing the educational component of the pre-qualifying criteria is set out below. The Institute will be responsible for judging relevance and will seek guidance on types of qualifications not defined below. The Institute will appraise academic qualifications on an individual basis.

You will have to demonstrate that you have accrued up to a maximum of 8 years of successful academic study.

Overseas qualifications will be assessed for their equivalence against UK qualifications.

For vocational qualifications, only a S/NVQ at level 4 or 5 will be accepted as credit towards the 8 years. Part of these qualifications may also count towards the 4 units of experience where relevant to the pre-qualifying criteria.


Professional Experience Component

You will have a minimum of four full-time years of experience relevant to the Institute and your area of work. The period of experience will have included the development of skills, specialist knowledge and competence needed to practise and have led to a level of all-round professional competence.

You will be required (through the written report and PRI) to demonstrate how:

  • competence has been achieved;
  • breadth of knowledge has been developed; and
  • you are engaged in sustainable management of the environment.


Award of Units

Units will be awarded as follows:

  • 1 year’s full-time relevant education = 2 units
  • 1 year’s full-time relevant experience = 1 unit
  • The minimum qualifying academic/vocational qualifications are HNC/HND or NVQ level 4
  • A maximum of eight units can be accrued for education.
  • *Part-time education courses can count pro-rata towards the education units. To work out part time relevant education units you would divide the time you studied by 2. For example, if you studied a part-time MSc qualification for 2 years you would have 1 year of full-time education, which equals 2 units.
  • Part Time work can count pro-rata towards the experience units. To work out part-time relevant experience units you would divide the time you worked by 2. For example, if you worked part time from 1st October 2014 to the 1st October 2016, you would have 1 years full-time equivalent experience, which equals 1 unit.
  • Work experience can count towards relevant work units - if judged appropriate by the Licensed Body.
  • A minimum of four years full-time vocational experience is required.


Notes: *Part of these qualifications can also be assessed for relevant units of experience, as long as period of studies and relevant experience are not double counted