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Eligibility Criteria

All applicants are required to meet defined eligibility criteria in order to be assessed for registration. These are:

  • Evidence of being an ‘active’ ecologist whether in an employed, self-employed, retired or otherwise voluntary capacity. This may include contributing expertise, being a source of expert advice and guidance and sharing knowledge. 
  • Evidence of compliance with the mandatory minimum Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement. Chartered Ecologist registrants may be asked to supply evidence, through a random auditing process, of continuing to meet this requirement whilst on the register. 
  • Evidence of continuing compliance with your own body’s Code of Conduct with no complaints upheld in the three year period leading up to the application.
  • Evidence of meeting the minimum competence requirements as defined by CIEEM’s Competency Framework. The Competency Framework recognises four levels of increasing competence: Basic; Capable; Accomplished and Authoritative and 40 relevant competencies spread across 14 themes. The Chartered Ecologist standard is based upon demonstrating a minimum number of competencies at the Accomplished or Authoritative level. The competencies are divided into ecological/environmental and transferable themes with the ecological/environmental themes relating specifically to the application of ecological knowledge and understanding.

Self Assessment

To achieve Chartered Ecologist status, the assessors will be looking for evidence of the required number of competencies. We strongly recommend that, in the first instance, you complete a self-assessment of your competence level for each of the competencies within the Competency Framework.

Further details

Further details and information regarding the process can be found on our Application Process page. Should you require any further help or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the Registration Officer.  We are here to help.