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Honorary Secretary-Elect

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Richard Handley CEcol MCIEEM

I have a number of skills required for the role of Honorary Secretary. My skills include:

  • excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to understand and empathize with others, needed to work with and monitor the health, safety and wellbeing of staff. This is based on team working and team leader/management roles over thirty years in charities, academia and the public sector.
  • an excellent understanding of the work of CIEEM and the way it functions, including the governance arrangements, strategy and operations. This is based on the following roles for CIEEM and IEEM before.

Member of IEEM and subsequently CIEEM since 2005.
Membership of IEEM Finance and General Purposes Committee and Council from November 2010 to formation of CIEEM.
Member of CIEEM Governing Board from 2013 to 2016.
Member of CIEEM Audit and Risk Committee from 2016 to present. 

  • I have experience of other not-for-profit organisations and was, for six years, a Trustee and Company Director of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust. And I am currently a member of the executive committee of the Wild Trout Trust.
  • strong focus on quality and innovation, needed to constantly look for improvement and respond to change. This is based on my understanding and commitment to continuous improvement and strategic planning.

I am passionate about nature and science. All of my working life has focused on either connecting people with nature, understanding the natural world or developing and implementing science and evidence based ideas that will give our children a sustainable future. I have worked in nature conservation and science since the late 1980’s and have, what I believe to be, an unusual combination of aptitudes, skills and experience. I put people at the heart of what I do, whether that is managing teams of employees and volunteers, or thinking about how to promote nature conservation in all I do.

Note: The Secretary will normally be elected at the annual election cycle before the one at which they take office and will be known as the Secretary-Elect during the interim.