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Identification of Trees in Winter

06 February 2018, Southampton

Fifteen hardy South East Section members braved the freezing wind at Riverside Park in Southampton for a workshop on identifying deciduous trees in winter, led by John Poland, co-author of the Vegetative Key to the British Flora. The park features a range of both native and non-native trees and shrubs, of the kind frequently encountered by urban ecologists, thus providing a fantastic opportunity to get to grips with these species and cultivars, which can be challenging even in summer. John showed us how these can be identified to species using only features such as buds, bark and thorns or spines.

For those who were unable to attend, John has what promises to be an invaluable identification guide coming out in time for next winter: The Field Key to Winter Twigs. To register for a special pre-publication offer price, email your name to and you will be notified when the offer becomes available.

Author and photos: Lynn Whitfield MCIEEM, South East Section Committee Secretary


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