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Policy Letters and Press Releases

As well as responding to various policy consultation documents, CIEEM also writes to organisations, individuals and the press about specific important environmental issues. These letters (and responses) can be viewed below.


Letter to Environment Secretary and Parliamentary Under-secretary, Thérèse Coffey regarding biodiversity net gain site visits (16 Aug 2018)

Letter to Environment Secretary Michael Gove regarding Biodiversity Net-Gain (8 May 2018)

EPF letter to Peers on remaining within REACH (March 2018)

EPF press release on remaining within REACH (7 March 2018)

Letter to Environment Secretary Michael Gove on the opportunities of Brexit for nature enhancement (5 January 2018)


EPF letters to Government on the Repeal Bill (7 September 2017)

Joint letter to Chancellor Philip Hammond on NIC Commissioner (5 September 2017)

Letter to Environment Secretary Michael Gove (29 August 2017)

Letters to all UK political parties regarding UK general election (21 April 2017)

Joint letter (with BES, IES and LI) to Environment Mininster Andrea Leadsom regarding land management (4 January 2017)


Letters to all UK Ministers and Parliamentarians in relation to Brexit (July and August 2016)

Letter to Environment Minister regarding National Wildlife Crime Unit funding (22 February 2016)


Report on the European Commission REFIT of the Nature Directives conference (held on 20 December 2015, Brussels)

Signatory to an open letter to COP21 in Paris

Letter to Planning Inspectorate regarding guidance (24 July 2015)

Response from Planning Inspectorate (17 August 2015)

Follow up letter to Planning Inspectorate (20 August 2015)

Response from Planning Inspectorate (11 September 2015)

Letter to DECC regarding fracking in SSSIs (July 2015)

Response from DECC (July 2015)

ENEP Position Statement on the Nature Directives REFIT consultation (June 2015)

Implications of the UK general election – a perspective from CIEEM (May 2015)

CIEEM member Rob Cooke talks to Newsweek (April 2015)

People, Politics and the Planet – Any Questions? (March 2015)

Priorities for the next Government – new report launched by SocEnv (March 2015)


ENEP side-event highlights challenges for new European Commissioners (November 2014)

EPF letter to the Bank of England on natural capital (August 2014)

Notes on a meeting held in January 2015 as a result of the above letter

CIEEM response to bats and churches opinion piece in The Times (July 2014)

What does the Queen's speech mean for ecology and the environment? (June 2014)


Environment suffers again in Spending Review (June 2013)

EPF letter to BIS on fracking (June 2013)

Response from DECC (July 2013)

EPF letter to Defra on GMOs (June 2013)

Response from Defra (August 2013)

EPF letter to DfT on active transport (May 2013)

EPF letter to Defra on biodiveristy offsetting (April 2013)

Response from Defra (April 2013)

ENDS press article (May 2013)

EPF letter to DoE on English school curriculum (April 2013)

Response from DoE (April 2013)

Sunday Times letters article (April 2013)

Letter to The Daily Telegraph on bats (March 2013)

Update regarding Country Life article (March 2013)


Cameron speech to CBI raises some concerns (November 2012)


Letter to Birmingham University regarding the closure of their Biological Recording course (Nov 2011)

Letter to The Times regarding plans to privitise public services (Mar 2011)

Letter to DEFRA regarding Biodiversity Offsetting (IEEM & ALGE) (Jan 2011)

Letter to Irish Minister regarding Irish Budget Cuts (Jan 2011)

Letter to Ministers and Local Government regarding Spending Cuts (Jan 2011)

Response from Local Government Authority (LGA) (Feb 2011)

Response from NI Dept. of Environment (DOENI) (Feb 2011)

Response from Scottish Government (Feb 2011)

Response from Welsh Government (Feb 2011)


Letter to Caroline Spellman regarding Spending Cuts (Aug 2010)

Response from Caroline Spellman (Aug 2010)


Letter to EFRA regarding Bovine TB and Badgers (Dec 2007)