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Marine & Coastal Committee Profiles

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Convenor Steve Mustow
Vice Convenor Claire Lacey
Treasurer Vacant
Secretary Jon Barnes
Committee members Kim Brown, Kelly Ann Dempsey, Jenni Fincham, Leona Graves, Jackie Hill, Frederica Pace


  Steve MustowCONVENOR

Steve Mustow MCIEEM

Steve specialises in aquatic science and environmental impact assessment and heads up WYG’s environmental planning practice. He undertook an MSc in aquatic resource management at King’s College London, with his thesis investigating European sea bass population dynamics. He also completed a PhD in biology at London University which developed a water quality assessment tool for use in Thailand. Steve is regularly involved in coastal and marine projects at WYG, a current example being a major development in Liverpool docks. He is also an active member of Seasearch, undertaking regular survey dives in the North Sea to obtain data on habitats and species. Steve has served on the committee since 2014 and became Convenor in 2016. He is particularly interested in developing and promoting CIEEM’s strategic advisory role in coastal and marine issues and in supporting and attracting CIEEM members with a marine interest.   


Claire Lacey CEnv MCIEEM

Claire qualified in Marine and Environmental Biology in 2002 and has worked ever since in the field of marine mammal ecology.  She has worked for both the charity sector and now currently splits her work time between the Scottish Windfarm Bird Steering Group and the University of St Andrews.  Within CIEEM, Claire has a particular interest in data-sharing initiatives, survey methodology and is looking forward to becoming more involved in developing CIEEM consultation responses. She would also love to see more ‘marine’ people become involved!


Jon Barnes CEnv MCIEEM

Jon is a principal ecologist and leads the Jacobs freshwater ecology team in the UK. With a broad background in consultancy and environmental regulation, Jon has spent his career working on large scale coastal infrastructure projects. This includes new build power stations, managed realignments and tidal barriers, estuarine crossings and port developments across the UK. With extensive field experience in marine monitoring his particular interests lie in marine fisheries impact assessment, non-native species in aquatic habitats and compliance within the Water Framework Directive and protected areas. Jon has served as the Marine Special Interest Group secretary since 2014 and also sits on the CIEEM In Practice editorial board (since 2011).


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