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Member Network Events

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The time that Member Network committees invest in arranging events is highly valued by both CIEEM members and the Secretariat.  Member Network activities and events are primarily a benefit of CIEEM membership, offering opportunities for members to network, share knowledge and learn more about the science and practice of our profession.  They are also an opportunity to promote CIEEM’s work and non-members may be welcome at many events too.  However, priority/concessions will generally be given to CIEEM members (unless they are joint events organised with another membership body).

1.   ‘Training’ versus ‘Event’
2.   Member Network events and CPD
3.   Authorisation for events
4.   Advertising Events
5.   Event Bookings & Payment

6.   Public Liability and Risk Assessment
7.   Joint events
8.   Conferences and Seminars
9.   Webinars

10. Organising an event – things to consider

1.  ‘Training’ versus ‘Event’

In arranging events there is a distinction that needs to be made between ‘Training’ and Member Network ‘Events’.  In CIEEM, 'Training' has a defined set of learning outcomes which must relate to the Competency Framework.  It needs to comply with CIEEM’s quality assurance processes in relation to the trainer, venue, training experience and evaluation. CIEEM training is delivered through the Professional Development Programme (PDP) via contracts with approved trainers.

It is important that Member Network 'Events' do not undermine CIEEM’s contract arrangements with trainers, its quality assured PDP and its ability to generate income to invest in other professional development activities, by offering competing training. For this reason it is essential that a Member Network that would like to offer an event that could be construed as training discusses this with the Secretariat at an early stage. It may be that the topic could be incorporated as part of the PDP and committee input is very welcome here.  Where the topic does not conflict with current or planned training on offer as part of the PDP, the Member Network will usually be given the go ahead, though in the interests of clarity a Member Network event should never be termed ‘training’.

Member Network events will generally be more informal, taking the form of a talk, field trip, site visit, discussion/debate, workshop or members’ social and these are all very suitable descriptions.  Special Interest Groups may also run occasional conferences or seminars; see below for further guidance on these larger events.

Some event format definitions are provided to help/inspire you here

If you would like to discuss a particular event topic or format in more detail please contact the Member Networks Coordinator.

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2.  Member Network Events and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD may take the form of either structured or unstructured activities.  Many Member Network events are likely to be considered as structured CPD, but that will depend on the nature of the particular event.  Further guidance on what constitutes structured/unstructured CPD can be found on the CIEEM website.

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3.  Authorisation for events

Most Member Network events will be evening/weekend talks, workshops and field trips. These don’t require any formal authorisation. However, you should check for any clashes with other CIEEM activities in terms of both date and topic and bear in mind the guidance on this page. For Sections, events should be held within your own geographic area, unless held jointly with the Section covering your venue/site location.

You should aim to send details to the Member Networks Coordinator on the online form approximately 6 weeks in advance to allow time for advertising (the minimum notice required is 21 days).  If your event is found to clash with other CIEEM activities we may not be able to advertise it, so if you have any concerns please do get in touch before any firm arrangements are made.

Preliminary details of proposed joint events with other bodies should be sent to the Member Networks Coordinator prior to any confirmed arrangements being made.  See below for further details.

Special Interest Group Conferences will require authorisation by the Governing Board in October for conferences taking place the following financial year.  See below for further details.

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4.  Advertising Events

Member Network events can be advertised on the CIEEM website and via direct email to members who are signed up to your Section mailing list, which consists of all members your Section (other than those who have unsubscribed), along with any other members who has signed up to your Section mailing list. We can no longer email members outside your Section unless they have signed up to your mailing list. They will also be linked in the regular CIEEM eNewsletter, which goes to both members and non-member subscribers.

Events must be submitted for advertising on this online form at least 21 days prior to the event date (this requirement is in response to member feedback). Note that event details must be submitted in one sitting (no facility to save and exit) and the form works best in Internet Explorer or Edge:

Advertise Your Event

You can use the template provided here to draft the details you will enter in the online form and save for your own records. However, your event listing will be created only from the details entered online.

Note that external events which CIEEM is not actively involved in running as a joint event cannot be advertised by direct email to our members (we don't have permission to use our members' contact details for third party advertising).


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5.  Event Bookings & Payment

Event bookings will be taken online for all events and there are three options for payment:

  1. Book a place online for a free event.
  2. Book a place online, but payment to be taken on the door (if under £5).
  3. Book and pay online (if over £5 only).

You can check how bookings are going via your committee subsite. Attendee lists will be uploaded to your committee subsite under 'Events' and 'Attendee Lists' one week before your event and one day before your event, unless you specify a different day for bookings to close. You will need to access your subsite to pick up your attendee information.

Joining instructions will be sent to attendees about a week in advance, from details provided when you submitted your event. This will include an attendee list as at that date, with contact/location information for those attendees who selected to share this on booking for purpses of networking/car sharing. If you wish to share further information before or after the event with all attendees, please email and we will circulate that on your behalf.

If you have any queries about bookings, or you are having any difficulty finding the list you need, please contact or call 01962 868626.

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6.  Public Liability and Risk Assessment 

Member Network events are covered by CIEEM’s public liability insurance.

Every event must be accompanied by a valid risk assessment. You can either submit a copy of an existing one for your venue, or you can use the risk assessment template available here.

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7.  Joint events

Working with other bodies to organise joint events can be an excellent way to share expertise, raise the profile of CIEEM, network and offer events that benefit CIEEM members at a reduced input in terms of both time and cost.

However, there can also be risks involved around communicating messages that may conflict with CIEEM’s guidance, possible conflict with CIEEM’s PDP training courses and the potential for financial or reputational damage.  It may also be that CIEEM is already working with the body in question, or another body, on a similar topic and it is important to be aware of this.  For these reasons it is essential that you send brief details of your proposed joint event or activity to the Member Networks Coordinator or Professional Development Officer by email, so these can be checked against other CIEEM activities that may be affected.  This must be done before any confirmed arrangements are made.

Provided there are no concerns you can then proceed with confirming arrangements for your event in the usual way.

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8.  Conferences and Seminars

See the Member Network Conferences page for further details on holding a  1 or 2 day CIEEM Member Networks Conference.

If your proposed event is no more than half a day in total and involves two-three speakers and/or workshop/discussion sessions, it is considered to be a seminar or discussion workshop (rather than a conference) and should be badged as such to manage the expectations of those wishing to participate.  This type of event is generally smaller and less formal than a conference, providing a place where research or projects can be discussed, questions raised and debates conducted.

As these half day events can be organised by your committee alone, without the need for extra support from the Secretariat (other than advertising in the usual ways), you do not need to follow the formal procedure required for a larger CIEEM Member Network Conference. Rather you can treat them as any other Member Network Event and submit details on an event information form, though you may still find some of the resources on the Member Network Conferences webpage useful. 

For the reasons discussed above, you are still asked to contact the Member Networks Coordinator or relevant Country Project Officer at an early stage to check for any possible clashes with other CIEEM activities before confirmed arrangements are made.

If you are unclear about the format of a particular event you have in mind, please contact the Member Networks Coordinator to discuss.

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9.  Webinars

CIEEM has a webinar facility that we use to run a programme of lunchtime webinars as part of our Professional Development Programme (PDP). Some of these carry a modest fee and others may be free if they are primarily information sharing.

Whilst we cannot provide facility for Member Networks to organise and run their own webinars, Member Networks are very welcome to propose webinars to be included in our lunchtime PDP webinar programme, even if these are geographically ‘distinct’ topics. You can do so by completing a webinar proposal form and returning it to Your suggestion will be considered alongside others and you will be contacted with options for taking it forward, wherever possible.

A webinar will typically last for one hour, consisting of up to 40 minutes of a PowerPoint presentation (with optional polling), followed by a facilitated Q&A session. The webinar will be hosted/facilitated by staff at HQ in Winchester. Your speaker(s) will need to prepare the webinar PowerPoint and a CIEEM template is available for your use. You / your speaker will need to attend a practice session prior to the webinar date to be shown how the software will work on the day and to check your internet connection is stable enough (note that WiFi is not suitable).

All webinars will form part of our PDP webinar programme and the decision on whether or not to apply a fee (usually £10-£20 or euro equivalent) or offer it free will be taken centrally. However, where a webinar is proposed and run in conjunction with one of our Member Networks it will carry the name of your Network to promote your involvement (note they will be open to all members, not just your own constituency).

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10. Organising an event – things to consider

The following is a list of things to consider when arranging events:

  1. What type of event will it be (field trip/site visit / talk / discussion / seminar / debate / members’ social)? Some event format definitions are provided to help you here
  2. What is the reason for running this event / how has the need been identified?
  3. What is your proposed date and does this clash with any other local or central CIEEM events?
  4. Have you allowed 4-6 weeks for this to be advertised on the CIEEM website and for members to to make their booking? Note that the minimum lead-in is 21 days.
  5. Is the location appropriate?  Are you offering events spread around your geographic area, whilst being mindful of the practicalities of travel?
  6. How will people attend your event? Are there public transport links or can lift-sharing be arranged?
  7. Are you providing food?  If this is more than simple ‘refreshments’ (i.e. tea, coffee, biscuits) you’ll need to provide for any special dietary requirements and participants will be asked what their needs are when they book.
  8. What are your costs in running this event, e.g. venue hire, catering, speaker expenses, etc (you will need to request a Purchase Order number for items over £100)?  Will this be subsidised in any part from committee funds and if so are there sufficient funds to cover this?  If a fee is to be charged then what will it be?  Check the Committee Finances page for further information.
  9. How will you handle payments?  If the charge to participants is £5 or more, payment can be taken online at the time of booking. If it is less than £5 you will need to collect monies on the day and may need to provide a written receipt to participants upon request (you can use a generic carbon copy receipt book available at any highstreet stationers).
  10. Who will be writing a short summary of the event that can be included on your News webpage, In Practice, etc?  Remember to take a few photos to accompany this.
  11. Issue feedback forms for committee use if needed.  The use of event feedback forms can provide valuable information to inform future events, but there is no need to submit these to the Secretariat.
  12. Remember to acknowledge any partner or host organisations in event material and on the day.

Following your event you may have presentations, reports or other documents that you would like to make available to participants.  These can be emailed to attendees direct or posted on your news webpage along with a summary of the event.  If you would like to do this please send the documents, along with details of which event they relate to, to the Member Networks Coordinator.


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