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UK votes to leave EU: What now for the natural environment?

UK votes to leave EU: What now for the natural environment?

24 Jun 2016

The votes have been counted and the UK electorate has narrowly decided to leave the European Union. It is inevitable that there will be a period of uncertainty while the dust settles.

The immediate focus will be on protecting the economy, however it is vital that we do not let protection of the environment slip under the radar. Not only would that be detrimental to nature conservation, it would also impact those sectors intertwined with environmental legislation such as construction, engineering, farming, water and energy.

The future is unclear and over the coming weeks and months CIEEM will be calling on the Government to act responsibly and decisively in setting out its plans regarding the natural environment. It is important that CIEEM and its members are at the forefront of the discussions and debates that will shape those plans in order to secure the best possible outcomes for the environment and the profession.

Dr Stephanie Wray, CIEEM President, said: “Although not the decision we would have liked, the environmental sector must seize this as an opportunity for the UK to be a global leader in enhancing the natural environment and delivering meaningful biodiversity gains. However, we cannot do this alone and we must continue to work collaboratively with our European neighbours.”

Further information on the EU referendum.

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