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CIEEM/University of Exeter Bat Mitigation Research

CIEEM/University of Exeter Bat Mitigation Research

19 Apr 2017

Helping the project is very simple:     

What do I need to do? Simply send us mitigation monitoring reports and/or licence returns.  We recognise that post-construction surveys are not always as complete as might be ideal.  However we want to assess ‘real-world’ mitigation, so just share whatever is available.

How many cases should I submit?As many as you can. It is important not to select just ‘good’ cases.

What is the geographical scope: The whole of UK and Republic of Ireland

Do I need my client’s permission? NO. The Exeter researchers will analyse data already collected by consultants.  Site locations can be anonymised if preferred, provided the broad geographical area (e.g. NW England) is specified.  The final report will NOT detail individual case studies; and nor will reports be shared with the Statutory Authorities or CIEEM.

Will anyone contact my client? NO

How do I submit my reports?  Simply zip together files relating to a particular case (e.g. original licence application and methods statement, post construction monitoring report) and upload at  or email us

Is this project separate from the BCT field project? YES but the two studies are complementary.  The BCT project requires follow-up visits to mitigation sites.  If you are interested in also helping with that project than additional details are available at or please contact BCT at

Could you not obtain this data straight from the relevant Statutory Nature Conservation Bodies?  Unfortunately complexities relating to data storage and retrieval mean that this is unfortunately not possible within the project timescale.

Time is running out so if you can help us with this important research do please take the opportunity now. Please address any queries to


More information can be found here:

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