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New and Updated Guidance Publications

New and Updated Guidance Publications

04 Dec 2017

CIEEM has published two need guidance documents and updated two others.

Guidelines for Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (2nd Edition)
These updated guidelines have been produced with the intention of providing best practice guidance for those undertaking preliminary ecological surveys and appraisals.

Guidelines for Ecological Report Writing (2nd Edition)
Now updated, this guidance describes the attributes of a well-written report. The intention with these guidelines is to provide a framework for the preparation of a good report.

Guide to Ecological Surveys and Their Purpose
CIEEM has produced this list of ecological surveys - for the UK and Ireland - to describe the purpose of each survey type.

Good Practice Guidance
To support the work of members, CIEEM has produced lists of key references for species and habitat survey, mitigation, management and monitoring in the UK and Ireland. The lists are intended to signpost the most up-to-date guidance documents, where they exist.  
The lists can be found in the members' area of the website, under 'Guidance'.

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