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Government to Publish Independent Fisheries Policy Plan

Government to Publish Independent Fisheries Policy Plan

04 Jul 2018

Today the UK Government has announced it will be releasing a Fisheries White Paper which outlines how the UK will manage its waters as an independent state. 

The White Paper, titled ‘Sustainable Fisheries for Future Generations’ will provide a blueprint for how fisheries will be managed post-Brexit, and what powers will be proposed in the upcoming Fisheries Bill. 

The aim of this new fisheries policy is to give UK fishermen a fairer share of fishing opportunities whilst protecting our marine environment.

Prime Minister Theresa May said in the announcement: "As an island nation our fishing industry is the lifeblood of coastal communities around the UK.

I have been clear that when we leave the EU we will take back control of our waters, while ensuring we don’t see our fishermen unfairly denied access to other waters.

The plans set out today demonstrate the bright future in store as we build UK fishing industry for future generations by putting the importance of a healthy marine environment at its heart."

The announcement states "the government will pursue an ecosystem approach to fisheries management that will minimise impacts on non-commercial species and the marine environment."Plans for creating a sustainable independent fisheries policy include: ending the wasteful discarding of fish, publishing an annual statement setting out the health of fish stocks and making clear vessels will only be allowed to fish in our waters if they adhere to our high sustainability standards.

Further information on the Fisheries White Paper can be found here.


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