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Royal Charter and Great Seal arrive in CIEEM office

Royal Charter and Great Seal arrive in CIEEM office

03 Apr 2013

The Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (IEEM) has been granted a Royal Charter. The new Charter was enacted on 1st April 2013, from which date we became the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM – pronounced ‘sy-eem’). Our members now belong to a professional body recognised for its work by HM Queen Elizabeth II and which operates under the scrutiny of the Privy Council, ensuring the very highest of professional standards. We have a new logo but our vision and mission remain unchanged.

Our Vision – A society which values the natural environment and recognises the contribution of professional ecologists and environmental managers to its conservation

Our Mission – To promote the highest standards of professional practice, and to raise the profile of professional ecological and environmental management, for the benefit of nature and society

Included within the Charter is the power to establish a new Register of Chartered Ecologists (CEcol). We do not yet have final details on when the new Register will be launched but further information and updates will be provided on our website and in the bulletin In Practice. CEcol will be open to all who qualify, not just CIEEM members. Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) registration will continue to be available and together with CEcol will offer our diverse membership the relevant professional recognition in their specific area of expertise.

Members of the Chartered Institute will update their post-nominals such that for:

  • Fellows, FIEEM becomes FCIEEM;
  • Full members, MIEEM becomes MCIEEM;
  • Associate members, AIEEM becomes ACIEEM; and
  • Graduate members, GradIEEM becomes GradCIEEM.

Our new website is and our emails will become shortly. We will be keeping so that any web searches or emails sent to will still find us. Our telephone number and postal address remain unchanged.

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