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Participatory Workshops: Raising Standards of Professional Practice

IEEM’s Professional Standards Committee (PSC) is tasked to consider mechanisms to address concerns about the standard of professional practice and wants the membership to help articulate the issues and identify solutions.  To this end CIEEM is running a series of one-day workshops to clarify and quantify poor practice standards and seek solutions.

We are seeking the participation of Full and Fellow Members from across the sectors in these workshops. We will also be seeking engagement of particular non-members from the SNCO’s, Local Authorities, wildlife/species Trusts and Societies.

The workshops will be run on a Country basis to take account of the relevant policy (legislation, regulations, guidance, etc) and to enable local member participation. The dates and locations of the workshops will be as set out in the table below.

Date Country Location
7 March 2013 Ireland Dublin
22 March 2013 Scotland Edinburgh
26 March 2013 Wales Newtown
10 April 2013 England London

The workshops will seek to clarify, verify and quantify the anecdotal evidence of poor practice alleged to be occurring within the profession by:

  1. Defining the issues from the Statutory/LA/NGO/Academia/Clients/Consultants/Public perspectives.
  2. Considering how/whether the issues raised affect biodiversity outcomes and/or the professional standing of ecologists and environmental managers.
  3. Understanding the causes of the key issues that are identified.
  4. Identifying potential solutions and evaluating their feasibility and effectiveness.

Some examples of poor practice that have been drawn to CIEEMs attention are:

  • operating outside of professional knowledge, skills, sphere of competence;
  • exercising of professional judgement in relation to information, advice, applying objectivity, relevance, accuracy, fairness, impartiality;
  • compliance with legislation and regulations;
  • application, interpretation of guidance;
  • conduct of  business relationships;
  • scientific data and information usage; and
  • employment of appropriately qualified, competent staff and their management, supervision and support.

A report will be produced combining the output from each of the workshops. It will be the responsibility of PSC to draw up recommendations for any future work on this topic, which would include country specific recommendations where this is appropriate.

If, in your role, you have encountered these or other examples of what could be perceived to be poor ecological or environmental management practice and have an understanding of its cause(s) and effects and have thoughts on workable solutions, we would welcome your participation in the workshop!

These workshops are free to attend and lunch will be provided, but no travel or subsistence payments are available. These Participatory Workshops are an opportunity to work closely with the Secretariat and PSC in raising standards of practice within our profession.

Please register your interest by 14 February 2013. We will then contact you further to gain some specific input prior to confirmation of attendance on the workshop. There is a limit to the places available and it will not be on a first come first served basis. We will schedule two additional dates in further locations if there is sufficient demand. Register your interest here

If you have any questions regarding the event please contact