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Past Consultation Responses

Please click on the title to download the document. All dates refer to the consultation deadlines.


Consultation on proposals to ban the distribution and/or sale of plastic straws, plastic - stemmed cotton buds and plastic drink stirrers in England (Defra)

3 Dec 2018

Scotland's Forestry Strategy (Scottish Government) 

29 Nov 2018

National Energy & Climate Plan (NECP) 2021-2030 (DCCAE)

12 Nov 2018

Brexit and Our Land (Welsh Government) 

29 October 2018

Northern Ireland Future Agricultural Policy Framework (DAERA)

10 Oct 2018

Sustainable Fisheries for Future Generations (Defra; CIEEM sign-off to IFM submission)

Cover Letter

12 Sept 2018

Developing an Environment Strategy for Scotland (Scottish Government)

24 Aug 2018

Environmental Principles and Governance after EU Exit (Defra)

2 Aug 2018

Draft Grid Implementation Plan 2017-2022, (SEA & NIS)

31 July 2018

Environmental Principles and Governance Inquiry (Environmental Audit Committee)

1 June 2018

Scoping a new forestry plan for Antrim area forests and woodlands (Forestry Planning, Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs)

29 May 2018

Planning Policy Wales: Edition 10 (Welsh Government)

18 May 2018

Draft revised National Planning Policy Framework (Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government)

10 May 2018

Health and harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit (Defra)

8 May 2018

Review of the Derogation Process under Article 9(1)(a) of the EU Birds Directive - Submission on the Article 9a Consultation (National Parks and Wildlife Service, and The Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht)

4 May 2018

25-Year Environment Plan inquiry (Environmental Audit Committee)

28 February 2018

Charging for Wildlife Licences (Natural England)

5 February 2018

National Broadband Plan – SEA/AA/Map Consultation (Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment)

29 January 2018


European Union (Withdrawal) Bill inquiry (House of Lords Constitution Committee)

12 October 2017

Call for Evidence - Lords Select Committee on the NERC Act 2006

11 September 2017

Transposition of 2014 EIA Directive (2014/52/EU) in the Land Use Planning and EPA Licencing Systems: Key Issues Consultation Paper (Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government)

22 May 2017

Places, People and Planning: A consultation of the future of the Scottish Planning System (Scottish Government)

4 Apr 2017

Environmental Impact Assessment – Joint Technical Consultation (planning changes to regulations on forestry, agriculture, water resources, land drainage and marine works) (Defra, Welsh Government, Scottish Government, DAERA)

31 January 2017

Environmental Impact Assessment: Technical consultation (regulations on planning and major infrastructure) (Department for Communities and Local Government)

31 January 2017

Review of Draft 3rd National Biodiversity Action Plan (National Parks and Wildlife Service)

20 January 2017

Closing the STEM Skills Gap (Science and Technology Select Committee)

13 January 2017


Future of the Natural Environment after the EU Referendum inquiry (Environmental Audit Committee)

9 September 2016

Leaving the EU: implications and opportunities for science and research (Science and Technology Committee inquiry)

3 August 2016

Consultation on principles and future requirements for the UK’s public interest data about graduates

12 July 2016

Teaching Excellence Framework (Technical Consultation for Year Two)

June 2016

Wildlife licensing: comment on new policies for European protected species licences (Natural England)

7 April 2016

Great crested newt pilot consultation (Woking Borough Council and Natural England)

10 February 2016

Review of JNCC (Defra)

25 January 2016


Relationship between EU membership and UK science inquiry (Lords Science and Technology Committee)

20 November 2015

Assessment of EU/UK environmental policy inquiry (Environmental Audit Select Committee)

20 November 2015

Wildlife licensing: comment on a new licence to move water voles for development purposes (Defra)

20 November 2015

Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 Consultation

16 November 2015

Waterways Ireland Heritage Plan 2016-2020: Draft Plan for Public Consultation

3 November 2015


8 October 2015

Developing the detail of the BREEAM UK Strategic Ecology Framework (SEF)

Public consultation as part of the Fitness Check of the EU nature legislation (Birds and Habitats Directives)

24 July 2015

Evaluation study to support the Fitness Check of the Birds and Habitats Directives

30 April 2015

Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD): proposals for UK programme of measures (Defra)

24 April 2014

Marine Conservation Zones: Consultation on proposals for designation in 2013 (Defra)

24 April 2015

Review of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015 - 2020

14 April 2014

A consultation on the draft updated river basin management plans (Environment Agency)

10 Apri 2015

Natural Resources Wales - Annual Scrutiny 2015 (National Assembly for Wales)
10 April 2015

Consultation on consolidation of the Habitats Regulation (DOENI)
29 January 2015

Review of Section 40 of the Wildlife Act - Burning/Cutting Controls (Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht)
9 January 2015


Review of the Environmental Protection Agency Guidelines on Environmental Impact Statements, including the Guidelines on the information to be contained in Environmental Impact Statements and the Advice Notes on Current Practice (in the preparation of Environmental Impact Statements)

19 December 2014

Nature Recovery Plan for Wales (Welsh Government)

3 December 2014

Technical consultation on planning (DCLG)

26 September 2014

A Draft National Landscape Strategy for Ireland 2014-2024, with Appendix III (as added in August 2014) (Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht)

18 September 2014

Statement of Strategy 2015-2018 (Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht)

12 September 2014

Reforming Biodiversity Guidance (Defra)

20 August 2014

Proposed enhancements to bovine TB cattle control measures: tackling cattle-to-cattle transmission (Defra)

11 July 2014

Consultation on General and Class Licences under wildlife legislation in England (Defra)

19 May 2014

National Peatlands Strategy (Ireland Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht)

18 April 2014

National Raised Bog SAC Management Plan (Ireland Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht)

18 April 2014

Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP) 2014-2020 Stage 2: Final Proposals

28 Feb 2014


Biodiversity Offsetting in England (Defra)

7 November 2013

Greater flexibilities for change of use (DCLG)

15 October 2013

Habitats and Wild Birds Directives: Simplification of guidance in England (Defra)

5 February 2013

Triennial Review of the Environment Agency and Natural England (Defra)

4 February 2013


Law Commission Review of Wildlife Legislation in England and Wales

30 November 2012

Inquiry into Sustainability in the Overseas Territories (Environmental Audit Committee)

30 November 2012

Natural Resources Wales - Proposed arrangements for establishing and directing a new body for the management of Wales' natural resources (WAG)

2 May 2012

Habitats and Wild Birds Directives Implementation Review (Defra)

15 February 2012


Draft National Planning Policy Framework Inquiry (All Party Parliamentary Group on Biodiversity)

20 December 2011

Biodiversity 2020: Developing indicators for measuring success (Defra)

11 November 2011

Draft National Planning Policy Framework (CLG)

17 October 2011

Higher Education White Paper - Students at the Heart of the System (BIS)

20 September 2011

Expansion of the Society of Biology's Degree Accreditation Programme

7 September 2011

Red Tape Challenge - Environment (Cabinet Office)

1 September 2011

The Planning Guarantee and information requirements (CLG)

31 August 2011

New Inquiry: The Green Economy (Environmental Audit Committee)

26 August 2011

Consultation on BCT's Guidelines on Surveying for Onshore Wind Farms

13 March 2011

The Contribution of the Natural Heritage to Better Placemaking (SNH)

11 March 2011

Offsetting the impact of development on biodiversity (Defra)

31 January 2011


A living Wales - a new framework for our environment, our countryside and our seas (WAG)

31 December 2010

Bovine TB Eradication Programme: Consultation on Badger Control in the Intensive Action Area (WAG)

17 December 2010

Bovine Tuberculosis: the Government's approach to tackling the disease and consultation on a badger control policy (Defra)

8 December 2010

Natural England Consultation - Class Licences

3 December 2010

Natural Environment: An invitation to shape the nature of England (Defra)


30 October 2010

Standing Advice for Protected Species (Natural England) - Joint IEEM/ALGE response

29 September 2010

Draft Development Plan for Offshore Wind Energy Developments in Scottish Territorial Waters and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Environmental Report (Scottish Government)

16 August 2010

Consultation on the green paper On Forest Protection and Information in the EU: Preparing forests for climate change (EC)

31 July 2010

Consultation on the development of an Accreditation System for Local Records Centres in the UK, prepared for ALERC (Association of Local Environmental Records Centres) and Natural England

25 June 2010

Consultation paper on a new Planning Policy Statement: Planning for a Natural and Healthy Environment (CLG)

1 June 2010

Development Management: Proactive Planning from Pre-Application to Delivery - Consultation (CLG)

19 March 2010

Space for Nature: a review of England's wildlife sites and ecological network (Natural England)

28 February 2010

Guidelines on Scientific Analysis in Policy Making - a consultation (BIS)

9 February 2010


Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill (WANE). Answers to specific questions

4 September 2009

Draft Spatial Policy (Natural England)

29 May 2009

Environmental Standards for Farming - Consultation on proposed changes to standards in cross compliance Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC) and related measures in England (Defra)

27 May 2009

Inquiry into 'Green Jobs and Skills' (Environmental Audit Committee)

May 2009

All Landscapes Matter draft policy (Natural England)

13 March 2009

Consultation on Natural England's General Licences issued under wildlife legislation (Natural England)

13 March 2009

Draft Planning Policy Statement: Eco-towns - Consultation (CLG)

6 March 2009


Sustainable Development in Higher Education Consultation on 2008 update to strategic statement and action plan Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)

5 September 2008

Consultation on the draft Marine Bill (Defra)

26 June 2008

Consultation on the draft Soil Strategy for England (Defra)

23 June 2008

Draft regulations and guidance implementing the Environmental Liability Directive 2004/35/EC with regard to the prevention and remedying of environmental damage (Defra)

27 May 2008

Invasive Alien Species – A European Concern (EC)

5 May 2008

Proposals for a Scottish Climate Change Bill (Scottish Government)

23 April 2008

Consultation on the review of schedule 9 to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and a ban on the sale of certain non-native species (Defra)

31 January 2008

Artificial Light in the Environment (Royal Commission)

18 January 2008


Living with climate change in Europe (European Commission)

15 December 2007

Sustainable Construction (BERR)

30 November 2007

Consultation on the Wildlife Health Strategy for England (Defra)

1 October 2007

Revision of Circular 15/1999; The Environmental Impact Assessment (Scotland) Regulations (Scottish Executive)

29 June 2007

Draft Climate Change Bill (Defra)

12 June 2007

Environmental Liability Directive - A Consultation (Scottish Executive)
23 March 2007

Options for implementing the Environmental Liability Directive (Defra)

16 February 2007 (extended to 28 February 2007)

Code of Conduct Statutory Instrument for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty Conservation Boards within England (Defra)

5 February 2007


Planning for the Protection of European Sites: Appropriate Assessment - Guidance For Regional Spatial Strategies and Local Development (CLG)

31 October 2006

EIA Revision and Good Practice (CLG)

22 September 2006

England Forestry Strategy (Defra)

9 August 2006

Offshore Marine Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Regulations 2006 (Defra)

30 June 2006

Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) (Amendments) (England and Wales) Regulations 2006 (Defra)

30 June 2006

Marine Bill (Defra)

23 June 2006

Rural Development Programme for England 2007-2013 - Uplands Review Structure (Defra)

22 May 2006

Rural Development Programme for England 2007-2013 (Defra)

22 May 2006

NERC's Next Strategy (NERC)

18 April 2006

Review of Arrangements for Species Licensing in Scotland (Scottish Executive)

31 March 2006

European Commission's Marine Strategy Directive (Defra)

31 March 2006

Rural Development Programme for Scotland 2007-2013 (Scottish Executive)

29 March 2006

Controlling the Spread of Bovine Tuberculosis in High Incidence Areas in England: Badger Culling (Defra)

10 March 2006

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Restructuring (NERC)

15 February 2006

Strategic Environmental Assessment (Scottish Executive)

20 January 2006

Halting the Loss of Biodiversity by 2010 - and Beyond (EC/Defra)

20 January 2006