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2014 Autumn Conference

Progress in Effective Habitat Restoration, Translocation and Creation

11-12 November 2014, Edinburgh



Debate, 11 November

Rewilding: An essential tool in effective nature conservation?
Conference debate featuring: Andrew Midgley, Scottish Land and Estates;       Philip Merricks, Elmley National Nature Reserve; Mike Daniels, John Muir Trust




Conference presentations can be downloaded below.  Please click the presentation title to download a PDF version

Creating high quality habitats for the future Slides    Notes
John Box CEcol CEnv FCIEEM, Atkins Global

Medmerry Managed Realignment Scheme: Habitat creation at the landscape scale
Peter Gilchrist CEnv MCIEEM, Jacobs UK

Quantifying the unquantifiable: How do you measure the success of habitat creation or restoration?
Alistair Headley, PlantEcol Ltd

Measuring restoration success for mitigation and offsetting
Rob Marrs CEcol FCIEEM, University of Liverpool

A DNA-based approach to demonstrating ecological equivalency in evaluation of success in habitat restoration
Catharine Bruce, University of East Anglia

Maximising the effect of restoration: Achieving multiple benefits at the catchment scale
Derek Robeson CEnv MCIEEM, Tweed Forum

Habitat reinstatement, restoration and creation on the Corrib Gas Onshore Pipeline in Co Mayo, Ireland - challenges and solutions
Jenny Neff CEcol, CEnv FCIEEM, Ecological Advisory and Consultancy Services

How can evidence inform conservation decision making?
Bill Sutherland

Ecological restoration: Finding the light at the right end of the tunnel!
Mike Oxford CEcol CEnv FCIEEM, Association of Local Government Ecologists and Self-employed ecologist

Techniques used to reverse loss of species-rich grassland in the Nene Valley Nature Improvement Area, Northamptonshire
Robin Field MCIEEM, River Nene Regional Park CiC and Matt Johnson, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Peterborough Wildlife Trust

Creating flower-rich grassland - lessons learnt from 30 years of trying!
Penny Anderson CEcol CEnv FCIEEM(rtd), Penny Anderson Associates

Habitat restoration at Dalswinton Wind Farm, Dumfries & Galloway - successes and lessons learned
Duncan Watson CEnv MCIEEM, Jacobs UK

Peatland ACTION: taking Scotland's peatland restoration challenge head-on
Andrew McBride CEnv MCIEEM, Scottish Natural Heritage

God or Sorcerer's Apprentice? Changes in habitat translocation techniques and its perception over three decades
Will Bond MCIEEM, Alaska Environmental Contracting Ltd

A code of practice for conservation translocations in Scotland
Pete Hollingsworth, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and Martin Gaywood, Scottish Natural Heritage

Ants in your pants: creating habitat for the translocation of hairy wood ant nests
Sarah Price, Atkins Global

Bat roost creation - are we working in the dark?
Lisa Kerslake CEcol FCIEEM, Swift Ecology

Examples of snake mitigation projects to illustrate innovation in successful translocation and habitat creation
Jonathan Cranfield MCIEEM, Herpetologic Ltd

The restoration of habitat for water voles (Arviocola amphibious) on a landscape scale
Derek Gow MCIEEM, Derek Gow Consultancy Ltd

White-clawed Crayfish: An assessment of translocation methodologies used in the Morpeth Flood Alleviation Scheme
Dorian Lathan CEnv MCIEEM, Halcrow/CH2M Hill