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Student and Careers Engagement

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One key function of the Member Networks is to promote membership of CIEEM and to raise the profile of the profession.  A particular area to focus on is fostering links with universities through attendance at careers fairs and other events where you can engage with students, helping to encourage new entrants into the profession and grow CIEEM's influence. Reasonable travel expenses can be reclaimed for attending these events, provided this is agreed in advance by your Convenor / Treasurer and sufficient funds are available.

Universities in your area with accredited degree programmes are a good place to focus your efforts, along with encouraging other universities to look towards achieving accreditation in the future. 

Materials and Resources

Student Committee Members


Materials and Resources

The following items are available to you when undertaking student and careers activities. Downloads available here.

  1. In Practice articles: a selection of student/graduate focussed In Practice articles that you can print and hand out.
  2. Leaflets: a Student Membership postcard or leaflet (these may change from time to time).
  3. Student Membership Application Form: this version of the Student Membership Application Form can be completed by students on the day, or taken away to send in later. Please make sure the applicant fills out the form as fully as possible and you can pre-fill the “What event you are at?” as this is how we can track where these forms have come from.  We also have the Code of Professional Conduct and Member Regulations available should anyone wish to refer to them at the event.
  4. Banner and table cloth: you should have access to your Section pop-up banner to use and a CIEEM table runner if you have a stand for your leaflets. 
  5. PowerPoint presentation: a PowerPoint presentation about careers and CIEEM is available to you for use when giving talks at careers fairs and other events. This provides some generic information, so please feel free to adapt it to suit your particular event.
  6. Hints and tips sheet: this isn't designed to hand out, but provides some handy tips and advice to help you when you are asked that burning question by students and graduates at careers events…"How do I break into a career in the environmental sector?"

Don't forget that the main CIEEM website has a wealth of information aimed at students, so do check that out and point people to that as well. 

Student events are a great opportunity to take a few photos of students engaging with CIEEM representatives at these events. You can tweet these on the day using @CIEEMnet so we can RT, and a short follow up write up for your Member Network News webpage is always welcome.


Student Committee Members

You may like to consider inviting a student representative to join your committee to ensure that students are well catered for in your area.  A student rep could act as a first point of contact for student-related matters and be responsible for coordinating attendance at careers fairs or arranging student-focussed Member Network events, as well as representing student interests at committee meetings.  This would add value to the work of the committee as well as providing excellent experience and networking opportunities for the student.

An optional Student Rep Role Profile is available for your use and this position would occupy one of the ordinary committee member places on your committee.



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