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There are a few opportunities for you to communicate your plans and activities to the Governing Board and to members in your network:

1.  Annual Activity Report
2.  Annual Members' Meeting
3.  Regular Updates on Activities

1.  Annual Activity Report

All Member Networks are required to provide an Annual Activity Report each January, covering the activities of the previous calendar year and outline plans for the year ahead. A summary of this will be reviewed by the Governing Board at their March meeting each year. 

The Annual Activity Report should also include a reivew of the Terms of Reference for your committee and how your activities have delivered against these. This is also a good opportunity to communicate any difficulties or learning points you may have encountered during the year as this may help inform other Member Network activities.

You will be reminded of the need for this and provided with a template in the run up to the deadline.

2.  Reporting at your Annual Members' Meeting

Geographic Section committees are required to hold an Annual Members' Meeting and SIGs may also chose to do so. At this meeting you will need to provide a verbal Convenor’s Report that includes:

  • the activities of your committee over the previous year;
  • an outline of your plans for the year ahead; and
  • an overview of the current committee and any vacancies.

Further details of what is involved can be found here.

3.  Regular Updates on activities

Member Networks are also encouraged to provide regular reports and event write-ups for inclusion in In Practice, eNewsletter and on your Member Network webpage.  This is the best way to keep members in your area up to date with committee activities and to encourage them to get involved.

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