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Strategic Policy Panel

CIEEM's Strategic Policy Panel (SPP) has been set up the Governing Board to: 

  • provide strategic leadership on the development and delivery of CIEEM’s policy positions and activities;
  • provide strategic horizon-scanning and monitor external issues relevant to CIEEM in order to identify areas of policy that CIEEM needs to be proactive in;
  • provide strategic oversight for partnerships and liaison with appropriate bodies in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Europe and internationally;
  • guide, unilaterally or with other organisations, responses to UK, Irish, European and international policy issues, for example through consultation responses;
  • guide the publishing of CIEEM reports and/or position briefings that inform policy-making and the public;
  • guide the organisation of, or participation in, relevant meetings and events that communicate ecological science and practice to public and policy audiences;
  • ensure that the views of CIEEM concerning relevant policy issues are represented to government, other bodies and the public; and 
  • ensure that CIEEM is recognised by relevant external stakeholders as the voice of the profession.

Current members of the SPP:

  • Stephanie Wray CEcol CEnv FCIEEM (Chair)
  • Helen Evriviades MCIEEM
  • Paul Goriup CEcol CEnv FCIEEM
  • David Hill CEnv FCIEEM
  • Tim Hounsome CEcol MCIEEM
  • Lisa Kerslake CEcol FCIEEM
  • Ben Kite CEcol MCIEEM
  • Brandon Murray MCIEEM
  • Jenny Neff CEcol CEnv FCIEEM
  • David Parker CEcol CEnv FCIEEM
  • Peter Shepherd MCIEEM
  • Graham Morgan BSc MSc CEnv MCIEEM
  • Sally Hayns CEcol MCIEEM, CIEEM CEO
  • Jason Reeves MCIEEM, CIEEM Policy and Communications Manager

For more information on the SPP please contact