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Student Project Awards

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The Student Project Awards recognise achievement in planning, undertaking and reporting a project/dissertation in a relevant aspect of ecology or environmental management.   The award is open to CIEEM Student members (and those who have since upgraded their membership but were Student members whilst undertaking the submitted project).   Students on a CIEEM accredited degree course are also eligible.

The Student Project Awards for 2017 will be awarded to one Masters degree project/dissertation and one Undergraduate degree project/dissertation undertaken in the 2015-2016 academic year, 2016 calendar year, or equivalent if a different academic year system is used. 

Entries for the Student Project Awards can be either self-nominated by the student or nominated by the project supervisor. The entry will however require the support of both. The project supervisor does not need to be a CIEEM member.


"I was absolutely honoured to win the CIEEM Student Project Award. It was an incredible achievement and fantastic to be rewarded for all the hard work and effort I had put in to my MSc. Being a career changer is hard, so winning this was a big boost of reassurance that my decision to embark on a career within ecology was the right thing to do. Not to mention prove to employers that I have the capabilities to deliver award winning work!"

Jacqueline Jobes winner of Postgraduate student project award 2016