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Technical Guidance Series (TGS)

This set of technical guidance is freely available to download and includes the following:

Competencies for Species Survey (CSS)

These set the criteria for the knowledge, skills and experience required by ecologists undertaking a range of species survey work in a professional capacity. The Guidance currently covers a range of terrestrial and freshwater species.


Guidelines for Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)

These provide practical advice for all professionals involved with ecological evaluation and assessment for proposed developments in terrestrial, freshwater, marine and coastal environments.


Guidelines for Ecological Report Writing

These guidelines have been produced with the intention of providing a framework for the preparation of a good report.


Guidelines for Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (GPEA) 

These have been produced with the intention of providing best practice guidance for those undertaking preliminary ecological surveys and appraisals.


Principles of Producing Guidance

One of the increasingly important areas for CIEEM’s Professional Standards Committee is overseeing the production of guidance in technical and professional aspects of ecological and environmental management activities. The Committee has recently produced some Principles for Producing Guidance, both as a framework for CIEEM’s own guidance development process but also to aid other organisations considering embarking on this important but often challenging task.


Guidelines for Accessing and Using Biodiversity Data in the UK

These guidelines are aimed at those who are using biodiversity data to support the development planning process (e.g. local planning authorities and ecological consultants). They provide guidance on when and where it is advisable to source and use biodiversity data, in particular the protocol for background data searches in relation to developments.