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The National Nathusius’ Pipistrelle Project

19 August 2017

Ross Baker, chairman of Surrey Bat Group, presented a talk to members on this groundbreaking Bat Conservation Trust project at Cobham Village Hall in Surrey. Participants in the Project have been catching, ringing and radio-tracking Nathusius’ pipistrelles since 2014, providing new insights into the distribution of both breeding and migratory populations of this rare species in the UK. Surrey Bat Group has been studying Nathusius' at one site since 2012 and across the county since 2014 as part of the national project, identifying the River Thames as a probable major migration corridor for bats coming over from NE Europe in the autumn.

Following the talk, participants received a demonstration of harp traps and acoustic lures, and even had the chance to practise putting up a trap themselves, without anyone becoming entangled in the strings! A few attendees also took up the offer to attend a trapping survey at a local site following the CIEEM event.

Author and photos: Lynn Whitfield MCIEEM, South East Section Committee Secretary


Nathusius pipistrelleHarp trap

Nathusius pipistrelle (left)

Harp trap in situ (right)


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