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UK Overseas Territories

Little Bay, Montserrat 

There are fourteen UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) that fall under the jurisdiction and sovereignty of the UK.  They do not form part of the UK, but are those parts of the former British Empire that remain British territories.  Most are self-governing, but share the British monarch as head of state.  Collectively the Territories cover 1,727,570 km2, the vast majority of which forms the British Antarctic Territory.

The UKOTs can boast more biodiversity than the whole of mainland UK and include three biodiversity hotspots, namely the Caribbean islands, the Mediterranean basin and the Oceania eco-zone.  Responsibility for protecting all this wonderful biodiversity is shared between the UK government and the local government of each territory.

The UKOT Special Interest Group is committed to promoting the excellent environmental work going on in the UKOTs and providing a forum for the discussion of that work.

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Group Committee 

Convenor Katie Medcalf
Vice Convenor Mike Barker
Treasurer Tom Smith
Secretary Penny Ward
Committee members Ida Bailey, Simon Boulter, Liz Charter, Jaqui Green, David Smith



Map of UK Overseas Territories

UK Overseas Territories

  • Akroiri and Dhekelia (Mediterranean)
  • Anguilla (Caribbean)
  • Bermuda (North Atlantic Ocean)
  • British Antractic Territory (Antarctica)
  • British Indian Ocan Territory (Indian Ocean)
  • British Virgin Islands (Caribbean)
  • Cayman Islands (Caribbean)
  • Falkland Islands (South Atlantic Ocean)
  • Gibraltar (Iberian Peninsula)
  • Montserrat (Caribbean)
  • Pitcairn Islands (Pacific Ocean)
  • Saint Helena and the South Sandwich Islands (South Atlantic Ocean)
  • Turks and Caicos Islands (Lucayan Archipelago and North Atlantic Ocean)